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How to DOUBLE Your Email Open Rates

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06 Jan 2021

The success of your email marketing campaign depends upon the number of times your emails are opened, i.e., email open rates. The more times your emails are opened, the more are the chances of a user engaging with your emails, and the more chances of the success of your business campaign.

This means in order to run a successful campaign; you need a high email open rate. Here are 4 easy tips to double your open rates.

What Is An Email Open Rate?

How Is The Email Open Rate Calculated?

What Is the Average Email Open Rate?


Test the sender email frequently. Your sender email could be your name or your company’s name. It’s important to keep an easy sender email name, even better if it’s the company’s name. The sender name affects the open rate drastically so it’s better to keep an eye on it and check what type of name is getting you a higher open rate.

A better idea would be to use either your name or your company’s name because that is bound to get a high open-rate.


Use a casual informal subject line. When a friend sends you an email, the reason you will open it immediately is that it will have a friendly and casual subject line. The same is the case with email marketing. People tend to avoid emails that have a formal dry subject line and tend to get more attracted to casual subject lines. So, adding a casual subject line will definitely increase your open rate.


Write your subject line in lowercase. It has been observed that a subject line in lowercase tends to get more opens as compared to one in uppercase. This might be because a lowercase subject might seem casual and informal while an uppercase might seem like a business email.

You can try using different tricks, but the one proven to get the most opens are using lowercase subject lines.


Put the person’s name in the subject line. By personalizing the email, you are bound to get a higher open rate as compared to a simple subject line. This is only natural because seeing your name in the subject line will definitely make you want to click on it.

If you make sure that your emails have the above-mentioned qualities and then follow the four tips, you’re bound to get a higher email open rate. However, if you want to jump to an even simpler and fruitful option, you can try using CBT Mass Email Sender–the software designed to skyrocket your email deliverability and open rates.

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