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Five strategies to help you Boost Warm Leads

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04 Jan 2021

Lead is a potential prospect that can turn a visitor into your client and provide you with some personal data through some opt-in forms. These leads are further divided into cold leads, warms leads, and hot leads.

You have to strategize each stage of lead generation strategies to make your potential prospects turn them into sales. Because capturing a lead is not enough, it's just half of the battle because many of your leads won't turn into your customer. Your lead's expected chances to become your sale are somewhere between 2-10 percent in an analysis. So you have to make specific plans to qualify your prospects for these categories. By this, you will be able to focus on a warm lead so you can convert them into a customer. It would help if you kept contacting the rest of your leads. Your hopes should be high.

CBT helps its clients to boost warm leads through the following strategies.

1. Deliver Highly Targeted Content

Any marketing executive can tell that quality content is of the utmost importance to direct warm leads through your marketing funnel. High-quality content conveyed to multiple channels develop both value and familiarity in your company for the lead. This content should be providing the lead that they want and is relevant and useful to them.

Deliver high-quality content, and you can use your knowledge in ways that will help develop the lead's trust. But to deliver the kind of content that pushes warm leads, you have to provide highly targeted content to convert an interested lead to a loyal customer.

2. Develop a relationship with your Subscribers

A warm lead can step back to a cold lead at any time, so to avoid this from happening, it's important to make a genuine and real effort in developing your special relationship with them. Lead is more likely to show more interest in your brand (and then step through your sales strategy). Make your customer feel special by showing interest in them not as a customer but as a person. It will be painstaking but fruitful and a sustainable strategy than plowing energy into producing leads. Most of them will never take an interest, no matter how wisely you have designed your strategy.

3. Send Email Drip Campaigns

When someone subscribes to your email list, you must send them some connecting emails to show your interest in your readers. If you directly initiate with the product selling, it would feel off to them, so it is advised to send them a welcoming email, or thanks for subscribing or confirmation email. And they start sending them your brand's introduction, expertise, achievements, and some of the most popular products. This will induce in them a sense of reliability and branding. This is an effective way to make your subscribers a warm lead.

When you introduce your product, address them with their name, and develop a relationship before you mention your product. This all should be connecting and inflow so they will not lose momentum and won't turn up to cold leads. This is the stage where you are investing in qualifying your leads and preventing them from becoming inactive ones. Email drip campaigns will assist you in this cause. Drip email campaigns enable you to send them a series of automated emails every day or every week or your scheduled timings.

4. Offer Appealing Incentives

The best possible way to convert your uninterested or cold leads, first-time website visitors, into active and warm leads, i.e., your email subscribers, is by the transaction. It's quite simple; you offer something valuable for free in exchange for their email subscription, like special codes, lucky draws, Giveaways, or some first purchasing discount.

This plan is usually executed by inducing embedded email opt-in forms and lead magnets on your website, blogs, and social media posts. You can give different incentives to push leads, including case studies, guides, free trial of the product, some packages, free eBooks, and more of it.

Your main target is to raise their interest in your product or service or develop a connection or influence them. Don't create lead magnets randomly. Keep in mind your goal, and this will direct you to create specific plans.

To turn your warm lead into a hot lead, you should give them offers like buying one and getting off on the second product and too for a limited time. These kinds of offers make your warm lead to think about not delaying their purchase as no one likes to miss such offers.

5. Boost Conversions by Urgency and Scarcity:

Have you ever seen an ad or email they are about limited-time offers, or where they have mentioned that only a few of the anticipated products have left? What was your automatic reaction then? You must have checked the link and thought to yourself that you should buy it now if you need it.

See, this is sudden calls of urgency and scarcity. This makes people take quick actions or not make any delay. This can even make your cold lead directly turn into your customer or warm lead and hot lead to become your loyal customers. Most online retailers like Alibaba, Amazon, or eBay do to boost their conversion rates.

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