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Email Vs SMS: Which Channel You Should Choose?

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06 Jan 2021

Over time, email has played a fundamental role in achieving success in digital marketing. It has been a tried and proven method for businesses to send mass messages to a large audience related to their products and services. However, the increase in the growth of mobile phones gave birth to a new marketing channel through SMS.

Research has shown that SMS has 6- 8 times higher engagement rates as compared to emails. SMS has been a great cost-effective, fast, and reliable method of conveying messages to the audience. It is reported that 90% of the messages are clicked within the first three minutes after they are received.

Email and SMS are complementary channels that yield a coherent communication experience. However, it is difficult to compare email and SMS as they serve in distinctive ways in terms of tone, length, and the type of message you are sending to your audience.

Difference Between Email And SMS Channel

SMS has 90% open rates compared to emails that have only 20%.

Email marketing is highly saturated whereas, a few companies run SMS marketing campaigns.

SMS has a 90-second response rate whereas, emails have 90 minutes.

SMS campaigns are cost-effective and emails depend upon your message sending frequency, the audience list, and your email service provider.

Almost half of the emails are spammed whereas, less than 3% of SMS are spammed.

Following the differences, SMS stands out more as compared to emails. Let’s dive deeper into both types of marketing practices and find the best possible ways to utilize them.

Best Practices To Use SMS

· Keep It Clean And Attach A Link To Your Website

The messages you’re sending has to be crystal clear and concise as the customers do not want to entertain long texts. Being straightforward makes your message scannable and interesting to your audience. Don’t forget to attach a link to your website. It will help your readers visit your website, ultimately increasing your web traffic.

· Ask Permission From Your Audience

The way you request your subscribers for permission before sending them emails, you do the same with SMS channels. You must take permission and try to preserve it by following the guidelines below:

You can take permission by sending them a keycode with a message, for example, type RECIEVE and send it to 3434 to get a 10% discount coupon.

Use SMS channel only for special occasions, time-sensitive, and crucial information.

Tell your audience about the type of information they would receive from you.

Give them a call-to-action button if they didn’t want to receive messages from you, for example, type PAUSE to stop the messages.

· Use Personalization For SMS Marketing

As personalized emails create a great value, the same is the case with personalized SMS campaigns that are quite eye-catching. To personalize your SMS, you should segment your audience according to their interest and send targeted messages. Send them offers related to their recent purchases, this helps in enhancing the relationship between business to customers.

· 4. Use An SMS Marketing Tool

Using an SMS marketing tool enables you to apply various methods that can significantly improve your SMS marketing game. this type of tool allows you to send automated and targeted emails to your customers so you don’t need to manually do it yourself. they provide all the vital analytics about your campaigns, enabling you to monitor all the key aspects of your SMS campaign.

When To Use The SMS Channel?

· Promotional Offers

You can use SMS marketing to inform your customers about your upcoming discounts or sale. This is because people are intrigued by promotional offers so the chances of ignoring or spamming your message are very minimal.

· Order Confirmation

To confirm the purchases of the products or services you can send an order confirmation SMS to your customers. This way it would be fast and quick, for example, a customer has booked a hotel so the hotel management will send an SMS to confirm the details about their bookings.

· Send Vital Reminders

You can send messages to remind them of a certain service that would be beneficial for them for example, hospital management can send SMS to remind customers about their appointments to a specific doctor.

· Send Order Delivery Details

When a customer buys a specific product from you and the product leaves the warehouse for delivery, you can notify the customers about the delivery details such as the name of the courier company or the date of receiving. This way you would have a great service for your customers and they would be pleased with it.

When To Use The Email Channel?

· Newsletter

You should only send emails when a subscriber subscribes to your newsletter. if you send emails without taking permission from the recipient it would probably be spammed, leaving you at loss. Hence, to avoid the spam radar it is crucial to send emails to your subscribers only.

· Long Informational Content

You can send long read content through emails because it wouldn’t be relevant to send it through SMS services because people don’t consider reading long content through messages, whereas, emails by default have the ability to carry long-form content.

· New Product Announcements

Emails would be the most suitable medium to tell your customers about your new product with its description. It displays the newly launched products with explicit descriptions and visuals.

Final Thoughts

SMS and emails both have their own pros and cons to consider and distinctive situations to be used in. however, you should not choose between two of them rather use the strengths of both with integration. this would allow you to grasp benefits from each of them as they both open a widespread gateway of opportunities to grow and enhance the quality of your digital marketing success. furthermore, it would lead to a tremendous customer base and customer loyalty.

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