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How To Leverage Facebook Groups For Building An Email List

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06 Jan 2021

Marketing is the name of promoting your particular product or service among the right targeted audience. It's important to assess your product or service demand to predict its sales. A strategist marketer would always make power plans to reach the targeted audience. The same goes for email marketing. You cannot succeed in email marketing strategy if your email list is super cold and unresponsive. Many email marketers fail to pay sufficient attention to this immensely important part and seem to lose their reader's engagement eventually.

Building a productive email list might be daunting, but it is a profitable investment in the long run. Social media and marketing have always been a magical combination. Using the most used social media platform – Facebook, can skyrocket your email responses and generate your highest ROI. Daily, around 79% of US citizens log in to Facebook and come in the topmost five visited sites globally. It predicts that your possibilities of grabbing the attention of the targeted audience are pretty high. The most exclusive perk of leveraging Facebook for email marketing is that you can easily generate leads and directly communicate with your customer, which is very propitious for customer satisfaction.

Facebook, in its early days, was merely a private platform used to connect with friends and family. However, today, e-commerce businesses get most of their customers from Facebook without much investing.

78% of American consumers say they've discovered most of their daily used products on Facebook, which shows that customers are also deeply indulged in seeking new products. So, it won't be difficult for you to communicate with them and make a strong future relationship by adding them to your email list. Here are some more secure yet effective tactics that can help you leverage Facebook more efficiently to achieve your goal.

Ways To Build An Email List Through Facebook

1. Create A Facebook Page

Owning a personal Facebook page gives you the freedom to post whatever you want. It also represents your brand's true identity and purpose for which you are on Facebook. You can regularly share your stories and events, and update your viewers to grow your engagement level.

Marketing your Facebook page will require a bit of patience and consistency but will be worth once you've achieved a good number of active users. It's always nicer for people to willingly give their email addresses rather than getting them from an unauthentic source, which might difficult for you and irritate your readers too. Through Facebook, you can directly converse with your customers, ask their email address, and strategically build your email list.

2. Indulge In Relevant Groups

To give an overview, a Facebook group is a community of people with common interest where they share their opinion and interact quite actively. Getting involved in a Facebook group relevant to your product or service or where you sense the presence of your targeted audience can help you gather all information from one place. Here are some quick hacks to build your email list.

Joining The Correct Group

Be pretty diligent while choosing the group; conduct proper keyword research, and then approach the appropriate group concerning your requirements. Indulging in the wrong group will yield you no fruit and will only be a waste of time.

Be Consistent

Consistency is the key. Don’t directly jump to asking for email addresses. Instead, initiate with a captivating introduction, briefly explain your service, and how you can aid them. You will have to be consistent throughout and not just leave one post and wait for weeks to get a response.

Timely Response

Facebook groups are mostly very congested, where everyone has their own opinion. The best way to highlight your name is by giving timely responses to queries, questions, provide tips, share unique ideas, etc. All of this will help you address your Facebook page and gain their email addresses more professionally.

3. Offer Perks

Either you're on your page or interacting through a particular group. You won't get the specified attention unless you offer something unique. You cannot message a user and blatantly ask, “Hey. I'm here to get your email address”. Instead, you need to generate lead magnets, which will create a smooth path to target your audience and sustain a good sender impression. Here are some perks that you can offer.

· Create A Post Offering Gifts

The word ‘gift’ alone derive exceptional attraction. For a good start, you can offer your users free-eBooks or some creative templates. Your inbox will be flooded with user information as more and more users will be willing to give their information in the hope to get a gift. You can ask this chance to ask them for all the required details like name, address, email, etc. and fill your email list with quick and authentic information.

· Arrange Webinars Or Short Videos

A visual display works far more efficiently than a long-written post. Video posts have 135% greater organic reach than photo posts, which helps to catch the reader's attention more easily. You can use interactive video content to briefly explain your product or service or invite your users to your Facebook page. You can always go for a Facebook live session on weekends. Do anything that you feel can trigger a positive response in the viewer, and he'll sign up for the email list.

4. Create Facebook Ads

A Facebook ad works incredibly in targeting a specific audience and informing them of how they can benefit from your offerings. A Facebook ad can organically expand your reach and intrigue your targeted audience by converting and clicking to the email subscription entry form or giving in their email addresses. You can also add a CTA button to the top of the Facebook ad, which will better guide the users where to head.


With the advent of social media, marketing has become super competitive yet yielding. Being a marketer, it's pretty important to keep exploring ways that help to achieve our goal with less effort and cost.

Leveraging Facebook is just like the dessert; the more sugar you'll add, the sweeter it will get. Optimizing Facebook for building an email list is quite time-consuming, but it will undoubtedly be the utmost marketing strategy to opt for. If you are quite naive to run a Facebook and need some professional support, then you can refer to CBT Mass Email Sender to help you build your email list, leveraging Facebook.

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