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How To Create A Bulk Email Marketing Campaign: An Unabridged Guide

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04 Jan 2021

Mass email or bulk email refers to communicating with a huge list of contacts i.e. customers, subscribers, etc., by sending promotional emails in bulk to achieve customer loyalty and increased sales.

However, bulk email marketing generates a 122% return on investment (ROI), yet it’s not a magic bullet. Users are continuously shelled at by a massive amount of emails every day by a variety of businesses. Thus, it’s quite difficult to gain their attention.

Bulk email marketing has become an art that is evolving instantly. You need a sophisticated and dedicated email marketing service to design a successful bulk email marketing campaign.

Steps To Create A Successful Bulk Emailing Campaign

Here is a step by step guide to help you create an effective bulk emailing campaign.

1. Create A List Of Active Contacts Who Have Opted-In

Creating a list of quality opt-in contacts is the foundation of a successful email marketing campaign.

Remember! Sending bulk emails to purchased contacts without their consent is against the law.

Thus, you need to build your list of contacts who have agreed to receive emails from your brand. You can do so by maintaining an opt-in email list -the users have given you the approval to send them emails by submitting their information in an explicit form.

To create an email list, you first have to create a subscription form and place it on your website. When you use an opt-in form to gather contacts, it ensures that you are sending email campaigns to those who have an interest in your product or service. Moreover, it guarantees;

Moreover, you can also create a multi-list subscription form to get consent from your contacts for multiple types of emails and data processing like automation, lead scoring, etc. This will help you know their preferences as they will select those emails which they are willing to receive.

2. Define The Aim Of Your Email Campaign

After selecting an adequate strategy to build a list for your bulk email campaign, you need to have a clear goal for your campaign, which could be as follows;

Your goals can be different than those mentioned above, depending upon the nature and type of your business. After having a specific goal, you are capable to send relevant content to the right audience.

3. Create A Plan To Target The Right Contacts

Try not to send similar content to all contacts on your list. Create a more personalized and targeted content that is relevant to your audience and their preferences. By sending similar messages to all, you are more likely to end up having no open or click rates, which will affect your deliverability rates as well. Thus, to create a targeted list of audience you need 3 major tools;

1. A Separate List For Each Segment

In this method, you simply need to segment your audience - create multiple lists of contacts according to the kind of emails they want to receive from you. This will allow you to send relevant data to each segment.

2. Creating Conditional Segments

Once you have decided on a list for your email campaign, you can filter your contacts by using the “create a segment” option, in which you can define the conditions of filtering contacts according to their attributes, past email behavior, past purchases. This will ensure an increased engagement rate.

3. Lead Scoring And Dynamic Segmentation

You can use marketing automation in the modern era of marketing techniques, to dynamically segment the leads into various lists. The most effective marketing automation strategy is by creating a lead scoring workflow, which will track where your leads stand in the conversion process. The process works by following steps;

The lead scoring workflow can be used as a trigger for dynamic segmentation. The term dynamic segmentation refers to arranging the contacts into specific lists based on their specific traits, hence you can target them better. Thus, the tools discussed above will help you target the right audience.

4. Optimize Your Email Content

The best way to stand out in your subscribers, the inbox is by providing them with quality content that they look forward to receiving. The 3 key aspects you need to focus on are;

· Email Subject Line

The subject line of your email is the first aspect through which your users decide whether they want to open and read the email. It’s a big opportunity for you to reflect the identity of your brand. You must design your subject line in a way that entices your users to click on it. Here are a few tips;

· Email Preview Text

Don’t forget to optimize your email preview text i.e. pre-header, located right after your email subject line. If you are not placing it then by default the first few lines of the email will serve the purpose, which may not happen to be the best option all the time. The size of your pre-header should not exceed 35 characters if you want your message to come across.

· Sender Name And Address

As compared to the subject line and pre-header, your sender name and address must be similar to the details mentioned on your website. Thus, your users can recognize you easily by looking at your email address. Here are a few details to help you choose the appropriate sender information.

5. Test Your Campaign Before Sending

The mistakes of your email campaign can affect your brand image. Thus, be aware of the following errors.

These errors don’t appear like a big oversight, but they affect your brand persona poorly, and people are inclined to opt-out from your site. Thus, test them by sending them first to your team members as a sample for proofreading.

You can also use CBT Mass email sender to test your emails. It is an efficient software designed

Wrapping Up!

Bulk emailing is an excellent marketing strategy that can be utilized for higher ROI. However, mastering it is not every marketer’s cup of tea. It requires critical evaluations to ensure expected results. You need to adopt the measures discussed in this article to avoid any obsolescence in your bulk email campaign and derive an exceptional profit.

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