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Email Marketing Automation Best Practices

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05 Jan 2021

A clear comprehension of email marketing automation leads to high chances of success. This strategy ensures to make messaging more customized and prompt.

Some marketers doubt using automated marketing emails, thinking that it will make their service less effective. But in reality, it is the total opposite. Automation software helps to collect subscriber's information resulting in more personalized and compelling messages.

In this article, some of the best practices will be described that will surely help you take your business to the next level. Before moving on, let's make it clear what type of automated emails you can send. It usually falls into two categories.

● Event-based trigger emails

● Drip-feed emails

Trigger Emails:

As the name indicates, these emails are usually triggered by the subscriber's activity. It is one of the best practices to make your subscribers feel more engaged with you. This type generally includes emails like welcoming emails, promotional emails, onboarding emails, milestone emails. Hence, the list goes on.

Drip-Feed Emails:

It generally provides your subscriber the relevant emails at a scheduled time after they sign up for a free report. To put it simply, it is the right information given to the subscribers at the right time. Researches have shown that these emails produce 18 times more revenue and help the marketer achieve consistent growth.

Automation Practices

Only knowing the types of emails that you can send is not enough. One should get to their bottom to create a solid foundation. The following are some practices that one should keep in mind when setting up automated emails.

· Email List Segmentation:

All thanks to the email marketing platform that has provided us with an option of segmentation. Because segmentation is an important step that every marketer should take, sending the same message to every customer is not the best idea. Every client has a different preference.

Segmentation enables you to divide your subscriber's list based on specific criteria like location, purchased services/products, how they learn about you, etc. Hence, resulting in sending more personalized emails to them.

· Split Testing:

It is testing the original version of your email with another version in which only a single element is changed. That element can be a subject line, a call to action button, or any part of the email design. Based on open and click-through rates, it also helps you identify your email campaign's strengths and weaknesses.

Split testing helps in creating more effective email campaigns depending on the insight it gains. Hence, resulting in more engagement, sales, and leads for your business. It lets you know what type of email your clients prefer and what you can do to make those emails better for the future.

Many email marketing tools are present out there to help you do the whole process of split testing.

· Outsourcing of Content:

The content of the email is what matters the most. If you keep sending unrefined or such messages that make no sense, it will eventually lead the customer to cancel the subscription.

Moreover, the software cannot replace the real writer's ability. But don't be troubled, this problem also has a solution. You can easily hire a writer out of your firm that is an expert in this field. They can provide you with greatcontent that will help you attract subscribers.

· Ideal Timing:

If automated emails are appropriately managed, it can lead to an increase in their opening rates. According to the campaign monitor's research, the average best time to send emails is the mornings of workdays.

But keep in mind, maybe your audience does not fall under that average category. In this case, you have to track your automated emails' open rates to determine what time is suitable to get more responses.

· Subscriber's Preferences:

Everyone differs in their tastes and preferences. Therefore, the best tip when personalizing the email marketing campaign is to let the subscribers choose their interests. This will significantly help you in better personalization of automated emails.

On subscribing, ask them what types of email they prefer. If their interest is in educational, promotional, or any other content, preferred emails should be automated.

· Good Auto-Responses:

An excellent response to any action or query is the best impression you can make on your clients. Let's take an example; a person subscribed to your email. Upon subscription, he received a welcoming email as a response. Automatically he will feel more pleased and comfortable.

A good auto-response will also a great option in case of working hours' time-zone difference. An email says that someone from the customer support team will contact you soon, or any other good statement will get you the customer's satisfaction and good reviews about your service.

· Subscriber's List Cleanup:

You must be thinking that why you will remove some subscribers instead of increasing their number. But let me tell you one thing, email marketing is not about the size since automation helps you engage with your customers on a more significant level.

If customers are not engaging, they are only adding a burden to your campaign, making it less effective. You can send a break-up email telling them that they are automatically unsubscribed from the list.

· Analyze The Reports:

No doubt, marketers invest a sum in profitable email marketing campaigns, but they fail at the last step only because of not paying enough attention to the automated email results.

Email marketing tools give you a detailed result of the effectiveness of your campaign. They give you the information on the following aspects, and you'll come to know what point is not strong enough to improve in the future.

● Open rate – It shows how many users open your email. Is the subject line strong enough to attract their attention? A weak subject line makes the user lose its interest and, in return, results in a low open rate.

● Click-through rate – How many users click the call to action after opening your mail. A high click-through rate means that subscribers found your email enticing.

● Conversion rate – It shows the percentage of users that ultimately took the action that you wanted. That action can be a sale, signing up for something, or any other appreciable action.


Email marketing automation is the best way to skyrocket the profits of your business. It helps boost your campaign's effectiveness and helps you engage with your customers on a more personalized level. I hope the practices mentioned above will help you get better results and make management more effortless. You can seek help from CBT mass email sender for the automation of your email campaign.

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