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How to get subscribers to open up your marketing emails

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04 Jan 2021

How to get subscribers to open up your marketing emails

You may track numerous email metrics, but the most useful way to check your email marketing progress is to keep your eyes on the email open rates. In present times when a recipients' display is full of marketing emails, this is undoubtedly increasing with time as more companies are coming forward with email marketing day by day, so to make your email stand out among them all is demanding more attention. And you should follow up your campaign at each stage after sending emails so you can estimate if the obtained open rate is near the expected rate or not.

Luckily, there are some practices you can implement to enhance the effectiveness of your whole marketing campaign or can improve the overall results of your ongoing email marketing campaign.CBT mass email sender also helps you gain the perks of an email marketing campaign by optimizing the campaign by following these steps.

1. Consider the double opt-in method during signup:

When you encourage the double opt-in process, it ensures the audience's participation during the signup procedure. Recipients must perform an extra action to verify their subscription, so it comes as a great way to get serious and active users. As only willing prospects will be adding extra efforts to get included in your email subscription list. You should avoid sending pre-selected opt-in options or not even provide limited promotional emails. You should also not involve any third party to send emails on your behalf.

2. Make a familiar email address with your brand:

Your email address should be supporting your brand name or company's plan. This will assist in making a place in the receiver's mind. So whenever they receive emails from the familiar email address, their mind will recall their willingness to join your distribution list, and they will click on your emails expressly. And more importantly, a professional email address goes with its name and is perceived as a trustworthy brand.

3. Send your emails as soon as possible

When a subscriber has joined your list by double opt-in or opt-in method, make sure to send them a trigger or welcome email immediately after signing up. This will help them absorb your messaging tone, and when they have recognized your particular addressing tone, this will automatically induce a connection between the customer and your brand.

One more thing is not to involve a long gap between your first or welcome email and your next emails. A significant gap can make them forget your impression or the purpose of subscribing to you, which will make them uninterested. So they will stop opening your emails. Send them emails more often. If you don't have relevant content, send them some entertaining information, or narrate your success stories to keep the connection alive.

4. Make sure of the email list hygiene

The essential part of running a healthy marketing campaign is to refresh your email contact list. Email hygiene refers to removing the inactive subscriber from your list. When you have approached an extensive contact list, but many of them have not opened your email, this will affect your email's open rate, and the ones who did not respond will decrease your campaign's overall progress rate. So you don't need to keep the uninterested subscribers in your list that are just causing harm to your campaign's outcomes.

5. Segment your Contact List

Always make your list segmented. Divide your subscribers based on their interests, language, location, gender, etc. When you have relevant data according to their interest, you will send them. And when they receive relevant content, they will automatically trust your emails and will open them. Segmentation makes a big difference while running a campaign. As when you send the same content to every subscriber,you will make them uninterested in your marketing campaign if they want to receive it. As they don't need to open your email among many other marketing emails especially.

6. Develop a recognizable email tone

Right from the time they have subscribed to you, send them a welcome email in a unique cadence that is recognizable. It leavesa lasting impression on the reader's mind, and you can adopt this practice for your complete email list. When you use a unique tone for messaging, your reader recognizes it subconsciously. And when you send your next email, they curiously open and read it. They make themselves connected to your email campaign in the future, and they will start to consider you a reliable brand providing quality content.

7. Eschew email spam filters

Make your emails pass through spam rate filters and programs. They will measure the chances of your email to send into spam. Also, avoid using certain words like free, promotion, 100% off, flat-off, and other words and exclamation marks. They will increase the chances of your email getting spammed. Avoid using unfamiliar fonts or email designs that may not be present in other's systems. This will make it look like a strangely formatted email, and they will directly send you to spam instead of opening it.

8. Invest in your subject line

The Subject line is the first thing your recipient will look at. Crave some time out to compose an engaging, precise, accurate, relatable, and catchy subject line. Your subject line can make you achieve optimal open rates, and if appropriately continued, you can achieve optimal click-through rates.

9. Address your subscribers personally

This is highly recommended to address your subscribers by their name. It would help if you asked for some personal information about them like name, contact number, gender, etc.,to utilize the data later. When a person receives an email with his name mentioned above, he cannot avoid opening up your email unconsciously.

10. Look for the right timings

This is important to send your emails at the right hours of the day, considered post-morning hours. Because sending emails at odd or busy hours of the day will make it get lost somewhere between the marketing emails crowd that a person receives daily. So, timings should be considered before you send emails. Or observe the time when you get the optimal open rates and follow it.

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