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How to Maintain Brand Personality in Your Email Designs

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04 Jan 2021

Brand personality communicates the motive or vision of the business to its customers. The brand personality reflects the tone and emotions associated with the brand that it wants to communicate with the recipients. As emails are one of the popular channels of communication in digital marketing, it is vital to create such email designs that fruitfully complement your brand personality.

In this article, you’ll find out different brand personalities and ways to maintain them. We have also provided a list of best practices to adopt in order to ensure the desired outcomes.

Types Of Brand Personalities

1. Excitement

Excitement refers to the use of carefree, spirited, and youthful content to ignite excitement in the target audience. This type of personality is usually adopted by companies that target youth, like Nike, Coca-Cola, Red bull, and Tesla.

2. Sincerity

Companies that want to display a down to earth personality use sincerity as the most dominant trait of their brand personality. This trait also reflects friendliness and humility. Mammoth companies like Amazon and Cadbury use this type of brand personality.

3. Competence

Brands that want to exhibit traits of success, intelligence, geniuses use competence as their type of brand personality. Some of those companies are Intel, Google, and Microsoft.

4. Sophistication

Brands that want to exhibit traits of good looking, charm, feminine, and smoothness use sophistication as their type to brand personality. Companies like Rolex, Gucci, and Apple are some of them.

5. Ruggedness

Those brands that represent traits of roughness, outdoorsy use ruggedness as their brand personality. Some of those companies are Timberland, Jeep, and Marlboro.

How To Maintain Brand Personality?

These are the questions you can ask yourselves to create a constructive and strong brand personality:

Before moving towards the maintenance of brand personality it is important to ensure that you have all the right elements in place. So, let's figure out the essential components that can maintain your brand personality in your email design.


The brand logo is the first design element which is observed by your subscribers in your email. You should make sure that your brand logo is placed on the top and positioned correctly. This is imperative as a logo is a symbol that will communicate the vision or mission of your company. The logo of your company should be designed in a way that reflects your nature of business. For instance, a business that sells art designs should have an artistic, bright, and colorful logo.


The layout of your emails has to clear and well designed. This is because the improper layouts tend to be ignored as they fail to convey a clear message. One strategy that many companies used to improve their layout is to design their emails as similar to their website. Mainly the footer and header of the emails are designed to complement the company’s website. This is imperative because it would help you to maintain the overall feel of your website with your emails. Moreover, following the website layout design in your emails can significantly enhance your brand personality in your emails.

Color Palette

Colors are very essential when it comes to designing emails that reflect your brand personality. Various colors represent different emotions, for example, the red color represents love, energy, and excitement while white represents simplicity and clarity. As emotions and tones are key essentials of presenting your brand personality, your choice of colors should also be based on it. Thus, when designing emails use colors that go with your product and the message you are sending to your recipients.


Images are the elements that convey your message much faster than the text in your emails. However, images used in emails tend to slow down the loading process. If these image issues are identified by the ISPs like Gmail, Outlook, and more, they land the emails in the spam folder and which adversely affects your sender’s reputation. You should try to use fewer but high-quality images related to your product and convey the emotions that you wanted your recipients to receive.

The Best Practices For Building Brand Personality

Tone and voice of the brand- You should try to remain consistent with the same tone and voice in your emails because varying your tone and voice can confuse your customers about your message.

· Include Solid Call-To-Action

If you have created a flabbergasted email and don't include a call-to-action button or link, you have failed a big time. Such emails do not create the desired impact and even if they do, the readers do not find a way to act upon it, which drains all the effort down the gutter. Including a call-to-action button provides readers a direction for the next step if they are driven by your email. So, make sure to include an intriguing CTA. You can use CBT Mass Email Sender to test your CTAs.

· Always Plan Your Content

You should always plan your email content because it helps in creating the right tone for your email. Moreover, it also helps in creating effective and relevant content that suits your customer's needs. Besides, a killer subject line would upgrade your email quality even more.

· Ask Permission Before Sending Emails

This is vital because most of the emails that are sent without permission get into the spam folder. It further destroys your reputation. You should take permission through sign-up forms on your websites or taking any other permission approach.


This article aims to drive marketers to focus on maintaining brand personality with email designs. This is because today many marketers overlook and ignore the aspect of focusing on email designs that endorse brand personality. Besides, look for emails of famous brands online and be inspired to create your own email designs integrating the learnings from this article.

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