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Email Testing: Spam, Links, and Rendering Tips

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06 Jan 2021

While sending out thousands of emails daily we often miss some important details before hastily pressing the send button, which often becomes a nightmare!

The prominent difference between emailing and other digital communication platforms is that you cannot undo, edit or delete your message once it's out. Thus, you have to design the best emails with correct recipient information in the first. You can only assume how bad of an impression an email with poor spelling and grammar, unloaded or half appeared images, broken links, spam signs etc. would leave on the receiver.

However, designing an exceptional and efficient email to achieve your ultimate goal is no walk in the park. You can't afford any lack in your final draft that you are just about to send. A marketer would always be anxious while pressing the send button because that one email defines whole reputation of the brand. To ease this pain and ensure a flawless email, marketers now have the option to test the emails before finally sending it to the end-receiver. Let’s find out more about it!

What's Email Testing?

Email testing is a proficient way of proof-reading your email before handing it to your recipient. It is a cost-effective and a constructive way to raise ROI, which is expected to be $44 for every $1 you spend on email marketing.

A simple email testing software can save you from getting a frightening call from your boss bursting out on you because of the silly mistakes you made while writing the email. Thus, getting an efficient email tester makes your work easy and flawless. All you have to do is enter your text and follow the instructions it gives you in return. It will highlight all the required corrections taking into account your grammar, spellings, spam words, broken links, etc.

Why Is Email Testing Important?

Email testing do not just give your emails the perfect outlook but also enables you to correct your mistakes. This helps you in excelling email marketing and sustaining an excellent sender reputation. The outcome of all your efforts in email marketing, is interpreted by your reader, thus engaging and satisfying them is mandatory for a good turnover.

Here are some more reasons defining the importance of email testing.

In order to test your email diligently, you must consider and pay sufficient attention to these three most important and common issues to resolve in an email and make it worth your readers' time.

Testing Spam On Your Emails

The percentage of spam emails in the US was more than 2.9% in 2018. As a result, spam filtering has become pretty much common and strenuous. Most of the time legit and accurate emails also end up in the spam section of your account. Email testing is a beneficial way to show a red signal to spam filtering and blocking software's as it aware you of the little things that might be inviting spam blockers to your email. Spam makes 4.5% of all emails on daily basis and you would certainly not want your email to be the part of these spam emails.

An email tester considers the following aspects of an email to reduce any chances of it ending up in the spam folder.

Words and Phrases: Email service providers like Gmail, yahoo, outlook is very keen in checking up emails and quickly taking action upon noticing any suspicion. An email tester points out manipulative or sleazy words that can put you in crises. It also makes sure that you have not given any far-fetched or ethically illegal statements in your email, which makes you less prone to end up in the spam box.

Images: Email is mainly about written content, flooding your email with heavy images could leave a bad impression on your reader. An email tester helps you with creating an appropriate ratio of 60:50 or 70:30 of images in your email for a more subtle look.

Domains: An email tester checks the legitimacy of sending domain to ensure high deliverability. It highlights illegitimate and suspicious domains that are prone to trouble, so that you can easily change them right there. A research states that spam costs businesses $20.5 billion annually in decreased productivity because of incorrect domains.

Testing your emails against spam checkers is very important to maintain a good sender reputation and utilize your email cost in an effective cause. To make your work easier CBT Mass Email Sender gives you accurate report if your email has any likelihood of spams so that you can quickly fix your errors.

Broken Links Equal To Bad Emails

One of the vital aspects of email testing is link verification. If you're including links in your email, an email tester suggests you to give at least two opens of the link on different devices to make sure that those links will take your readers to the correct URL'S landing on the desired page. Broken or incomplete links can also make receivers unsubscribe from your list declining your sales.

Around 500 emails receive bad user experience because of broken links. Double-checking your links by an email testing software will give you a sigh of relief that your reader would not have any trouble while reaching to the right page. Also, five links on average are an appropriate rule of thumb to go for in your mails.

Rendering Tips

The email you're viewing doesn't appear the same on your reader's device. Rendering is the trickiest aspect while testing emails and is one of the leading causes of readers not valuing marketing emails. Here are some rendering tips to consider for a better email display.


You need to understand the intricacy of your email and design it at its best. Your goal is to get optimum sales and increased ROI which comes by engaging your readers and keeping them hooked throughout the email. For better assurance, prepare a pre-send checklist after reading this article and get a mandatory examination every time you are done with designing an email.

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