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Develop an Emotional Connection with your Email Marketing Contacts

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05 Jan 2021

Email marketing is an old way of professional communication, so it is considered an effective way of marketing. While doing email marketing, it is essential to connect with your contacts in a peculiar way, like developing an emotional bond. Listed below are some productive ways that CBT mass email sender uses to establishan emotional connection with your clients to help you achieve your marketing goals.

1. Make a particular Tone:

Make a particular tone that can be recognized by your viewers every time they see it. This is an absolute way of connecting someone emotionally.

Successfully running brands have this habit of developing a tone that reflects the aim or values behind that brand. The following things can assist in your purpose:

Develop a particular language; any formal or informal or humorous style or whatever suits most with the intended message.

Induce curiosity by starting with some interesting questions

Avoid using any technical terms, abbreviations, jargon or buzzwords, etc.

2. Personalized your Emails:

If you want to develop a special emotional bond with your client, you should try to segment them first,i.e., based on their gender, location, language, interest, etc.

So, whenever you have anything special designed for their respective division, make them aware of that particular product with quite an excitement.

3. Part of your family:

Make sure they believe that they are now part of the family. Send them a welcoming email, share with them any information regarding your brand, send them special greetings on religious festivals or new year, etc.

4. Birthday Email:

Ask them in general surveys a bit of their personal information like gender, date of birth, religion, country, etc.

Customize special emails regarding birthdays and send them on their birth date with good wishes.

5. Offer an Experience:

If a customer has newly subscribed to you, send them a welcome email but do not get informal. Tell them about yourself. Any information that they should know about your brand. And offer them to experience your product or read your blog once and make them sure that you would not turn them out.

· Give them a Delightful experience:

The thing that builds the trust of your customer is their good experience. When you deliver them beyond their expectation, they feel amazing for their experience with you. Try to serve them genuinely becausetheir satisfaction matters for a long-running journey. Their expectation should meet to the possible extent.

· Ask for their Reviews:

After they have experienced something from your brand, request them to share their experience. How do they like to connect with you? And make them assure that it will be even better next time.

6. Make your customer feel distinct from others:

When someone has subscribed to you, it means they have trusted you over other similar brands. So try to deliver them above their assumptions.

Accost your customer by their names. Share with them their recent purchase or if you have any other similar anticipated product in your bag. This will let them feel distinct from other customers.

7. Special Offers:

Your unique subscribers deserve some special discounts. When you offer discounts, they feel connected and emotionally touched with excitement and gratefulness.

You can offer special discounts on and off in the following ways:

Pre-order anticipated products

8. Keep your Commitments:

If you have any commitment regarding your channel, platform, or brand, keep them up. This is a part of developing a bond of trust.This would be a disgrace to make false promises. Commitments could relate the following:

· Be Authentic:

In the present era, where scams are viral, it is difficult for your subscriber to believe you. Build your trust and be reliable with your content.

· Be Genuine:

Be genuine with your integrity. What you say, what you write, what you offer, building reliability can help you in marketing. So it is advised to avoid false claims as it can hit your trust badly.

9. Share Ethical values:

Any ongoing issue should be a part of your writing. Besides doing marketing, you should also keep in mind the current issues. If your targeted audience is spread globally, then write about global issues, like ‘Black life Matters,’ child labor, child marriages, environmental issues, etc.

Or, if your marketing is targeted within your country’s premises,keep in mind your country’s current issues like increasing rape cases, any election campaign or public service messages regarding safety measures, etc.

These moral values make your credibility lift high for your subscribers.

10. Be all Ears:

It will be advantageous to make your conversation two-way for connecting with your customer at an emotional level. When the conversation is one-sided, the other may feel undervalued. So it’s better to ask for their review or wish them luck to make them feel connected.

11. Identify customer’s expectation:

It will help if you analyze what your customer wants from you. Why has he subscribed to your channel? What he views the most? You can observe the following:

· Customer’s Interest:

You should focus on your content and check the content that is getting the maximum response and make data according to it. This will help you to check your customer’s interests. Send themif you have another relatable product.

· Customer’s Concerns:

It would be best if you focus on what customer demands from you. Ask them via surveys about their demands. And keep them in mind to make it a better experience for them.

12. Celebrate milestones with your customer:

To make your customer feel special, make them feel noticed. Celebrate milestones with your customers. How long you have up as a brand, yearly celebrations, and achievements, everything deserves to be celebrated with your family members, mean your subscribers.

13. Share your Achievements:

To build a special bond with your clients, share your achievements with them. Like if you have been rated well or any noticeable increase in your subscriptions or follow-ups or a lot of good reviews or a massive sale of any successful running product, etc., keep informing them.

14. Respond to their complaints immediately:

Suppose you receive any complaint regarding your service or product. Respond to the client who makes a complaint as soon as possible. And try to resolve the issue as much as you can. Whenever you get orders, offer them help if they need any.

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