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Download 5 Free HTML Newsletter Templates to Improve Customer Relationships

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05 Jan 2021

No business can run without customers. But, getting customers is a real challenge. An email newsletter is one of the simplest ways to create a loyal following of consumers and potential customers. By sending out consistent emails that provide value to readers, you'll build trust and ultimately get your readers to convert (make a purchase).

Building a newsletter audience may be a serious challenge that needs time and energy.

5 Free HTML Newsletter Templates to Enhance Customer Relationships:

Different organizations have different goals for their newsletter campaigns, which suggests the content, CTAs, and even the email strategy is different depending on the set goals.

To give you the essential start on planning your newsletter, the article has focused on 5 unique, downloadable templates for the following business ideas.

● E-Commerce

● Blog/Media

● SaaS

● Nonprofit

Even if you don't fit into these categories, many of the designs and CTA styles are often applied universally and provide you inspiration for content relevant to your audience.

E-Commerce newsletter templates:

The first kind of newsletter template that is being discussed is the fast-paced business model of e-Commerce. The main focus of this is to provide updates to the readers about recent offerings, featured sales, discounts, and other helpful content.

Template 1:

This newsletter template is for an imaginary online skateboard shop. The plan includes several classic elements of an e-Commerce newsletter:

Highlighting a seasonal sale: Probably thestandard style of call-to-action for e-Commerce businesses is the seasonal sale. This section could efficiently be utilized for any categorical sale that encourages customers to go to your store and browse products.

Referral and loyalty programs: Customer referral programs are among the foremost effective ways to grow a business, and loyalty programs will keep your current customers returning for more. Highlighting these may be an excellent idea for any e-Commerce store.

Social media CTA: Rather than selling a product, many e-Commerce sites sell a lifestyle in which their products fit. Social media can play an enormous role in promoting this lifestyle branding aspect of your business, so you must always include social links on the front that shouldencourage customers to follow you.

Template 2:

The second e-Commerce newsletter template is for an online coffee retailer called "Sekai Coffee." this newsletter features a slightly different approach to reaching their customers.

Main featured product section: this sort of promotion works excellent for stores with a smaller product type in their inventory or the more seasonally available products.

Helpful articles: Providing extra information on how you can get more benefits from your products will help you build better relationships with your customers between recurring or short-term purchases.

Loyalty program with a signing bonus: This template also contains a CTA for the loyalty program but includes a more actionable coupon offering for anyone who wants to subscribe. This can be another good option for businesses looking to quickly grow their average orders per month or average basket value.

Blog/Media email newsletter templates:

Template 3:

This template uses a website that is about a fitness niche instance that focuses on swim workouts.

Original intro: Media websites like blogs often create content consistent with specific themes throughout the year. It's a decent idea to feature some original editorial content inside your newsletter's intro to supply content on the theme or explain the content you're promoting a little more.

Featured download: Many blogs create in-depth resources like e-Books or info-graphics to offer their audience extra value in their content offerings. Including a CTA in your monthly newsletter to download your latest resource may be a great way to market your content and build better relationships together with your readers.

Helpful articles or videos: this is often a no-brainer. Newsletters are the right place to market your best items from the previous month that your readers may have missed.

Testimonial: If you've got successful case studies or testimonials, you'll be able to include these stories in your newsletter to emphasize the worth that you provide and instill more motivation in your subscribers.

SaaS newsletter template:

Template 4:

This template relies on a SaaS personal finance platform called Payhouse. It includes several key elements that each SaaS company should consider in their newsletter.

Product updates: Because SaaS tools are always evolving, and since the SaaS industry is so competitive, it is essential to speak out about significant changes and feature additions once they come out. The newsletter is made for this kind of announcement. Give readers an outline of the brand updates, including a CTA that encourages users to check out the new features.

Featured articles:SaaS companies should become an authority within the domain of their product, producing content that showcases the advantages of their tool within the context of a broader strategy to attract new users and empower current users. It is important to feature these articles in your newsletter.

Webinar sign up Many SaaS companies provides webinars to indicate in-depth tutorials on advanced features or broader strategy tips that involve their product. Newsletters are among the most effective ways to market this sort of content to your users and readers. This section could even be used for an eBook or info-graphic download.

Customer support contact information: The last thing you must always make is for your customers to contact your support team or find helpful resources.

Nonprofit newsletter template:

Template 5:

The nonprofit newsletter template uses the instance of a corporation seeking to guard the ocean from pollution. Note the essential elements that are included:

Event CTA: Most nonprofits depend on events and fundraisers to continue raising support for their organization. Highlighting upcoming events inside the newsletter may be an excellent way to collect more signups and spread the word to new supporters.

Featured story: Nonprofits must demonstrate the impact they're having inside the community. Including a featured story that showcases this impact is a superb way to make readers realize they're doing the proper thing by supporting your organization.

Multiple "Donate" CTAs: As we said, nonprofit newsletters should be actionable. Remind readers that you need their donations if you wish to continue making an impact within the community.

Support articles: Including support articles that debate your organization's focus area could be a powerful tactic in showcasing the importance of your organization's work for the community.


Newsletters are among the most effective ways to start building relationships along with your customers, so don't wait to start sending out! These free newsletter templates should be the inspiration you would like to start building your campaigns and send them to your contacts. CBT mass email sender provides the facility to download free HTML newsletter templates.

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