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How to a Write an Engaging Welcome Email

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05 Jan 2021

Welcome email helps develop a good relationship between you and your subscriber if you run some e-commerce business. It's like online dating. Your profile matters a lot. It should be attractive. When any one of your subscribers comes to your profile, he has to sign up first. Now it's your responsibility to grab your customer and engage him and make him take your desired action. Welcome emails help you in this regard. In this post, I will tell you how you can write an engaging welcome email.

Through a welcome email, you can create an excellent impression on the visitor. That will make the subscriber look forward to your next newsletter. A welcome email is 86% more effective than the newsletter and has high open rates of 50%. So, it's essential to make an effective welcome email; otherwise, you will not get the results that your business demands.

Let's look at some good welcome email examples to compare them with the average email. This will help you understand why a subscriber is more attracted to a good welcome email.

Creating engaging and result-oriented emails is not a rocket science.It is something about good marketing content creation. An excellent welcome email shows that to which degree you are dedicated to your subscriber and how you appreciate them for being a part of your intended community. The article aims at delivering some unique tactics through which you can engage your visitors and a few pro tips to make you smarter in your work. You can freely use the templates given below to create your welcome email.

Best welcome email formulas to engage your visitors

1. Use the word ' Thank you.'

Whenever a new subscriber visits, you always appreciate him by sending a note of thanks. This will create a good impression on him. You can send this note in any form you like. It could be a simple text line or in the form of an image or GIFs. You can also use the help of a mail card to say "Thank You"to your subscribers. It's a lovely way of saying thank you to them.

2. Expectations should be set

Be precise with your words; this will help your audience understand your brand properly, helping develop trust between you and your subscribers. Share the information about the product or services you are offering and tell them how you can help your audience. This helps the audience to know what benefit can they get by subscribing to you.

3. Your introduction

Many new subscribers don't know about you, and that's why it isessential to introduce yourself so that a sense of interest should be created between you and your new subscriber. Your welcome email will help you in this regard and will introduce yourself that who you are? What do you write? How can you help them?. Ask your subscribers to introduce themselves to show them that you care for them because this is an excellent way of starting your conversation. And this will also let you know more about your subscriber. Pro tip: The welcome email helps the subscriberstell their interest to get personalized emails based on their interest.

4. Whatever your incentive is? Always deliver it

You should be firm on the incentives that you have written before sign up for a new subscriber. Because if you providewhat you have promised, you will gain trust in the eyes of your subscriber. The Uber app is an example of it. You can see before downloading the app a free ride is written as it's an incentive, and you can enjoy that free ride after downloading this app. This gives a boost to your subscriber to remain with you for a long time.

5. Helpful resources should be shared

Sharing helpful resources helps you a lot in making your subscribers engage with your brand. Don't let them wait for your next email send. Just share the useful resources so that they learn more information about your brand. Whatever helpful resources you have,either in the form of a blog post or a video, share it and let your subscribers avail the opportunity rather than wasting it. The welcome email helps your subscriber complete their profile or registration to buy a product or service you are delivering.

6. Linking to your social account

You can also encourage your subscribers to link with you on your other social media platforms. In this way, they will understand you a lot, and the bond between you and your subscriber ties up more strongly. You can add a "click to your tweet" option in your email. This will help you in spreading your email to more and more people. Whenever a subscriber clicks this link and shares your email with many of his friends on Twitter, it means the subscriber promotes you, so don't forget to put that option in your email. This could be very useful for you. And that will be your bonus point. You can use any of your social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channel whatever you want. Utilize all of your social media accounts to rank your brand.

7. Always stay connected

Always share your contact information with your subscribers. Try to get feedback from your customerto know what updates you need to make and what exactly your subscriber is demanding from you. This will help a lot in answering most of your subscribers' answers, and they will be clearabout their questions related to you and your services. You can add a help option to directly send the questions and queries to your customer servicedepartment. Where things will be sorted out and clarified for the subscribers.

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