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Email Marketing For Bloggers: A Quickstart Guide

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05 Jan 2021

If you are one who thinks email marketing is dead because of social media's popularity, you are making a big mistake.

All famous bloggers always mention that they regret not building an email subscription list from the beginning of their blogging career.

They advise new bloggers not to repeat their mistakes. Listen to them; they are giving you sincere advice.

Though social media has gain popularity, email marketing is still one of the most popular and useful marketing tools with the highest ROI rate (Return On Investment), i.e., for every $1 spent, you can make up to $44. (source DMA). Not only this, but email marketing is a reliable method also because social media algorithms change often, you may not be able to keep track of the changes. On the other hand, email campaigns are stable and easy to plan.

Whenever you want and feel the need to change the strategy, you can do it according to your audience's demand and personal choice.

Why Is Email Marketing Useful For Bloggers?

Before learning how to carry out a successful email marketing strategy, let us motivate you by highlighting some reasons for using email marketing for blogging.

Email marketing does help you increase numbers in the bank account, but that's not the only reason why bloggers use it.

Blogging is all about connecting with the audience through writing, solving their problem through your knowledge, or experiencing adding value to their life through your words. If you don't have a good connection with your audience, you won't influence them.

Because to influence your audience, you need to know them as much as possible. Only weekly or daily newspapers can do this. People enjoy receiving informative and problem-solving emails and sometimes directly engage with emails, building trust and connection between the blogger and themselves.

Email marketing is not an option but necessary. Through email marketing, you can inform your subscribers about your new blog, event, activity, or product you are launching shortly.

An increasing email list eliminates the stress of telling people about your blog. You can send out an email with a link to your blog in it, and because they have asked you for email updates, they are more likely to click the link and increase your blog traffic. In this way, your click-through rate will also improve.

Through this technique, you can also enjoy the benefit of mouth to mouth publicity as you can ask your subscribers in the email containing a new blog link to share it on their social media accounts.

As mentioned before, some subscribers directly engage by asking questions and help you to generate ideas for useful, entertaining, and engaging content.

Step To Make Email Marketing Strategy for Your Blog

Email marketing starts with strategy. The following are the steps to plan an email marketing campaign for your blog.

Build Up Subscription List

To send emails, you first need subscribers to write emails. It seems easy at first to build a subscription list that is interested in reading your emails, but in reality, it's quite a tricky task.

To build your email subscription list, you're new to upload a subscription form on your website. CBT Mass Email Sender recommends you to have a double opt-in on your website as it has numerous benefits.

However, designing your opt-in with appropriate colors and a CTA button is also important. You can put it on your home page, sub-pages, and about page.

Encourage Them to Engage Through Your Content

Now that you have people on your subscription list, you need to fulfill your promise that you had made while asking them to subscribe.

If you have promised daily updates to send daily newsletters, whereas if you have pledged to send newsletters weekly, don't irritate them by sending daily emails. This practice might trigger them to unsubscribe from your newsletter.

The best way to amaze your subscribers is by sending a welcome email when asking to confirm the subscription in case of double opt-in. Through this, you will be able to leave an impact on your reader's mind.

Don't forget to keep your content concise yet informative. After all, nobody likes to read long emails, and if they are not reading your emails, they are not going to share it with people around them.

Divide Your List into Segments

Now that you have subscribers and created your impression, the third step should be to divide the list into segments for future email campaigns.

To segment your list, you need to encourage your subscriber to share more about themselves, such as their interests, habits, hobbies, likes, and dislikes. You can also segment your email list according to location or age to send targeted emails to your email subscribers.

Affiliate Links in Email

As the title says, affiliate links are an excellent way to generate extra revenue, and who doesn't like some extra. Affiliate marketing means advertising products or services by adding pictures or links in your email exchange for some commission.

If you have an extensive email subscription list, it means you can market the product to a broad audience for which you can charge a fair amount. You can add these links to your blog post also. If they are relevant to your topic and you feel your customers can benefit from it.

But this has to be done carefully. People follow you for your blogs and emails and do not receive emails full of links advertising some product or service.


If you are new to blogging, it's the right time to start building your subscription list as it helps you inform your readers about your latest activity and encourage return visits.

Are you ready to send your first newsletter? Try CBT Mass Email Senders. It also allows you to send thousands of emails at once, along with several other benefits.

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