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How To Build Free And Fast Email List?

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04 Jan 2021

Low-investment-greater-outcome is one of the biggest advantages of email marketing and also the biggest reason behind its worldwide adoption. It ensures easy communication and better message delivery than SMS or social media. Being a one-on-one communication source, emails are a great way to offer personalized and dedicated service online.

Keeping aside all the benefits, it takes enormous planning and efforts on a marketer’s part to design an effective email campaign that ensures the expected ROI. From email templates to the unsubscribe button, everything has to be top-notch. One such demanding aspect of email marketing is the mailing list. It is the list of email addresses to which you are to send the marketing emails -hence, it defines your audience.

Consequently, the success of an emailing campaign largely depends upon the quality of the email list. The more genuinely interested contacts the list holds, the better outcome it will provide. This brings us to one of the most asked questions -how to build a free and fast email list?

Here is a simple rule – haste makes waste

So, do not rush!

List building is a slightly time-taking process. It does not happen overnight -especially not a yielding mailing list. Instead, you should give your target market some time to willingly provide you with their email addresses.

Here is the good news; although you cannot build your email list in a flash, we have some effective strategies to speed up organic list building.

Ways To Quickly Grow Your Email List

· Create An Intriguing Pop-Up Opt-In Form For Your Website

Pop-up forms are an excellent way to grab your visitors’ attention. Once you have their attention lure them into providing you with their email addresses. According to research, adding opt-in pop-up forms on websites can grow your emailing list to up to 50%.

Dropping below a few success tips for your pop-up forms.

· Collect Email Addresses From Facebook Ads

Facebook ads -might sound a little odd here -but are a great way to expand your email list fast. With over a billion users, Facebook anyway is a great place to target an audience. It has already launched its market place and advanced tools for ad campaigns.

Thus, you can use the platform to target people of your interest. You can add a landing page with an opt-in form on your Facebook ad to drive traffic to the page. Not only will it help you grow your mailing list but also increase your site traffic.

· Offer Incentives

Truth be told, people do not even want to give away their email addresses for free -they need something in return. You can use this fact to your benefit and encourage them into providing you their email addresses for an incentive. It can be a free e-book, toolkit, a series of valuable articles, vouchers, discount coupons, etc.

· Place Top Bar On Your Website

A top bar is something your visitors will surely not miss. In fact, that will be the first thing they view on your website. Thus, use it to encourage visitors to subscribe to your mailing list for a valuable incentive. Give them a clear CTA to further speed up the process.

Make sure to design it with interesting and prominent colors that gain attention right away and also do not destroy your site’s look. Needless to say, keep your text clearly visible.

· Install A Waiting List

For businesses offering courses, launching a new product or service, announcing a contest, etc., a waiting list is an excellent tool to gather email addresses. For instance, if you are an online course, you can create a wait-list to let people know its updates and when it will be finally opened to students. Interested people will sign up for it for timely updates. Similarly, you can create curiosity for a new product that you plan to launch and create a waiting list for people to sign up for more information about the product over time.

· Add A Sign-Up Link To Your Signature

While building an email list, you might be using different sources to collect emails -which may also include some personally collected and referred sources -meaning you have their emails somehow but they are not your subscribers yet.

You need to use these contacts very wisely. Firstly, try to gather as much information as you can about them to make sure that you devise the most appropriate emails to convert them to your subscribers. Do not forget to add a sign-up CTA to your signature.

· Use Intriguing CTAs

You might have already heard this a hundred times now and that’s completely plausible for its significance. A powerful CTA (especially if made through CBT Mass Email Sender) makes a huge impact on your conversion rates. Its size alone can increase by 32.5% of conversions.

If your brand personality allows, you may ditch the traditional versions like “follow now” or “subscribe” for more attractive options like “be a part of good-guy gang” or “get access to our secret lab”.

· Create Interactive Social Media Posts

According to research, people spend about 3 hours a day on social media, and this duration is bound to increase. So why not use it for our good!

Create interactive social media posts to engage visitors and motivate them to provide their email addresses. A quiz is a good way to hook the audience. Another effective technique is to share a suspense-bearing question -for instance, “guess what’s inside the box and comment below your emails to unveil it”.


Creating an email list does not have to be hard. You only have to be a little creative with things already around you like your website, social media, etc. Use pop-ups, CTAs, top-bars, side-bars, social media posts, and every other thing you can to lure your visitors into providing you with their email addresses.

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Low-investment-greater-outcome is one of the biggest advantages of email marketing and also the biggest reason behind its worldwide adoption. It ensures easy communication KEYWORD Build Free And Fast Email List
Awais Chughtai
this is good at all in their working because all task are done in seconds
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