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How To Customize An Email Marketing Template

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07 Jan 2021

Email templates make email marketing campaigns much faster, efficient, and on top of that –impactful. Customized email marketing templates are especially great for strengthening brand identity. Brands can develop templates with specific colors, fonts, and structures that prominently reflect them. In this article, find out more about customized email marketing templates and how to get one.

What Are The Customized Email Templates?

A good responsive email design does half of the work when it comes to email marketing. You might have noticed a lot of times that your email is not garnering the response it should have. Two of the possible reasons behind that is it either failed to get attention or because it was poorly designed.

An email template is a must-have tool to ace the art of email marketing. In the past, designing an email required the apt knowledge of CSS and HTML and a whole lot of other stuff but the customized templates the process is much more simplified.

A customized email template is a readymade email design that sometimes even has the text written in advance. You can simply go through the variety of these designs available to choose the one that suits your email content and message. You can then replace the written text with yours to further personalize it.

How To Customize Email Templates?

If you are wondering where to find these templates from, we have you covered. Below are 6 simple steps to having a customized email marketing template.

Step 1: Choose A Template:

There is a variety of email templates available in the market, but not all of them are suitable for all kinds of businesses. Hence, the very first thing you need to do is to choose a suitable template according to your content from the best email templates.

Since your template should be according to your brand’s message, you need to go through the message you intend to convey and revisit the response you are expecting before you select a template.

For example, if your e-mail contains pictures or graphs then you should only select the template that provides space for such displays. In case you expect detailed responses, choose a template with the facility of CTA.

You should also know the nature and tone of your content. For a classy brand, you need an equally classy template that speaks to the reader.

Step 2: Adjust the Header

Email templates usually come along with adjustable features, allowing the user to customize them as per the campaign.

Once you have your message finalized, you need to explore the tools to customize the email template. The very first thing that you should adjust in the template’s design is the Header. It is the main heading of your email spread across the page.

The header is usually placed on the top of the page so that it instantly delivers the objective of the email. A good header successfully grabs the attention of the reader; therefore it has to be powerful and concise. The two considerable aspects of a header are,

Width –the size of the header, which should be around 600 pixels so that it spreads across the page

Alignment –the position of the header, which is recommended to be at the top-center or top-left

Step 3: Insert Pictures

If your email content requires the visual appeal of the product or message then you must select a template that provides the required space for images. The next step is to insert the picture. While selecting a picture, make sure that:

Your picture should be of high quality so that it isn’t pixelated when resizing, or it will ruin the entire impression of your e-mail.

If it’s not your product’s picture and you are only inserting it to get a strong impact then make sure that it resonates with your email content and doesn’t divert the reader’s attention.

In some cases, the formats hide the inserted images, in such cases, the alt text makes it possible for the reader to understand the message of the picture.

Resize the picture according to the template. It should not be too big or too small. Your image’s width can range up to 600 pixels.

Step 4: Font of Email Template

Templates come with a range of font styles to choose from. Some templates even allow you to add your fonts. Choosing the right font is important because it plays an important role in conveying your message. An excessively simple font can create monotone in your email while a too stylish can be complicated for your recipient to read. So make a wise call there.

Also, make sure to adjust the font size according to your template. You can also use multiple fonts to make a few words bold or italicized this will help you highlight certain points.

Step 5: Colors To Use In Email

Colors bring attraction to your email template. Templates provide a variety of colors in a palette where you can choose one of your choices but make sure that:

The color matches your brand theme. It gives more uniformity to the overall brand image.

Try to keep the background color of your email neutral or light as a bright color can be a little too shocking and can even make the text difficult to read.

Do not forget to sink the color of your header and footer with that of your brand as it creates a powerful brand impression.

If you are adding multiple buttons (such as CTA) in the email then make sure to set the color of these buttons a little brighter so that the recipients can easily spot them.

Step 6: Test the Email Template

Designing an email template is fun, but the results might break your heart. Hence, do not forget to test your email template. You can send the template to your team members, other coworkers, and friends for honest reviews. Since people will be viewing your emails on different devices you have to ensure they are responsive on all devices. Also, check if all the buttons in the email are easily visible and are working in all formats.


Customized email templates appeal to customers and exhibit brand consistency. You can use our quick, helpful tips to customize your brand’s email templates. However, if you want to save some extra time and effort you can check out the email customization tools available at CBT Mass Email Sender.

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