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Email marketing subject line best practices

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06 Jan 2021

A subject line makes or breaks your email marketing campaign. It creates the first impression of your emails on your recipients. Therefore, the subject line is more important than the whole content of your email. After all, until your subject gets successful in persuading the recipients to open the email, it won’t matter how much effort you had put in drafting your email.

The subject line is often ignored or left as an afterthought;however, it should be giving the most attention. A good subject line is short, but also descriptive. It should give the recipient a reason to open and read the email further.

We have brought you the best practices for writing an email subject line and advance your email marketing campaigns.

Segmentation of Recipients

The very first practice you should adopt is to stop sending the same email to your complete mailing list. You should always segment your recipients into different lists based on their needs, interests, and demographics. Once you have segmented your recipients, you can then draft email subject lines, particularly for each segment.

Concise and Clear

While writing a subject line, be mindful that people’s time is very precious. Many people are busy and don’t like their time to be wasted. Hence, your subject line should be clear and concise. Write down the most important things about your email in the subject line. You can write:

What your email is about?

What are you offering?

Is it to notifying your recipients about a new product launch, an event, a special offer?

You will have to write a new subject line for every other email. Therefore, the tip is to keeps it as short as possible while being clear about the main objective of your email.


Personalization is an emerging trend in email marketing. People show great responses to personalized approaches used in emails. Thus, a personalized subject line can grab the reader’s attention and increase email engagement rate.

How to do it?

You can try using the recipient’s name in the subject line. Another way is to refer to personal information such as recent purchases. With the help of modern artificial intelligence, it is not difficult to find out this personal information. This personalization of the subject line can present the email more relevant to the recipients. Hence, your email open rates will eventually rise.


You can use the approach of creating a sense of urgency on your recipients. People tend to take action out of the fear of missing out on something important under the pressure of time. Hence, you can write the subjects line:

Many emails are marked as spam because of the poor email subject line. Using capital letters or multiple exclamation marks in the subject line can result in your email being directed to spam folders. Therefore, avoid using such spam filter-triggering words.

For your ease, we have listed down some the words, youcan avoid to use in your Subject line:

• $$$

• #1

• Apply Now

• Cash Bonus

• Cash

• Click

• Cheap

• Don’t Delete

• Earn $

• Earn extra

• Explode your business

• Extra

• Expire

• Free Trial

• Free info

• Join

• Giving away

• Money

• Make $

• Money Back

• More internet traffic

• Save up to

• Win

• You are a winner!


Your email subject line should be able to grab the reader’s attention. There are scores of emails in your reader’s inbox and your goal is to make your reader click on your email. In such a situation, the burden comes to the shoulder of the email subject line. Therefore, your email subject line should be catchy. Adding a bit of humor mixed with the buzz phrases to your subject line might help.


Asking a question in a subject line is a good strategy to grab your recipients’ attention. This question in the subject line can urge readers to get engaged with your email. With an open-ended question, you can persuade the recipients to look for the answer in your email.For example:

• What is the best way to handle a crisis?

• What’s the next after digital marketing?

• How safe is your cloud data?


You must have seen many titles as “How-to”, as this urges the readers to give the message a read. Hence, use “How-to” in your email subject line to make your recipients not only open your email but also read it. However, the topic about which your email is educating them should be of your recipient’s interest or need. Therefore, as long as the “how-to” is related to their matter of interest, your email engagement will boom. You can write as follows:


You can lure your recipients to open your email but ensure to never make fake promises. Fake offers will only damage your reputation and will lead recipients to unsubscribe you. With the help of genuine offers and great incentives mentioned in your subject line, your email’s open-rate can surge dramatically.


Providing useful and important data or statistics in the subject line can also raise your email engagement. With the help of these analytics, you can assure your readers that your email will provide them some proven and objective information.


Using a keyword related to your email content in your subject line can also boost engagement. A good keyword plays a crucial part in search engine optimization. This will get you one extra benefit of better search-ability for your emails.


Now that we have shared the best practices used in the email subject line, you can also boost your email marketing results like never before. You have to analyze each practice to find the best combo for your needs since following any one of these alone will do no good. What can you expect from a catchy subject line with spam words?

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