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Email Marketing Length Best Practices

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04 Jan 2021

An email can change the perspective of subscribers, especially when it is engaging, concise, and complete. However, the effort required to design such an email is immense. It requires a lot of consideration, brainstorming, testing, and redressing.

How long does an email have to be? How many words should be used in an email? Should it be concise or lengthy? If an email is too concise, will it still be able to deliver the message? Or, if an email is too lengthy would it put out the subscriber, or would the subscriber lose their interest? These are some of the most important questions that a marketer has when drafting an email.

Why Is Length Of An Email Important?

The length of an email is something that helps and encourages a subscriber to read the mail. It’s seen that many times the email isn’t even read by the subscriber, because of the past, lengthy email.

If the email is too lengthy, there are high chances that the subscriber wouldn’t read it. Or if it’s too concise it might leave the subscriber in question and this discourages them to contact you since the message hasn’t been delivered properly.

If you haven’t heard from the receiver even after sending them different advertisements and product details then these might be the cases.

An ideal email is 50 to 150 words long.

However, you must not compromise on the information to be conveyed and ensure that your email has all the necessary details within the given word count. This helps you ensure meaningful and valuable content for your subscribers to keep them hooked till the end.

How To Achieve The Best Email Length?

· Subject Line

According to Backlinko and Boomerang, the subject lines have to be unique and different as it catches the attention of the subscribers, making them curious about the advertisement or product. If your subject line is concise, relevant to the topic of your mail as well as strong; the chances of your mail response are high, as it's seen that the subject lines motivate the subscriber to open an email. The best subject line contains 4 – 7 words approx. It doesn’t mean that you have to be too strict about this but it’s best if your subject line is concise.

Another reason for a shorter subject line is that it will appear as a whole in the email. Many times, the subject lines are half-cut or broken elements that lose the interest of the receiver therefore, small subject lines are encouraging to click.

· Preheader

The most common mistakes many marketers do isthat they leave the preheader blank. An effective preheader elaborates the subject line and makes the subscribers aware of the content of your mail. Preheader also gives you the advantage to attract your audience by summarizing your entire email body. It also contributes to increasing the response rate.

In an email, the subject line and the email preheader work as Batman and Robin -from the fantasy/action movie Batman and Robin; meaning one enhances the quality of the other.

Try not to repeat the words of your subject line in the preheader, as it would be like wasting an opportunity to attract your subscriber. Try to be unique and different while staying relevant.

· Email Body

The ideal email body should have 50 to 150 words total in it. It might be difficult to cover your entire message in just 100 – 150 words but the longer email might lose its attraction. Using images and brochures is a proven way to attract an audience. Make sure to use an optimum size to maintain the loading speed. This technique has been highly recommended.

Another way that can make your email body unique is by using bullet points. Bullets summarize your email and give you an opportunity to express yourself better

Knowledge of the targeted audience is necessary, which means the marketer must be aware of whom they are writing. If this is clear then craft your email according to your audience.

Lastly, try not to over-write things, a single paragraph is effective.

Attaching images increases the creativity of the email. Don’t explain too much, people get annoyed by this and it might cost you to lose the interest of your audience.


An ideal CTA length is 2 – 5 words. It’s best to write a short and concise CTA. A CTA is in large, eye-catching fonts. The shorter the CTA the better and easier it would be for the subscriber. Many subscribers wouldn’t ever read the whole email and would just directly move towards the CTA.

But as seen, many marketers use one-word CTA, so, does the single word CTA work? Yes, one-word CTA is also effective like download, submit, etc. but it usually comes as emotionless, therefore, it's best to opt for 2 words CTA at least.

A highly efficient way to design a prominent and catchy CTA is through using CBT Mass Email Sender. It is a bulk emailing software that comes with tons of other email marketing features including CTA designing. It offers amazing CTA ideas and allow you to test them on various templates so that you can find the one that suits your audience the best.


Email length is something that has a direct impact on the response rate of the email. If the email is clear, concise, and compelling, then the response of the targeted audience increases. As long as the message of the email is clear it doesn’t matter if the number of words used is less or more.

Try to attract the audience with the subject line and preheader. Once the email is opened then the rest is upon the quality and content of the email body.

When writing an email try to work with characters. It will help you stay concise and maintain user interest. Keep it short should be kept in mind, but the primary reason for your email should not be ignored, try to deliver the message correctly and concisely.

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