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How To Grow Your Email Marketing Audience?

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04 Jan 2021

Your email database degrades by about 22.5% annually. Some of the common reasons behind it are people opting out of your email list, your contacts’ changing email addresses due to change in employment, your subscribers giving up on the AOL addresses they once used, etc.

Whatever the reason be, it adversely affects your email marketing ROI and thus it requires immediate attention. To help you out with this here is all you need to know about an email list and the most effective ways to grow it.

What is an Email List?

An email list is also known as a mailing list or subscribers list. It is a set of email addresses collected from those visitors and customers who have sanctioned your business to send them emails based on the latest information such as updates, discounts, new product launches, etc.

Your email list grows and shrinks when subscribers opt-out of your mailing list or new users join overtime. Almost every customer has an email address hence, you have an incredible opportunity to reach them via email marketing and grow your audience.

As compared to other social media platforms, email marketing is 40× more effective in obtaining and maintaining new customers. Moreover, it has a higher click-through rate which means your content has more chances of getting views from your readers.

Effective Ways To Grow Your Email Marketing Audience

Since email marketing is proved to be a vital parameter in growing email lists, let us examine the ways to make the most out of it.

1. Formulate Valuable Content

You will rapidly lose your subscribers if your content is not according to your follower’s requirements. They have enlisted to receive emails from you for a purpose. Thus, you need to provide immersing and valuable content so you can prevent your list from shrinking.

2. Know Your Audience

To provide the content adequate to your customer requirements, you first need to know who your audience is. Email analytics can provide you with valuable information that enables you to formulate customer engaging content. Evaluate factors like customer demographics, behavior, preferences, and clicks to know them better.

3. Segment Your Contact List

Knowing your audience can help you segment your contact list based on their common traits. By sending out targeted emails to each segment you can grow your audience effectively. For instance, you can segment your list based on incomes, interests, and geographical diversity.

4. Provide Gated Offers On Your website

One way to grow your email list is to provide offers like white papers or free E-books on your website. These offers usually require visitors’ email addresses, where they’ll be receiving emails from you in return for the provided offer.

5. Host A Contest

Hosting a contest gives you the chance to gain authentic email addresses from people interested in your offerings. Create awareness about your contest by posting on your social media sites and provide a link to your webpage where the visitors can sign up for the contest.

6. Put A CTA Button on Your Landing Page

Placing a CTA on your social media account is an effective way of gaining genuinely interested subscribers. Its convenience it offers is an added feature that encourages the visitors to sign up.

7. Ask Your Visitors For Feedback

Most visitors tend to provide feedback after availing of a service. Thus, ask your customers their reviews about your business through a short feedback form in which you can obligate them to provide their email addresses.

8. Make Subscription Easy On Your website

Make sure that your visitors do not have to search for the subscribe button on your website. Keep your subscribe button prominent and easily accessible by positioning it on one or more places on your website including your Home page, About page, and your Contact Us page.

9. Offer An Incentive

The CEO of Gadget Review said; “Usually, customers need an enticement in the form of free content, trial services, or large discounts.”

Thus, offering incentives such as a free course, 20% off, or a buy one gets one free offer can help you grow your audience.

10. Conduct A/B Tests of Your Email Content

When you initiate an email marketing campaign, you cannot be certain as to what’s best for your audience. Hence, you should use CBT Mass Email Sender to test your emails by creating various versions of them and sending them to different audience groups. This process is called A/B testing and it helps you evaluate the best email practices as per your subscribers’ preferences.

11. Create Blog Subscriptions

The blog is an incredible way of strengthening your online presence. You can collect email addresses through your blog subscriptions and provide your customers with some incentives in their inbox in return. This method can increase your ranking on search engines and also can establish your brand identity.

12. Add QR Codes

You can grow your audience by adding a QR code to your promotional materials, i.e. printed advertisements, posters, or brochures. They can promptly collect email addresses for you.

13. Timed Pop-up Surveys

You can construct some surveys for those customers who have spent a specific period on your website. This will work incredibly as the customers have cultivated an interest in your content and are more likely to sign up.

14. Build Expectations

A famous content and social media strategist, Katie Bonadies, said; “Set expectations so that a subscriber knows exactly what he/she is signing up for and how often he/ she will receive email from you, and immediately send a welcome email upon signup that matches the expectations you just set.”

Hence, you need to be very clear and honest with your subscribers about the type of content you’ll provide them with and how often. This will help them make an informed decision about whether to stay or leave.

Wrapping Up!

There are several ways to grow your email list quickly but remember it is better if it takes a little time. Do not overdo anything, instead move patiently, starting with important things first i.e. email testing, segmenting, etc. and then move on to others like contest and pop-up surveys. You can also use these strategies in combination with one another according to your goal and target market.

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