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Email Unsubscribe Best Practices And Email List Management

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06 Jan 2021

Email marketing drives more conversions than any other marketing channel. It is one of the most lucrative yet challenging marketing techniques. One of the biggest hurdles in email marketing is the unsubscribe email rate.

An unsubscribe email rate is the percentage of users who have unsubscribed from your mailing list. It has a huge impact on your ROI. Considering this fact, businesses need to overcome the unsubscribe email rates. However, you cannot convince others to not unsubscribe emails from you, but you can apply a few practices to reduce your email unsubscribe rates.

According to marketing experts, it is believed that below 0.2% is a reasonable unsubscribe rate and anything above that is unfavorable.

Why Recipients Unsubscribe To Your Emails?

To reduce your unsubscribe rates, you need to first find out the reasons behind them. Below are the three basic reasons for your subscribers opting out of your mailing list.

1. You Send More Emails Than Promised

According to research, the number one reason people unsubscribe to your emails is that you frequently sending too many emails. As a result of that, their inbox suffers from email fatigue, which forces them to unsubscribe from your newsletter.

2. You Are Sending Irrelevant Content

When an individual subscribes to your mailing list, he looks forward to receiving a particular kind of content -the one that has motivated him to subscribe to you in the first place or the type of content that has been promised to be provided. But when you fail to meet their expectations -provide with the desired content, they tend to unsubscribe.

3. Auto-Subscribed

Even after double opt-in confirmations, around 24.8% of email subscriptions occur due to auto-subscription. It means that a substantial part of your audience is linked to you unintentionally. Hence, they are bound to unsubscribe once they identify your presence.

Best Practices To Reduce Email Unsubscribe Rates

1. Preset When and How You’re Going To Send Emails

Here is the scenario; you have promised your friend an outing, but you cancel at the last moment. It may not affect your friendship for the first time but the repetition of the same behavior can lead to trust issues and misunderstanding in your friendship. The same is the case with email subscribers. If you keep sending emails at random times instead of specific hours, you’ll create misunderstanding among your receivers as they will not know when to expect an email from you.

Therefore, you have to be consistent and dedicated to sending emails at a specific time. To make this even more effective you can ask your subscribers their preferred time to receive an email.

2. Send Emails To The Segment Of Interest

When a reader reads your article and subscribes to you, he expects similar content from you in the future. However, when you fail to provide them with relevant content, they unsubscribe. The simplest way to prevent this is by segmenting the subscribers immediately after subscription based on their interest.

3. Use Decent Subject Lines

You probably would have come across emails with subject lines in full caps and casual like “Hi”, and what you have done is what most people do; unsubscribe. If you're sending the subject line in all caps or informal you will also soon be unsubscribed because these types of subject lines do not seem very decent and relevant.

It is very significant to focus on writing good subject lines because that would be the first line read by your subscribers. If it seems right to them, they will continue to take interest in your email, hence it is important to remember that a clear subject line will define your quality of email.

4. Asking For Feedback

One of the easiest and the most reliable way to reduce your email unsubscribe rate is by taking feedback from your audience. It is one of the most common and effective techniques for reducing the unsubscribe rates. It helps you improve and avoid mistakes that had cost you your precious subscribers.

4 Best Email List Management Practices

Now that you have a clear idea of the email unsubscribe rate, the reasons behind it and the ways to reduce it, here is what more you need to do. When people unsubscribe from your email list, the list does not automatically subtract them. Instead, it increases your unsubscribe rates and reduces deliverability rates. In order to maintain these two stats, you need to manage your email list every now and then. Below are the top 4 email list management practices that can help you get the best ROI.

1. Welcome New Subscribers

As someone subscribes to your newsletter, it is imperative for you to first send them a hearty welcoming email which shows the subscribers that you responsible for them. It is also essential to show gratitude towards them and ask them to whitelist your email in the address book, so you remain out from the spam box.

2. Email List Hygiene

3. Re-Engage With Old Contacts

After you have cleaned your email list, you have found the contacts that are inactive prior to six months because they probably are not opening your emails anymore and deleting it, segment them and start re-engaging campaigns that are proven to be very useful. Applying this strategy, you will make your old contacts to opt for a decision -whether to remain subscribed or unsubscribe you, further leading to a clearer email list.

4. Make Easy Unsubscribing

This point may seem invalid, but it is one of the effective ways to manage an email list because if someone is not interested in your content, they will unsubscribe you at one point or another. Hence, it is better to provide them with a visible and accessible unsubscribe button. In this way, you would keep the users happy and send more targeted emails.


Unsubscribing rates and email list management are critical aspects of email marketing. They can improve your email marketing ROI and decide your digital success, so keeping an eye on them is very crucial for your business to grow digitally. To make this process easier you can use CBT Mass Email Sender-the software designed to make your email marketing a guaranteed success. It helps you maintain your email list and provide you with accurate data on email responses.

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