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Email Throttling Basics

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07 Jan 2021

That being said, more than 290 billion emails are sent and received every 24 hours. But, are all of those billions of emails delivered? There is a specific limit of emails that an Internet Service Provider (ISP)can handle at a particular time.

If an excess amount of emails is sent out by a sender, they might get blocked by the ISP and considered spam. While it might limit your options, but it does come with added benefits and more opportunities for better deliverability of your emails. It allows you to target certain clients during high traffic periods. This is where Email Throttling comes at play.

To understand this better, here’s a detailed insight into Email Throttling basics.

Email Throttling: Basics

“Email Throttling is referred to as the process where you control the number of Email messages that are sent to an ISP or a remote server at a particular instance.”

It enables you to efficiently send emails that ensure deliverability and results in better engagement rates, including improved open-rates and click-through rates. Moreover, it allows you to control your marketing campaigns and maximize your response.

Email Throttling: Causes

The amount of email that an Internet Service Provider (ISP) can accept from a sender at a particular time is throttled or limited. Sending out bulk emails or above the acceptable limit can result in the rejection of your emails.

How To Benefit From Email Throttling?

Sending out timely emails that are segmented according to the threshold set by your ISP can lead to certain benefits -for instance, it enables you to send out emails to your more engaging clientele during high-traffic periods. Moreover, it allows you to better interact with your clientele since you would have a limited amount of traffic at a particular period.

Email Throttling: How To Steer Away From It?

Email throttling is nothing to be scared of. It is one last step your ISP follows before delivering your email message. To get the most out of the benefits of email throttling and steer away from receiving any warning messages from your ISP and ESP, here are a few steps that you can follow to ensure timely delivery of your emails.

· Schedule your Emails

Rather than sending out hundreds of emails at once, you can send them in groups over an extended period. Furthermore, if you have a completion time for your marketing campaigns, you can schedule them to be sent before the time limit so that all of your emails are sent within due time –Scheduling your emails helps you avoid email throttling.

· Segmenting your Email Messages

To avoid email throttling and get better responses from your email marketing campaigns, you can segment your emails. One way of effectively boosting your email delivery is to divide your lists.

Key Takeaways


Email throttling is the process of controlling the number of emails sent out to an ISP over a certain period. It is implemented by ISPs to prevent spam messages and ensure only the right email messages are sent and received. ISPs use the data from spam reports, bounce rates, open rates, click-through rates, and spam trap hits to determine email throttling limits.

Email throttling allows you to better manage your email marketing campaigns and target more potential clientele in the high traffic hours. Furthermore, it helps you retain your online reputation and build-up your current reputation with your ISP to lower your spam rates and better engage your clientele.

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