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How To Make Your Email Gifs

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05 Jan 2021

We all know about gifs and love them. We all have gradually found it nestled in our inboxes with various conversations and memes related to each one. Gifs are a potent source of expression. When used in discussions, they create a massive impact on the receiver while giving 80% of the message. It tends to work a lot better than a regular image or text. Therefore, considering its capabilities, it can be a powerful visual compliment to your email promotions.

While there are plenty of great gifs galore (i.e., Giphy) pages, you will have to worry more about the problems with the copyright infringement act and how the already existing Gifs may not be unique to be used for your brand. So, the question arises, how are you going to make an original one? Here are some gif development methods, although there are several more ways. GIFs also work best with any mass email sender like CBT Mass Email Sender. Moreover, Gifs ensure the best results.

Gif and Their Use Today

GIFs nowadays dominate social media and the internet in general, short animated image-files in byte format. Via the combination of images in an encoded GIF format, these humorous, brief files are animated.

GIFs are commonly used digitally to convey, demonstrate, or describe a concept. Social chat reaction GIFs are one environment in which such files are widespread.

Gifs are widely used by organizations today. These fun animated images can be a successful way to get social media exposure, connect with followers, and make the brand more appealing. Many companies often use it to build a spectacular and unforgettable way of delivering content.

1. The (Frame by Frame) Picture Gif

In a series, you can use multiple images to create what I call a "frame by frame" gif. If you observe keenly, you will see that in more of a stop motion approach, the gif can be created by moving the objects a little, taking a shot, moving them a little more, taking a picture, and getting the idea and start working on it. For this technique, the trick is to ensure that the camera remains in the same position for each shot so that the angle remains constant. You can create a series of images that share a common feature to design some life further and improve your story.

I suggest that gif-newbies start here! The tool is intuitive and allows you to customize your result.

2. Gif (Software needed) screen capture

I always find myself gravitating to user-friendly software and relatively reasonably priced since I am not a trained artist. To make gifs of existing gifs, for existing images, and for in-product examples, I use the available screen capture app. It is very straightforward to capture your screen via any software. Here is how you can do it:

To record the relevant screen containing the content you would like to catch, set up the software.

Press record and collect the desired video (plus a few seconds to add a buffer at the start and end), then pause the film.

Edit the video and only include what you want in the gif loop (to edit the footage by pulling the media bars at the bottom of the screen). And by changing the canvas scale, edit the captured screen to only the graphic component you wish to preserve.

Go to Top Navigation > Exchange > Advanced Export to .gif file format.

By recreating an in-app encounter in their message with the help of a gif, they take it a step further. It captures the user's attention with animation and explicitly expresses the message's intended prospect by installing the app.

Here are some more ways that you can explore to make your unique Gifs:

There are a lot of unique ideas that you can use to create your Gifs. However, you need to know how to create one. Besides, you may face some difficulties during the process, but as you start making one, you will enjoy the whole process of making a GIF. I must tell you that it sure is fun to make a Gif. However, when it's for a business, it becomes even more challenging for those who love new things.

Here are some efficient ways to help you create your Gifs:

You may take slideshows from images you took, make your artistic sketches or clip, or capture frames from a video that you have taken. Infinite chances! You can produce unlimited high quality animated gifs free of charge, with a range of adaptive options and without restriction on the number of images, from the image-to-gif creator.

Take Away

I have mentioned a few examples of gifs and how they can be developed and used, but you know your organization's email software best. To make the message pop, what can you illustrate? Creativity is your instrument in cramped environments such as the inbox to avoid the mindless scroll. By bringing your examples to the next level with a GIF, you got your receiver to open, now hold their focus! Check out or other expert guides for email designing for more details and best practice guidelines on different aspects of emails, their format, and their designs.

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