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Email list hygiene; a crucial element of email marketing campaigns

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04 Jan 2021

Email list hygiene; a crucial element of email marketing campaigns:

Email hygiene is a process of filtering out the inactive, bounced, and uninterested email address from the email contacts list of your planned email marketing campaigns and opt-in email messaging and avoiding emails to mark as spam. Email hygiene is often overlooked in email marketing campaigns yet, a critical part of determining the campaign's success.

Every leading organization chooses an email marketing campaign as their go-to channel for successful marketing campaigns. While running an email marketing strategy, you want your company or related brand to have the optimal customer engagement rates. Email deliverability is the first most crucial thing while initiating campaigns because almost 15 percent of the emails remain undelivered. After delivering successfully, you expect the highest possible, engaging rates. And so for this, you strategize a detailed campaign to assure its anticipated outcomes.

But it doesn't matter how well you have sequenced your campaign. It will fail inevitably if you don't take specific steps to keep your email contact list fresh and updated. Even the enhancement of both the deliverability and engagement rates are not possible without regular email hygiene.

Deliverability issues will occur when your company sender's email has a bad reputation. Sending an email at the wrong or inactive address leads to a bad reputation. Other factors could be;

Five tips to help you keep your list clean:

Following are some highly recommended tips to make sure of your email's hygiene;

1. Impose Email Validation

2. Filter out uninterested Recipients

3. Regulate Bounce Rate

4. Highlight Unsubscribe link

5. Data maintenance and Data Purchasing

1. Impose Email Validation:

Double opt-in

After signing up, send your prospect a confirmation email to ensure the provided email is correct and active. So when they will confirm their address, add them to your list.

Automatic Email Verification

Non-business Email addresses

Avoid any non-business email address or role accounts like @info, yahoo, Hotmail, etc. Role accounts are related to any group's email that won't likely check your email.

2. Filter out Uninterested Recipients

Unengaging or uninterested recipients means those subscribers who don't open, read, or respond to your emails. The reason could be many like; they don't find your information valid or are uninterested in your products or have subscribed to you mistakenly or don't have enough time to give it read. Anyways, they are just harming your open rates. But contributing to minimal available rates, reads, etc

You don't need them if they don't read you. So filter out them and make your list updated. But first, try to reconnect these cold contacts.

3. Regulate Bounce Rate

When your email doesn't get delivered, it is referred to as an Email Bounce. This is because of signaling at an invalid email address. The more the emails get bounced, the minimal your deliverability rate will be. And if the rate increases beyond a minimal level, it will inform your internet service provider (ISP) that your sender account may be a spammer. Consequently, a high enough bounce rate will affect deliverability for a long span.

Or your account will be marked as spam, and it can destroy your sender's email reputation, and even worse, it will be blacklisted

So it is so important to manage your bounce rate before it gets high enough.

To combat an optimal bounce rate, create a threshold number of bounced emails at an email address so that you will get alert and easily avoid them adding up in your bounce rate.

4. Highlight Unsubscribe Link

Some marketers hide the unsubscribe link or add it somewhere in the email's body so that the reader can easily skip it. They use these tactics to lower their unsubscribe rate. Because an unsubscribe rate reflects the quality of your email's content or your failure to sustain your subscriber's attention.

But it will be surprising that hiding the unsubscribe link can cause alternate damages like decreasing your open rate or click-through rate, etc.

Because when they don't like your email's content once or find it irrelevant, they will stop opening your emails the next time they receive it.

So it will be a wise action to highlight the unsubscribe button. So that if they find it irrelevant, they will unsubscribe you and will not trouble you anymore.

5. Data maintenance and Data Purchasing

It is estimated that 2.1% of emails list data decays every month. According to a survey, 40% of email users changed their address within two years. 15% of users change their email once or twice a year. And about 25% of email addresses become outdated every year.

So you cannot control this decaying data rate, but you can monitor your data maintenance after short intervals because delaying can cause long term issues. Database management is not enough to manage and monitor such extensive data. In that case, you are suggested to get a data provider's assistance to maintain your contacts list. Your data provider will keep on improvising your list and will responsibly maintain it too.

If you are serious about generating a clean and active email list, you can even purchase your fresh email list data from a reliable source. They will only provide you some serious and engaging email addresses to progress your campaign further, and this won't trouble your whole marketing campaign.

Because it is better to manage your data before it is too late proactively, and you can seek help from CBT mass email sender to manage your data.

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