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Design Email Best Practices to Boost Engagement

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06 Jan 2021

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of digital marketing and its importance makes it a competitive field therefore winning the race of email marketing can be a difficult thing for a marketer. A marketer should closely track the results of his campaign. An easy way to measure the performance of marketing emails is to monitor engagement rates which means to keep a record of which emails are getting clicked on and which are failing to grab recipients’ attention. Every email marketer should aim at boosting email engagement rates because that’s the only way to save your marketing campaign from hitting the rock bottom. As he will be able to point out the factors that are not benefitting the campaign right in time.

Easier said than done, as increasing engagement of your emails can be really difficult but one thing that can help a marketer achieve this milestone is to have an excellent email design. But what are the things that make an email design excellent?

Many email marketers struggle at this stage because it takes a lot of their efforts to figure out that which email design is working best for them therefore, they keep trying new stuff without apt knowledge which eventually drains off their energy and interest. However, there are some finest email design practices out there that will not only save the energy, and time of an email marketer but also improve user engagement.

Top 7 Best Email Design Practices

The following are the best practices when it comes to email designing. These practices can increase email conversions across all platforms and devices. These practices also make an email design user-friendly which boosts the rate of engagement.

1. Appropriate Email Width

The first basic email design practice that a marketer must be aware of is setting an email width. An ideal email width is 600 pixels. This width suits many different browsers as it supports a full-screen view.

Another practice to ensure is using vertical layouts for email drafts. Here comes the battle of visual interest vs. technicality. While horizontal designs look better, these layouts usually cause format issues when used on mobile devices. Therefore, an email marketer should always try to be smart and use vertical layouts.

In short, an email marketer should keep this thing in mind that his emails will be viewed on different devices therefore always try to design an email by keeping a mobile-first perspective as this will help him in avoiding format issues.

2. Simple But Effective

A fancy design is a good strategy to grab the recipients’ attention but do you know that an adult has around 8 seconds long attention span that can be consumed just in spotting the right thing in that fancy email design. Therefore, your email design should be user-centric and captivating. Remember, simplicity is the best policy even in email designing. Thus, there is nothing wrong if you stay minimal.

You should keep your emails easy to read while putting the focus on CTA (call to action). Other than that, adding images and videos also contributes to increasing user engagement. In fact, with graphics, you can deliver your message more concisely and attractively.

Images and videos also break up the pile of words, making it easier for the recipients to read through the emails. Using bullet points, and short paragraphs also make your email more scannable. You can use CBT Mass Email Sender to ensure a catchy and attractive email design that suits all browsers. It will make the task easier and quicker.

3. A Well-Design Model

Email marketing is a massive thing; hence, your emails should not be anything but highly professional and well-designed. To make an email look well-prepared, a model of the email content should be made first. Try to line up the content based on visual hierarchy so that the recipients easily locate areas of his interest.

A commonly used model that works effectively every time for the marketers is as follows:

Starting from the top, and email design should have:

One thing to be aware of is that this model can change as per the email’s purpose and audience, therefore, you are free to model your emails the way you want and that you think will suit your readers.

4. Font Styles

Sometimes, an email marketer opts for customized fonts offered by the web as they look stylish. However, the efforts go in vain when these fonts are not supported in email. Thus, using such fonts in emails can cause last moment failures. Therefore, an email marketer should use widely used fonts which are also web-safe such as Arial, Helvetica, Times New Roman, and Georgia. By sticking to these basic fonts, an email will open the same across all the devices.

5. Consistent Constituents

An email marketer should try to make all his emails look related. For this, instead of using a new color in every other email, try to bring consistency in emails by using some definite colors, logos, and other elements based on the brands’ website.

Consistency in the use of these elements help maintain brand image and allows the receiver to immediately identify the sender brand.

6. Personalization

The subject line plays an important role in making recipients click on an email and read it. Therefore, focusing on the subject lines is of utmost importance while writing an email, along with the preview text. Putting extra efforts to these elements can help you significantly boost engagement rates.

An effective way of personalizing subject lines is by adding recipients’ name to it. There are several other proven personalization techniques that you can deploy.

7. A/B Testing

A common mistake most marketers make dispatching the emails right after its final drafting. However, it’s still not the right time to send off the emails. There could be a lot of mistakes in the emails therefore, we always suggest running the emails through A/B testing to test if the email is responsive, looks catchy and engaging and all the buttons are working fine. It also helps in testing if the colors of the email content or font sizes are all fine so that if there is any problem it can be solved while there is still time.

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