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How to Grow Your Email List to 5 Digits and Beyond

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05 Jan 2021

Email marketing is considered the king of online marketing tools with the highest ROI rate. Marketers must track bounce, spam, open, click, subscribe, unsubscribe, share, complain, and email subscription growth rate.

According to numerous studies, the email subscription list decays every year for reasons like people stop using the same email address, unsubscribe to the email list, or the customer is no more in this world to read your emails.

For this reason, continuous growth in the email subscription list is essential; otherwise, a time will come where your emails will stop generating sales.

Without wasting any time, let's dig in to find the answer to the most frequent question, How to grow your email list to 5 digits and beyond?

Attractive signup form

When we are talking about the email list, it's apparent that you have already added a subscription box in the right corner of your website. Let's not talk about how and where to add a subscription box; instead, it is essential to learn what type of subscription box should be added.

The first and foremost thing is adding a user-friendly subscription form with not more than three fields (name, email, birthday) because people don't like to fill lengthy subscription forms asking for irrelevant or personal details.

Right color and design can also help you attract your audience to subscribe to your newsletter using vibrant colors, explicitly focusing on CTA work best.

You can also put an opt-in form around your website's primary content, which many websites are already doing. It's working for them.

Support Your Claim

When you claim your newsletter can benefit a lot to the people subscribing to your list, you need to support it with prove.

The essential and best way to do so is to add other subscribers' real feedback on the subscription box. This practice will work as a push for people to subscribe to your newsletter.

Another technique that is working for many is adding the number of subscriptions with the CTA. After all, it's a human phenomenon to follow socially approved and trusted activities.

Show Them Their Gain

People follow you not for you but for the benefit they are getting from you. Many websites design their content, focusing on their features and services instead of engaging their visitor by showing them their gain. Don't make the same mistake.

You can attract them by putting birthday discounts you offer for people who are on your subscription list. Thiswill create an urge to at least subscribe if not purchasing your offer, which will benefit you in the future.

Provide Them Quality Content

It would help if you did not forget about the content quality when it comes to email subscriptions. As mentioned before, they are subscribing for their benefit, not yours. You need to provide them quality content to keep them active on your subscription list, as keeping people from unsubscribing you is a part of email growth. Also, your competitors have dedicated teams working to produce high-quality content that can attract your potential customer.

Create content by keeping the demand of your reader in mind. Please don't focus on introducing your service or product; instead, impress them with content to attract as much audience as possible.

To analyze if your subscribers are satisfied with your content or not, examine the subscribe and unsubscribe rates.

The Contest, Polling, or Giveaway Technique

A tested and popular method of increasing subscription list faster than ever is by offering something in exchange for your customer's email.

You can run a contest where the user submits their picture or idea upon some topic and award them for their effort with extra purchase points or free service.

Polling can increase engagement to create a competition between two brands, ideas, or places. For instance, if you are a tech business, you can have public polling on apple and android, asking people to give their feedback on which IOS is faster and better. It will indeed work as people will come to support their favorite IOS.

Giveaway is no doubt the best and works wonders. You can put terms and conditions such as asking them for your article with at least two people to enter the contest. This idea is specifically for new products.

Use All Social Media Platforms To Attract Subscribers

We all know that not everybody is consistent when it comes to reading emails, especially homemakers. Or sometimes, people are so occupied that they directly put marketing emails in the spam folder.

To reach maximum people, you need to utilize all platforms.

For instance, if you are working on the above technique, i.e., giveaway, don't keep it limited. Please put it on all your social media platforms. Ask them to visit your website and signup for your newsletter to increase their chances of winning the prize.

After Post Campaign

Everybody tries to convert the visitor as soon as they land on the website, which is a great technique but does not work.

How can you expect everybody to subscribe to your email list before checking if you are helpful for them or not?

You can add after a post or inline opt-in form on long articles. People don't usually read all blogs or articles till the end if they don't like the content, and if they want it, there are more chances that they'll subscribe to your list.

Now that you should have to learn different techniques to increase the email subscription list, you need to move to the next step to analyze your audience and test other methods to see which works in your favor. After all, marketing, mainly email marketing, is all about trying and testing new things.

It demands continuous and hard efforts to give you the desired result.

Try CBT Mass Email Sender to say thank you email and engage your new subscribers you'll gain after testing the above methods to grow your list up to 5 digits and beyond.

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