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Designing a seductive marketing campaign

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04 Jan 2021

To design a seductive email marketing campaign, you have to wisely plan it, confidently execute it, progressively entertain it, and subsequently track it until the ultimate outcomes obtain. Proactive dealing in every part is needed to design and successfully execute it.

Optimization of your whole campaign is necessary. Crafting an effective email to develop the compatible landing page, including the call to action, and then following up are all the essential parts of successful campaigns run by all striving brands like Hp, Apple, Uber, etc.

Getting the best conversions from the landing page does not solely depend on how well the landing page has been constructed. Still, it's about the whole campaign, the message you have intended to convey, follow-up messages, and all other things that lead to the anticipated outcomes.

There are no specific rules to design a productive campaign, but they are constantly changing. So we have listed down a sequence to design a seductive campaign;

1. Wisely direct your marketing campaign

You should have a clear message in your mind. You have to plan everything like your email strategy step-wise, follow-up, response, or optimal conversion rates. While all the things are clear in your brain, nothing can stop you from wisely strategizing and execute the whole campaign.

2. Progressively channelize your emails

Plan step-wise email sequence, when and which to send first, and how your tone should be. And progressively get personalized with your prospects, develop a tone, add humor, or other informal greetings as we do while we have a conversation with someone sitting right beside us. Introduce products and offer sequenced wise.

3. Branding to increase conversion rate

If we keep in view some of the leading brands, like Apple, HP, LG, etc., we don't think twice before buying them. This is because branding has developed a trust level to this extent that we have accepted deep inside that their products are genuine, guaranteed, and original as presented. This is how they get optimal conversion rates. So try to clear your prospect's confusion and trust issues by giving them a money-back guarantee, etc.

4. Relentlessly reflect your brand's identity

You have to stride hard with your brand's identity. Everything should be in harmony, from choosing a font to choose a color to design it further. So they can contribute to represent the brand's identity effectively.

5. Comprehend email analytics

· Open rate

Your open rate is the first thing that starts the campaign's process. If your reader doesn't open you, you can't convince and convert them into your clients.

· Click-through rate

Your click-through rate will tell you the extent to which you have succeeded to catch your reader's attention.

· Unsubscribe rate

When your reader finds your product irrelevant, or your email content is not catchy, they will unsubscribe you. So your unsubscribe rates help you to make quality content and produce an improved product.

6. Craft a clickable email

If your email is a click-through email, you should add as many buttons as possible to lead them to the landing page. A single button wouldn't work. So try to make a clickable email.

7. Proper call to action

Don't miss to add a proper call to action. Whatever you want your reader to do should be highlighted appropriately, so their eyes don't skip it. Click through buttons to direct them to the planted page should be highlighted.

8. A powerful Landing Page

After successfully grabbing your reader's attention, the next big thing is to win their hearts with a powerfully constructed landing page. Your landing page will increase the conversion rate and sales process.

9. Use links in your email

Add links if you have details of any aspect of the product. This is done to make the email brief and let the reader decide what details he wants to click on.

Also, add links to other related products, if you have any, that can match their preferences.

10. Explain the benefits

Explain all benefits in your email, but remember to keep them precise. Make the main points, bullets, or subheads to present the supposed product.

11. Value your subscribers Opt-in permission

When you start opt-in marketing, you should value your subscriber's preferences. You have to prove that they have made the right choice out of many other similar brands.

12. Segmentation of prospects

To get an optimal engagement rate with your prospects, you should segment them according to their interests. So they will not get uninterested in the future.

13. Personalized your emails every time

Start your emails with your reader's name as you know them personally. Make them feel special with your emails. Offer them discounts, keep insight into their interests, and all other things that can contribute to connecting to your subscriber emotionally.

14. Develop a specific tone

Think for a while if your brand's logo is removed from your email. is it still recognizable? It is possible if you develop a particular tone for your messaging.

15. Be precise and use images

Considering your readers' time is precious, try to make your email size short, and make it precise and accurate. You can use relevant images to convey your intended message briefly.

16. Invest in emails' typeface

Invest in emails' typeface as much as you can. It should completely stride with your intended message.

17. Web-safe fonts and fallback

Using web-friendly fonts makes a big deal. Using a unique font can trouble your emails' look if it is not present on your client's display like you have used a strange font. But if you still use it, make sure to use a fallback font for backup.

18. Device friendly optimization

Optimization for all devices is important. It will be helpful for your subscribers who are not so good at using technology. So make sure to optimize for mobiles or other devices.

19. Manage Bounce rate

When your email remains undelivered because of spam filters or any other problems, it is termed a bounce email. And an optimal bounce rate informs your internet service provider that you may be a spammer. And can take some severe actions. So manage to maintain a minimal bounce rate.

20. Timing and Deliverability issue

Always consider the appropriate timings to send your emails to get you the ideal optimal reads and open rates. And closely check its deliverability because 1 of 5 emails remain undelivered. Combat with deliverability issues on time to avoid any long term issues.

21. Don't overlook Email Hygiene

Finally, keep updating your email contact list because it is important to connect to the active and engaging subscribers and maintain your company's good email reputation.

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