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Getting Started With Automated Email Marketing

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04 Jan 2021

Wondering how to automate your email marketing campaign so that every email essentially sells itself? Before moving towards the tips of getting started with automated email marketing campaigns, let's first learn about the types of email marketing automation.

Types Of Email Marketing Automation

There are two types of email marketing automation. We have thoroughly unraveled them below.

1. Transactional Or Triggered Emails

These are the emails that you can send without asking the subscribers for permission, like shipping and order confirmation. These emails are triggered based on the user’s behavior and are also known as behavioral email marketing. They generally include welcome emails, abandoned cart emails, refer-a-friend, etc.

2. Drip Or Nurture Emails

You need permission from your subscribers before sending out these emails to them. They serve as the best tool to move your customers through the funnel as you are automatically sending the content on a predetermined basis.

In these emails, you send sequential messages according to the time frame which you have stipulated, and if you do it right you can generate a substantial amount of ROI.

Tips For Effective Email Marketing Automation

By following the cues discussed below you can compose your first automated email marketing campaign with a solid foundation;

· Segmentation

Marketers often send bulk emails to every subscriber in their list. This can be result oriented at times but not every time, as some of the subscribers can hit the spam button if the emails do not pertain to their interest. This can influence your deliverability rate inadequately. Thus, segmenting your contact list based on your audience’s behaviors and actions is an effective method to generate more ROI and sustain it.

CBT Mass Email Sender allows you to segment your subscribers on the basis of certain criteria like, location, industry, product or service purchased or not purchased, how they learn about you, etc. By sending the targeted emails to each segment you can stimulate your subscribers to take the action which you want them to.

· Set Qualifying Criteria

In order to move your prospects through the funnel for your drip campaign, you need to score your leads. CBT Mass Email Sender also gives you the option to create your scale of scoring.

This brings us to the rules of this game -the criteria for qualifying or disqualifying the leads. To make this simple, below are some quick guidelines.

Location and price range can be one of the bases on which you can qualify or disqualify leads. For example, you can disqualify a group of subscribers, if they are out of your delivery range, and budget. While the subscribers who lie within your delivery radius and have the budget to meet your price demand can be scored higher.

· Collect Lead Information

To generate personalized messages for your segments, you need to collect the lead information. For that, you can create forms and place them on your landing pages and websites to be filled out by your prospects.

The information which you want from your prospects may include their name, address, occupation, budget, etc. You can modify the fields based on the information you require. These forms allow you to personalize your emails more efficiently.

· Create Content For The Funnel

Begin with content that already exists in your data. For instance, the content that has generated increased clicks and opens, converted more prospects into subscribers, or a blog post that is your sales team’s favorite, etc. The existing hoard of content can fill the gaps in your funnel.

· Test, Test, Test

Like any other marketing campaign or channel, testing is crucial to driving effective results from automated emailing campaigns. Here are some simple testing tips;

Write A Lot Of Copies

Instead of having 3 variations on “Buy Now”, try to write different copies that encourage action from your subscribers.

Design Variations

You should be capable of A/B testing your design to find out if the email layout performs effectively in improving deliverability or not. Like, plain text vs HTML, CTAs above the fold, or basic navigation at the top of your emails, etc.

Send Times

You’ll need to send emails at different times of the day, week, and month to evaluate the optimal hour -The time which ensures the best email engagement.

Subject Line

Like the variance in copies, formulate variations in your subject lines to analyze which gets the highest open rates.

Repurpose Content

You can place a blog post, whitepaper, or product line with higher engagement into your automated email funnel and repurpose it. Hence, you can test the new versions against the previously sent.


Requesting a demo is a qualifying action as compared to a case study. Thus, test the actions and communicate with your team to find the best way of scoring.

· Monitor Touchpoints

There is a chance that your leads can feel like being digitally stalked! Emails are not the only means through which you are reaching out to the leads. Thus, monitor your touchpoints and analyze if your leads are retargeted through any email outside the nurture campaign or not. If yes, then don’t overburden them with your marketing.

· Analyze Your Results

After sending out the emails test and analyze the results, whether it worked the way you wanted and fulfilled the certain KPIs and metrics of success. The methods to analyze the results include;

Email Delivery Rate

What percentage of the messages sent arrived at your subscriber’s inboxes? A lower percentage of delivery rate denotes that you can be blacklisted and you need to take measures to optimize it.

View Rate

How many of the emails that have been successfully delivered to the inboxes have been viewed by the recipients? The “preview pane” in the email programs allows the users to filter out undesirable messages, which indicates whether your message passed the view test.

Open Rate

Check if the users who have received your emails have opened them or not. This is the major KPI for your email campaign.

Click-Through Rate

The users who have received, reviewed, and opened your message whether they have clicked the CTA or not? This is where your landing page is brought to the arena.

Conversion Rate

How many of your users took the action you wanted them to describe your conversion rate. It could be signing up for a webinar or any other action you wanted to be induced.

Wrapping Up!

After thoroughly comprehending automated email marketing and the tips for getting started, we guarantee you proficiency in formulating your automated email campaign and securing the desired results.

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