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How To Generate More Revenue Through Confirmation Emails?

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04 Jan 2021

Confirmation emails are one of the most necessary emails that the customers expect to receive. Here is the good news, these are the emails that are opened the most and hence offer a good ROI. Discover all about how you can use confirmation emails to generate more revenue.

What Is A Confirmation Email?

A confirmation email is a type of transactional notification that you send to your specific website users to confirm the action that has been recently completed. Confirmation emails assure your clients and prospects that you are working to make your services as transparent and convenient as they can be. this shows your loyalty towards your customers and attracts them more.

These are the most common reasons to send confirmation emails:

How Confirmation Emails Help To Increase Revenue?

Confirmation emails are indeed among the most necessary emails that the customers assume to receive. They help to develop a better relationship with customers and prospects by keeping them in the loop. Moreover, confirmation emails reduce the chances of second-thoughts in customers about their actions being confirmed and fulfilled. For example, sending an order confirmation email after an order has been placed satisfies the customer that his request has been acknowledged and is under process.

All businesses should use confirmation emails. Confirmation emails bring in more income per email through higher click-through, open, and conversion rates. On average, confirmation emails have 70 to 80% higher open rates than other kinds of messages.

Most companies treat confirmation emails as receipts. Customers will read these email receipts, but not more often, they will be saved for later and submitted away. If the confirmation emails are just receipts, you might be leaving a lot of money on the table.

Ways To Increase Revenue Using Confirmation Emails

1. Always Send A Welcome Email

A welcome email is the first email communication a company has with a prospect. It is often a part of onboarding emails that help users get acquainted with the brand. Since they just gave you their email id, your company is fresh in their minds. This early confirmation is a good chance to:

You can use CBT Mass Email Senderto assist you in this function because it might be troublesome to send timely welcome emails to all your new subscriber with all the other responsibilities. It may even lead to missing out on a few of them. However, with CBT email sender you can preset your welcome emails and easily send them whenever someone subscribe to your emailing list.

2. Target Cart Abandoners With Remarketing

The key reasons for the abandonment of the cart include:

Remind the people about their abandoned carts through email and offer them a discount or other promotional offers which might help them make up their mind to complete the purchasing action. If shoppers complete the order, you’ll win the deal. If your email is overlooked, you can contact them with a survey for more details.

3. Order Confirmation Email

Confirmation emails do not stop when an order is placed. You need to keep clients up-to-date throughout the entire process. Each phase is a reason to send another update.

The customer would also appreciate these messages as they receive useful information about their order. You may also add promotion of other products or services in these emails.

  • 4. Upselling And Cross-Selling Products
  • Consumer acquisition prices are going up, and therefore the significance of upselling and cross-selling cannot be overlooked. Your order confirmation emails are a perfect place to sell more stuff.

    Upselling allows the consumer to purchase something similar to the item they have but at a slightly higher price. Cross-selling introduces other items similar to the item that the consumer has just bought.

    This allows you to help people find other things they need or even the ones they never thought they needed. By smartly anticipating what your customers might like to purchase next and introducing the items in your confirmation emails, you can easily drive further sales.

    5. Attract More Social Media Followers

    Including social networks in your confirmation emails is a smart approach to strengthen your follower count. Raising follower counts gives you the opportunity to target your custom audience on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms. Confirmation emails with link sharing options bring you a wide audience that you can pixel and sell to. They've visited your website, so you have a fairly clear sense of the things the individuals have viewed and what they might be expecting from you.

    6. Reward Customers For Loyalty

    The sad reality is that only 32% of shoppers return to buy again. But branding to a current client is 6 times easier. And you need to do your best to ensure customers come back and buy with you again.

    The analysis indicates that consumer loyalty is not enough to drive frequent purchases. This is why marketers must attract consumers with a voucher on their next purchase. This strategy helps to motivate consumers to make purchases frequently.

    7. Generate Reviews from Confirmation Emails

    90% of users read reviews of the business before purchasing, and 88% trust these feedbacks as much as specific advice. A good strategy is to use confirmation emails to boost the amount of feedback you receive. Timing is what works here. Request for feedback right after a consumer has shopped with you. Since they have recently purchased from you, they are more likely to leave feedback. Make sure you use words like "Thank you" to express your gratitude to your customers. They'll be more willing to leave feedback that way.


    The main purpose of your confirmation email is to confirm the order of your customer. Anything else, such as asking for referrals, ratings, shareholdings, upselling and cross-selling, come in second.

    Don't overdo anything. Focus on a variety of tactics in your confirmation emails. Test and see what works best for your company. Trying really hard could push your buyer off; your aim is to keep them in the long run. Note that you can also send follow-up emails, so don't put it all in your confirmation email.

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