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Email Automation 101: How to earn Loyal Customers with Automated Emails

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07 Jan 2021

In a world where everything is moving towards artificial intelligence and automation, Marketers are also catching up with ongoing trends and strategies. Over 49% of marketers are now using email marketing automation.

Since marketing is a competitive world, to stay ahead of the competition, you need to aim at being an early adapter to different trends.Email automation is one such innovative trend that has proven to increase the qualified lead by over 451%, which has encouraged marketers to dig deeper into the subject.

Without any further ado, let’s dive into what email automation is and how to make the most use out of this.

Email Automation

Email automation is a part of marketing automation, but it is specifically implemented in emails only. Email automation can be defined as;

The process of sending out targeted and action-triggered emails per a predefined set of rules or conditions is referred to as email automation.

Automation is one of the fastest-growing trends in the marketing industry. It saves you countless hours on manual and repetitive tasks while drastically improving your B2C engagement.

Most of the marketing automation is solely dependent on emails for them to jump-start lead generation, nurturing of potential clients, and sales. But for effective email automation and marketing campaigns, you need to create customized campaigns that are focused on your clientele’s identity and details.

According to the National Client Email Report,

“Customized campaigns generate more than 75% of the total email revenue.”

Furthermore, according to some studies, triggered emails have a 70.5% higher open rate and about 152% higher click-through rate than the generic email newsletters.

Considering these statistics, email automation has the potential to earn loyal customers with automated emails.

Email Marketing vs. Email Automation

Email marketing is referred to as sending out bulk emails using an email marketing campaign to your potential clientele. These emails are usually promotional messages or major announcements based on the business.

In contrast, Email automation is referred to as sending action-triggered emails to your potential clientele based on your users’ activity on your website. These are customized messages with a specific goal based on the activity of your clients to serve them with what they’re specifically looking for and use it as a means to earn loyal customers.

Email Marketing vs. Email Automation: Comparison

Here’s a brief insight into how these two differ and what you can achieve from them.

Saves You Time on Manual Labor

Email marketing solely relies on your efforts and how you focus on your emails manually to hit the target audience at the right time. Whereas, email automation saves you time on manual efforts and creates action-driven automated campaigns to increase your qualified leads and earn more potential clients.

Tracking and Audience Information

Email marketing only gathers information about the actions taken by the recipients of your email marketing campaign such as open rate and click-through rate. It collects the information that you provide on your leads.

On the other hand, email automation is an action-driven process. It tracks every step of the way and keeps a record of every digital interaction that a certain lead might have with your business. It also improves the dynamic lead scoring, meaning leads can be stored automatically based on their demographic data or certain actions.

Email automation allows you to enhance your campaigns based on the selective information that you’ve gathered and provide vital information regarding leads to your sales teams.

Email Automation: Earning Loyal Customers

According to a data analysis research by Lenskold Group, over 63% of companies are more successful compared to their contemporaries

Considering the extensive use of email automation, here’s why marketers are moving towards email automation and how they’re earning more potential loyal customers.

Improved Overall Customer Relationships

Action-driven targeted emails are based on one to one engagement, and they can easily address your potential client’s needs and concerns. Having individual conversation and improved one to one B2C engagement constructively nurtures long-lasting loyalty of your customers.

Increased Open And Click-Through Rates

Email automation ensures you’re targeting the right audience. Considering the fact that these are action-driven emails, it enables you to send the right message at the right time to the right audience.

As per an email automation research, Email marketing automation can increase open rates by over 71%. Improving B2C engagement can nurture your leads to potential clients.

Increased Return on Investment (ROI)

Converting leads into potential clients improves your chances of a better ROI. Targeting the right audience and providing them with what they’re looking for rather than sending out bulk irrelevant emails will boost the conversion process. Loyal customers are more likely to invest further in what you’re offering them.

Email Automation: Opportunities You Can Make Use Of

Email automation serves one and only purpose, earning loyal customers, and enhancing your marketing campaigns. Here’s how you can make the most out of your email automation.

Welcoming Your Newly Nurtured Loyal Customers

Sending out a welcome email is the first step towards building trust and the start of a new B2C relationship. As a new client signs up for your services, you need to get the most out of this opportunity and welcome them to your business.

A welcome message should give the reader an idea of what your business is about, what you’re offering them, and how they could benefit from your services. Furthermore, to establish a good connection, you can offer your readers coupons or a limited-promotional discount.

Sending out Follow up Messages

As per another research, the average documented online shopping cart abandonment rate is 69.57%.

As per the statistics, more than 60% of your potential clients add items to their carts. However, they leave before they actually make a purchase. To encourage them to make purchases, you can send out a follow-up message to remind them of what they’ve left in the card and reassure them of any doubts they might have.


Email automation is based on sending action-driven targeted emails to your users, solely reliant on one to one engagement. These emails provide them with vital information on what they are specifically looking after and nurture these leads to potential clients. You can use CBT Mass Email Sender to send out these emails in bulk to your clients and easily track their outcomes.

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