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Email Marketing Best Practices: Avoid Common Rookie Mistakes

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05 Jan 2021

No one is perfect. We learn from mistakes, whether they are marketing cookies or master, how we avoid common pitfalls of email marketing? This guide aims at outlining some common email mistakes and their solution.

Sending Without Permission:

If you want to build a quality email marketing list, it takes time, patience, and a verifiable signup process. Getting permissions before sending an email ensures that you're cultivating an audience loyal to your product.

It is necessary to get permission from the individuals before sending an email tohelp them understand why they are signing up. Then you must have solid proof that they are willing to receive your marketing emails.

Here are a couple of essential things to keep in mind:

● Before you send your first marketing email, you need to take permission and make sure you have this permission from your recipients. When you send them your marketing campaigns after taking permission, it helps ensure that all your recipients are willing to hear from you. Having a permission-based list means that your recipients either signed up via a signup form you've shared on your website and other social channels. If you prefer permission-based work, its benefits might surprise you because getting permission is easier than you think. It will not only improve your deliverability but also results in fewer spam complaints.

● All the recipients must understand why they are receiving emails from you. You should clarify which type of emails you will be sending and how often you send them. Sometimes subscribers forget that they ever filled the signup form. A permission reminder can be a short sentence that reminds subscribers why they receive emails from you because they filled out a form on your store's website.

Purchasing Email Lists:

It is common knowledge that you shouldn't buy an "entire permissible list of 30 million opted-in emails" from a scrappy piece of spam that lands in your inbox. However, there are some vendors out there selling "opt-in" lists by collecting email addresses and asking subscribers if they'd like to "receive special offers from third-parties." It is not illegal from a technical point of view, but some ESPs disallow to send to purchased lists.CBT mass email sender is known due to its formidable policy-based list and has very strict permission. It does not sell, provide, or share email lists to users, nor does itpurchase third-party mail lists imported into their systems.

Sending to a stale list:

If you don't send an email list regularly, it will go stale, even if you add addresses in the double opt-in process.

If you don't send mail to your subscribers regularly, then it may be a chance that they will forget signed up for your mail list when they do. So it may not be grateful to you because sending to a stale list can create high bounce rates, unsubscribes, and spam complaints, but creating a mail campaign schedule will prevent this from happening.

However, if you think that your mail addresses have gone stale, you should reconfirm their subscription.

Confusing transactional emails with email marketing:

The email system is beneficial for an online shop. Most people receive receipts and shipping notifications online. These types of messages are known as transactional emails, and they're somehow from email marketing campaigns since they're sent only to individual clients rather than in bulk.

Another significant difference between transactional and marketing email is that people need to opt-in to receive your marketing communications. Still,you don't need any signup process in transactional emails, and recipients receive notification information about their purchases and shipping.

You can increase your transactional emails via CBT mass email sender to encourage more sales and revenue by including coupon codes or product suggestions that exhibit products from your store personalized to match individual clients' purchase activity.

Rushing a campaign send:

It would help if you focused on all these things like your content, design, and subject line. If you are speeding through the campaign without thinking about these things, it can cause issues, too. Content is the main thing, but if your content isn't relevant to your recipients or may differ from what they signed up for, it will decrease the opens and clicks rates or increase spam complaints and unsubscribe rates. So make sure your list and campaigns are in good condition.

Writing pushy sales copy:

Emails are beneficial, especially in small businesses. They are often an entry point into digital marketing. If you're a newbie, you might be tempted to include sensational phrases like "Buy now!" "Order now" or "Limited time offer!" in your main subject lines because you've seen other organizations do it. But keep in mind that what works for one company might not appeal to your audience.

When writing content for your emails, they must follow the general rule and make sure all the content must be relevant and interesting to your subscribers.

Sending without testing:

When they are sent and viewed in your recipient's inboxes, the mail campaigns are slightly different from that you are designed in CBT. And other email clients and devices display HTML emails according to their rendering engines. Before you send an email, we recommend using the preview and testing tools so you can preview what your design will look like as a live campaign in various email clients.

Not connecting your store:

If you don't connect your online store to a marketing platform, might be you're missing outon necessary customer data you can use to create targeted campaigns based on purchase activity, encourage your clients to return to your store to find other products they'll love because these little tips can enhance your product value.

When your store's link to your marketing platform, any purchase data you've collected from your clients is automatically synced with your email list, so you can see some active clients might be interested in receiving emails about sales and special promotions.

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