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Email Subject Lines: Word Count

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05 Jan 2021

An email that delivers a result begins with an attractive subject line that has the power to snatches your recipients' attention. Great subject lines are often personal or expressive and provide individuals with a reason to check out your content.

In this article, you'll discover tips for composing solid subject lines.

Tips for subject lines:

Email subject lines are your first chance to create a good impression. If you use the right words, you're more likely to induce an email open and a click.

What they found is that subject lines with:

● 6 to 10 words yielded the most open rates at 21%

● 5 or less than 5 words yielded an available rate of 16%

● 11 to 15 words had the best open rates of 14%

Subject Line Relevancy:

Given that "fewer yields more," you ought to certainly select your words carefully. But subject line significance is likely more vital than the number of words you use. Here are a few characteristics that can assist you in making a winning subject line.

● Don't be afraid to ask questions: Asking a question in your subject line can initiate curiosity, especially if your question promises the answer to a particular problem.

● Don't be vague. The trap and conquer will not earn you any focus by clients. So, make sure that your subject line is consistent with the content of the email.

● Don't be impersonal. Where suitable, infusing some personal elements into a subject line can capture a reader's attention.

● Retention Science found that employing a title with a recipient name may be a secure way to go. Still, it is recommended to step up their curiosity with points of interest like reservation numbers, past buys, or information that will make your reader feel like this message was customized for them.

● Don't be boring. Subject lines are like headlines. Make them interesting and exciting. Again, your goals are to sparkle their interest.

● Don't make it all about you. The point of any mail is to make your client take action. Hence, make sure the content is focused on telling the audience about their interests.

● Don't use a one-and-done strategy. Testing your subject lines may be an extraordinary way to find out what is most compelling. You'll test subject length and subject content.

Add personalization:

Use subject lines to personalize your subject lines with each recipient's name or area. Personalization is done to ensure an increase in open rates, and it may work well for many clients when combined with a focus on automation such as birthday deals and post-purchase follow-ups.

Language Diversity:

Testing with modern language components and testing new ways to convey your brand's messages through diverse email subject line language could be an enthusiastic approach to email marketing. Phrase's information has shown that split-testing email subject lines employing a different set of subject line languages leads to an open rate of 15% – 20%.

Be descriptive:

Sometimes, it's better to be direct and descriptive than trendy. Seasonal trademarks such as "fall into savings" or "Sizzling summer bargains" are prevalent but do not offer a particular hook. Instead, try to communicate the benefits of your marketing for specific deals.

Keep it short:

For numerous recipients, particularly those reading your emails on mobile devices, the shorter is way better. We suggest you utilize no more than 9 words and 60 characters.

Limit punctuation:

Our research shows that not more than 3 punctuation marks per subject line should be used. Increased use of punctuation marks can make your email look spam, particularly if you utilize many unique characters.

Use emojis carefully:

Our built-in emoji picker could be a fun and simple way to include a few visual pizazz to your subject lines. However, there are several things to be sure of when you use emojis.

● According to our research, you should need to use no more than 1 emoji at a time.

● Use emojis to supplement words rather than replace them to ensure that you have conveyed what you aim at conveying in the email campaign.

Test subject lines:

There are some ways to memorize whether your subject line could be a winner: view your recently subject line execution, or use an A/B or Multivariate testing campaign to see how distinctive the subject lines influence your open rates.

Subject line helper:

CBT subject line helper checks to see whether your subject line takes after the tips that yield the best result, based on the open rate experience of millions of emails.

A/B and Multivariate testing:

● A/B and Multivariate tests reveal how small differences have an impact on performance. This testing is just like a comparison of an alternative plan. Multivariate tests tell you what your contacts like the best and what they want to hear from you.

● Create numerous forms of your mail that are identical in each way but the subject line, and send them to arbitrarily chosen parts of your subscribed audience. Send the email with the maximum open rate to the remaining portion of your subscribed audience, and you'll learn what kind of subject line appeals to your contacts.

● The greater you test your subject lines, the larger you'll come to know your contacts.


Mail subject lines are one of the principal vital components of any marketing email. In many cases, an email's success or failure largely depends on its subject line's quality. You should not be afraid to ask questions, and you should not be boring. Try to make your emails short, engaging, and meaningful. Avoid unnecessary talk. Keep it short, simple, and straightforward.

CBT mass email sender helps you send emails with attractive subject lines to grab your audience's attention.

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