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Email Trick or Treat: Do Subject Lines Affect Your Delivery?

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07 Jan 2021

With limited resources, you want to ensure your money isn't spent on a lost cause when starting a business. However, when it comes to email marketing, it is an opportunity too important to give up on.

There are over 3.9 billion daily email users, sending and receiving multiple emails per day. Emails have an open rate of 22.86%. This makes emails an efficient way of digital marketing. To understand this better, we need to know what Email delivery is all about.

Email delivery refers to the successful delivery of an email from source to the destination.

Approximately 124.5 billion business emails and about 111.1 billion end-user emails are sent and received every 24 hours. Similarly, more than 14 billion spam emails are sent each day.

Here's a detailed insight into how email delivery works.

Do Subject Lines Affect Your Delivery?

In short, yes. It does affect your email delivery.

Researches have shown that more than 60% people are likely to consider an email as spam due to its subject line.

People have avoided customized subject lines for years, but getting creative in your subject lines might not affect your email delivery after all. In contrast, using exclamation marks and words referring to price such as "FREE" might trigger any spam filters, but there's a very slight possibility of your emails ending up in the spam folder.

Writing a subject line is a piece of art and requires a certain level of creativity. In addition, it requires careful analysis of what gets you better engagement rates.

The subject line is a crucial element of an email. It isn't something that is to be written in a hurry or at the end of composing an email. It should come first, followed by the body and other elements.

A subject line is the first thing that is read by any reader. More people try to focus on the subject line of the email campaign rather than the body of the email. In fact, most email recipients open emails because of catchy subject lines.

Subject Lines: Examples and Their Outcomes

It can get challenging determining what subject line will lead you to better engagement and open rates. We're here to ease your search and provide you with a detailed analysis of how to get the highest open rates using subject lines.

· Subject Lines with a Touch of Curiosity

An efficient way of getting higher open rates is to add a touch of curiosity in the subject line. For instance, you can use "Did this happen to you?” Subject lines with a spin of curiosity make people wonder what does the sender mean or refer to and hence lead them to open the email to find out.

It can get your audience to engage more with your content. A simple subject line would get you over a 36% conversion rate, whereas businesses that add curiosity or interactive content in their subject lines get up to 70% higher conversion rates.

· Subject Lines Containing News

Another efficient way of leading your potential clientele to interact with your emails is to provide them with any sort of news in the subject line. People mostly love news. Giving them a piece of breaking news gets them curious as to what might be happening.

It could be anything from an upcoming brand event, promotional discount, news about any forthcoming new product, seasonal sale, change in the ownership, or any news relevant to the business or brand. To get the most out of such subject lines, you can use words like "Alert" and "Tomorrow." Subject lines containing the word alert are opened 61.8%, whereas subject lines, including the word "tomorrow," are opened 10% more than static content subject lines.

· Customized Subject Lines

This can also be referred to as tailored emails. Customizing subject lines as per your specific clientele while using CBT Mass Email Sendermakes the feel you value them. It ensures them you had them in mind while writing the promotional email.

It also builds a certain level of trust and improves your current relationship with the client. As per a data analysis report, customized subject lines generate higher open rates, up to 50%. Furthermore, customized promotional emails generate up 29% higher open rates.

To give you a better understanding of customized subject lines, let's have an overview of what you could do to create engaging subject lines.

· Including Recipient Names

It is also a great way to improve business-client relationships and engage them further in your services. Subject lines, including recipient names, generate up to 21.2% higher open rates than static subject lines.

· Remembering Them on Their Special Occasions

Including their birthdays and remembering them on any other special occasion that might mean something to them can lead to more potential opens than standard subject lines. This also boosts your relationship with your clients and builds a certain level of trust. Furthermore, you can provide them with a coupon. For instance, you can write a subject line as "Happy Birthday – here's 15% off, only for you."

Provide Them with Vital Information in The Subject Line

To get the most out of your email marketing campaigns, you can engage further with your potential clientele. By mentioning their interests in the subject, providing them with their transaction history, you can also use their relationship status.

· Subject Lines That Include Something of Worth

Everyone likes a discount every now and then. You could offer your potential clientele with exclusive coupons or promotional deals that they could benefit from. These could either be a free sample or a discount. It doesn't stress you much and results in over 10% higher open rates of your email.

Many marketers believe that subject lines, including the word "Free", will lead them to spam. However, such emails have a higher open rate than other basic subject lines.


Subject lines can adversely affect your open rates. Adding a touch of curiosity to your subject line, offering a piece of news, or providing your clients with exclusives, coupons, will generate higher open rates compared to basic subject lines.

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