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How to Embed Video in Email

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05 Jan 2021

Every marketer wants to enjoy an excellent open and click-through rate and strive hard to achieve the goal. However, a few people are still not aware of the impact a video inside an email can leave on their email marketing campaign. Here are some stats for such people to realize the importance of embedded video in an email. In contrast, those who are already interested in learning how to embed video in an email can get some motivation.

According to a survey, emails containing video can increase the open rate up to 6%. That's whyit was found that 87% of the businesses were using this technique in 2019.

Not only this, but videos can help you maintain a subscription list by eliminating the threat of unsubscribed customers up to 26%.

Moreover, you must have discovered that email providers like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc., do not support embedded videos. The reason is an increase in the number of viruses and malware in such types of files. If you still embed a video in your email, either your subscriber will not be able to watch it, or your email will end up in the spam folder of your recipient.

Don't fret out; CBT Mass Email Sender will help you learn alternate methods, using which you will be able to add some portion of your video in the email.

Methods To Embed Video In Your Email

There are two alternates to embed the portion of the video you wish to add in your email.

GIF Method: Attach a GIF with a CTA button.

URL Method: Insert an image with the URL of the full video.

Here is the step by step guide to using both methods for video embedding.

How To Embed GIF In An Email

Step 1: To insert a GIF in your email, you first need to create one. Find the video you wish to insert and download it into your system.

Step 2: Now, choose the tool you want to use to convert your video into GIF. There are plenty of online tools available on Google. Once finding the tool you like, upload the downloaded video from your system. In the case of a Youtube video, you can also copy-paste the URL of the video (downloading it is not necessary).

Step 3: After your upload completes, you'll use two triangles on your screen. The Green one is for the starting point, and the red is for the ending point. Choose the portion you want to convert into GIF and click 'generate' 'finish' or 'proceed,' whatever option the tool provides you to use. Step 4: Once you see the final product, click on the download button to download your recently created GIF.

Step 5: Create an email and drag and drop your GIF from your system into the email with a CTA like 'click to watch full video' or 'watch video' with a URL attached to it. When your subscribers click the button, the CTA will lead them to your full video.

And you're done with it. This method can help you increase sales if you are a product-based business. Create a short GIF of the new product or scheme to serve a teaser's purpose to get them to click through. Don't forget the impact of the subject lines. Add such a subject line that can tell your recipient that your email contains a video. This practice can help you further increase your open email rate.

Also, keep in mind that you cannot just convert any video into GIF. You need to create a compelling and exciting video for your email campaign; otherwise, you may have a good response on an email having a GIF inside, but it will not last long.

How to Embed Image with Video URL in Email

Step 1: Download the video you want to link with the image in your email and screen short a portion that you wish to attach as an image in your email. There is no harm if you screenshot directly from video hosting platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, DailyMotion, Vimeo, etc.

Step 2: It is recommended to pause and then screenshot the video to have a play button on the image automatically. But if you wish to screenshot while playing, you can externally add a play button on the image through online tools.

Step 3: Now, you have an image of your video, which you will insert in your email, just like other pictures. Click on insert and select print from the Dropbox, select the screen short, and click add.

Step 4: Go to the page or channel (in the case of YouTube) and select the video link. Click left and copy the video link..

Step 5: Come back to your email and highlight the image you have inserted, left-click, and select insert link, then paste the copied link of the video.

Yes, it's that easy!

When your subscribers click on the image or the play button, they will directly land on the full video.

This method is also useful if you are willing to increase subscribers or watch hours on your YouTube channel. If you put the whole video in the email, subscribers will not reach the original video. In other words, embedding full video inside the email will stop your email subscribers from visiting your page.


No doubt, videos have the power to gain attention. 64% of the people get the courage to try new online stores or new products by an old store after watching videos.

CBT Mass Email Sender recommends you to compose eye-catching and entertaining videos if you wish to go for embeded email. Also, you never forget to keep track of your engagement rate.

Through our email service, you can send out thousands of emails at once to try above mentioned two methods to embed video in an email.

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