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Double Opt-In: 3 Helpful Tricks To Confirm Your Subscribers!

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05 Jan 2021

Double opt-ins are a great way to keep your email list clean and flourishing, instead of filling it with useless email addresses that only drain your resources. However, deploying it alone does not do the work. It has to be used in the best possible ways. Find out the three helpful tricks to use double opt-ins.

Before we jump into the tricks, here is a brief about double opt-ins and their difference from single opt-ins.

Single Opt-In Vs Double Opt-In

In single opt-in, the users are automatically added to your list and they do not need any confirmation email after hitting the subscribe button. While in double opt-in the users are needed to confirm their subscription by clicking on a link you send them via confirmation email. This additional step requires them to confirm their email address and their interest in your brand.

The purpose of sending a confirmation email is to make your customers aware of the fact, that from now onwards they will be receiving emails regarding your products or services. If they agreed to be on your list then they will click the link otherwise be prepared to exclude them from your list.

Like any other aspect of email marketing, single and double opt-ins also have their pros and cons. Single opt-in, no doubt grows your list rapidly, but It puts you at the risk of nastier quality lists.

While on the other hand, double opt-in will prevent your list from bad email addresses that are of no use to you. Double opt-ins filter your mailing lists and prevent them from passive prospects, bad email addresses, and spam accounts. Over 23% of initial subscribers failed to verify their email during the second opt-in. However, remember that not opting for the second time does not necessarily imply absolute user disinterest.

When your list is flooded with fake emails it will affect your sender reputation and deliverability. Generally, it takes longer to complete the confirmation process in double opt-in as the users might forget about clicking on the link you mentioned in the email which may also lead to lost opportunities. But it’s worth taking the risk to have a clean subscriber list.

When To Use Double Opt-In In Email?

When you are just starting an email marketing business

If you have struggled with lots of hurdles in making a proper subscribers list, then go for a double opt-in

When you are providing something valuable, like a free eBook, etc.

When you don’t have an automated follow-up email set up

When you are lacking time to regulate your list

With the help of an example of a Wellness Center for doggy daycare we will analyze the three helpful tricks to confirm your subscribers:

· Textual Guides:

In their “thank you” note, the Wellness Center presented a headline “you're almost done- activate your subscription!”, That grabbed the customer's attention regarding confirmation of their subscription. Thus, let-your customers know about their confirmation via email, it’s an effective way to secure users.

Moreover, you can use incentives to encourage subscribers to complete their subscription. For instance, give them a discount or a content upgrade, loyalty programs, etc. They will be encouraged with such information for double opt-in.

· Visual Guides:

They provided an image of the Gmail box to connect with new subscribers. But it would have made a more influencing impact if they had shown the actual subject line so the new subscribers could have got the idea of what to look for to confirm their subscription. Thus, you can use visuals along with text to confirm the subscription in a double opt-in form.

For instance, you can go for visualizing a “nearly there” page and guide your users on further action. The idea can also go for adding various colorful buttons rather than adding links for the confirmation process.

· Audio Guides:

The company used audio cues in their landing pages through which they connected with the audience in such a way that the risk of loss of connecting opportunity was eliminated. They took a clever step to engage their customers and guided them regarding their next step through audio. They took their double the opt-in process to the next level by using audios, visuals, and text in their content.

Bonus Tips

Apart from the above-mentioned tricks, you can use these bonus tips too!

· Personalization:

Personalization can be used in many forms to grab the user’s attention. Showing your company’s memorable moments can be one of them. You can use professional photos to engage your readers and for this, you can also recruit a professional photographer. Moreover, it's not preferable to use stock photos as they are ordinary and does not provide a distinctive worth.

· Compelling landing page:

The objective of your landing page is to boost conversions so that your business can grow. Therefore, it's necessary to make sure that your landing page does not only “looks good”, rather it should serve the purpose to readers to opt-in for the second time. you can make your landing pages captivating by;

· A Killer Headline:

A primal factor to keep your reader engaged is using an enticing headline.

Pictures: the visuals will make it easier to understand the offerings you are providing. Just make sure you are not using compact pictures that are not relevant to your product/service.

An explanation: be straightforward and concise when you are providing offerings. You can also link the explanation with the headline.

· Online Presence:

If you are not conducting an online business, yet the users will expect to see you online. It makes it easier for potential customers to approach you, showcase your products, build relationships, and to market your brand via various social media sites. If you are strongly active on various online platforms then you can make your customers feel regarded with your active online presence.

In Brief!

Double opt-in can save you from bad emails and also save your emails from going to spam folders. They may take a longer period to grow your lists but by using the tricks mentioned in the article you can confirm the subscribers productively.

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