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How A/B Testing Your Subject Line Can Boost Your Open Rate

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04 Jan 2021

Marketing is a complex field where tiny things can create a huge difference. Most experienced marketers know about their audience and tactics that can increase audience engagement rate. In contrast, people who just stepped into the world of marketing are always confused about the decisions they've made.

The same is the case with email marketing. Various factors influence the conversion, open and click, spam, and forward rate, including the subject line.

The business email's subject line is placed on top of the email, giving the reader an idea of the email.

Importance of email subject line

As mentioned above, the subject line is the first line your recipient reads to decide if he or she wants to read your email or not. In simpler words, if your subject line is not attracting your recipients, theywill not bother opening and checking the content it contains; instead, your email will be marked as a spam email. It is enough to tell the importance of a subject line.

What Is A/B Testing?

You must be wondering how to identify which subject line is working best for you. Let us bring it to your knowledge that using A/B subject line testing can help you analyze which subject line attracts more customers.

In the A/B testing subject line, you will create two versions of the subject line (option A and option B). By sending it to the audience, you will analyze which version is more suitable for attracting your potential customer.

As mentioned above, the subject line has an impact on the email campaign. To increase your sales graph through email marketing, you need to make sure that your customer reads your email.

There is no room for mishandling the subject line.

If your subject line is not attractive to your audience, the whole reason for running the campaign dies. It's better to go for A/B testing than wasting your energy on email campaigns with the non-useful subject line.

5 Email Subject Lines For A/B Test

The ideal method to test the subject line is by comparing one subject line to another if you are a beginner by creating two opposite types of the subject line to see a clear difference. Try to compose two subject lines having the same meaning yet a different approach to make it a better learning experience.

Let us look at the A/B subject line test you can run to find your idea email subject line without going further.

● Personalized vs. generalized

● Free vs. not free

● Emoji vs. no emoji

● Question vs. statement

● Short vs. Long

Tip: Do not decide on the winner subject line very soon; wait for a longer time, at least until you are pretty sure the result is not a coincidence.

Personalize Vs. Generalized

We all know how many marketing emails an individual receives each day, and it's apparent people don't read all; instead, they read the subject line to decide which emails should be read and which are not. To outlook in a crowd of emails, you can consider testing personalize email subject lines.

A personalized subject line contains the receiver's name, city, and occupation in some cases, which helps the email grab the recipient's attention on the cocktail party effect phenomenon.

According to a study, personalized email generates a 22.2% more open rate creating a connection between you and your customer.

Free Vs. Not Free

Email marketers avoid using words like free in the subject line, even if the email is about a giveaway or free birthday vouchers. Using words like free products, free delivery, free service, or giveaway can increase your spam rate, whereas the truth is the opposite.

If you have a clean "free" record and a good reputation in front of ISP, you can double the openrate.

Emoji Vs. No Emoji

Have you ever opened an email just because of a humorous or creative subject line?

If yes, you are not alone.

Experian reported a 56% higher open rate using subject lines and emails with emoji. Before you start adding emojis to your emails and subject line, you must consider that this technique does not work every time with everyone. The genre of your marketing email must be relevant before searching for high engaging emojis.

For instance, if you are divorce lawyers and write daily blogs on the same topic or experience, using emojis would be a little weird.

Question vs. Statement

The main aim of A/B testing is to find a subject line that attracts the customer the most, so how can we not consider adding a question when we know people can't resist problems.

When you connect to your customer through emails, you need to make them feel important through your words and action to have a little more impact on their mind. And what's the best way to make them feel special other than asking them their opinion.

Short Vs. Long

It is a common phrase to put yourself in other's shoes for marketing purposes. When we plan our marketing strategy not as a seller but as a buyer, we can identify the solution customers are looking for.

Similarly, when planning an email marketing strategy, think like a recipient and not as a sender. Now that you are the recipient of your email, would you prefer reading an email that is a short and to the point subject line or an email with a subject line longer than many emails?

The short one sounds good, right.

However, some people make a more significant mistake other than adding a long subject line, i.e., they write it too short of making the aim of the email understandable for the recipient.

These are just a few of many subject lines that can be A/B tested. Through CBA Mass Email Sender, you can send thousands of emails at once to try out A/B email testing. Nothing would make us happier than you discovering your idea about the best subject line.

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