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How Dark Mode for Email Can Boost Your Deliverability?

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06 Jan 2021

As rapidly as the digital world is evolving, our usage of digital tools is increasing simultaneously. There not goes a day when we don't spend time on our mobile phones or desktops. We have got addicted to these digital appliances and cannot restrain ourselves from them.

However, limiting our use of these digital gadgets is necessary to attain a good sleep and peace of mind. According to research, it is found that most people, on average, spend 3 hours and 15 minutes on their phones and affecting their eye health. This research predicts that regardless of the busy and hectic schedules one has, he cannot take a break from his exposure to the white screen.

Excessive exposure to the white and bright screen can result in several hazardous effects on your eyesight and can lead to eye fatigue and poor sleep at night. The average Americans clock about 444 minutes of screen time, making it about 7.5 hours in total each day. Many people in the last few years have shown a significant preference for a dark mode to get relief in their eye strain and optimize digital tools smoothly. Let’s learn more about this dark mode below.

What Is A Dark Mode?

A dark mode is an option in almost every digital device which allows the user to reduce screen brightness. It turns the screen background dark while enhances the light-colored icons and text for better readability. Some mobile phones have dark mode as an in-built feature, and some mobile users install unique apps to avail of this feature. The popularity of dark mode is increasing strenuously, and many renowned apps such as Gmail, iOS, Outlook has officially announced dark mode function for their apps to improve customer engagement.

How Dark Mode Helps In The Engagement Of Users?

How Dark Mode For Email Can Boost Your Deliverability?

Sending and receiving promotional or transitional emails on daily basis is an integral part of mobile usage. Every day, dozens of marketing emails are sent by marketers in the hope of getting positive responses from their targeted audience. Email marketers are always searching for new strategies to get their selected audience more engaged and responsive to their emails, which results in the maintenance of a good sender's reputation and generating increased ROI. As the dark mode has been a helping hand to many digital users, it can also be fruitful if adapted in sending emails. CBT Mass Email Sender can quickly help you transform your emails from ordinary to dark mode preview, ensuring a pleasant experience reading them.

Marketing is all about working according to your audience’s choice to improve sales and more open-rates. However, there are some ways through which dark mode can boost your email deliverability at a rapid pace.

1. Use Plain-Text In Your Email

An HTML- email generally consists of heavy and bold texts with multiple fonts, whereas dark mode can help render your email smoothly on one particular low-contrast color. Emails with an inapt display are likely to be deleted in less than three seconds. Also, A light text on a black background would give an excellent outlook.

2. Add Transparent Images

Relevant and fascinating images can boost click-through rates by up to 10%. Images laboriously contribute to making your email eye-catchy and enjoyable to read, but if your images are very bright and are disturbing your reader's vision, then it can most likely lead you to the spamming section or maybe in the unsubscribed list. However, transparent images appear in a relatively subtle way avoiding white boxes and default syncing in the email.

3. Experience On Both Modes

The best way to get an idea about how your email would manifest on your audience email list is to first experiment on your device, browsers, platforms, etc. Testing on the dark and normal mode will allow you to determine if your email looks appropriate. Dark mode gently adjusts your entire content into the given space without cutting anything.

4. Light Color Strokes Use

Many email active users like to open emails that outstand in their email list and are tempting to them. Images, logos, and GIFs display pictures with high contrast strokes as good options to attain as they exhibit an enchanting treat to the eye. It gives legible sight to the reader also when the background color is repeatedly changing.


Email dark modes spruce up your email's outlook, enriching the reader's responsiveness to your emails. Adding this feature when designing your next email is indeed a strategic technique to opt for. It will also help your email getting more clicks and, eventually, a quick boost in your sales.

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