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Creating An Effective Marketing Email

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06 Jan 2021

Email marketing is as dynamic as any other marketing sector -it keeps changing with user preferences and market conditions. For instance, 1.7 billion users these days check their emails on mobile which has outnumbered desktop users which is 0.9 billion. Moreover, there have been a plethora of products and services introduced in the market for the convenience of receivers to suit their requirements.

On one hand, these products and services are increasing consumer convenience, while on the other they have made it email marketing super daunting for marketers. Writing an email, sending it out, and ensuring that it reaches the desired audience is not as easy as it once was. Thus, making your marketing emails notable in a crowded inbox requires significant consideration. Here are some basic steps to create exceptional marketing emails.

· Subject Line

The first and foremost thing that a receiver comes across is your subject line. A boring or false subject line does not attract receivers. Instead, it makes them run away. Hence you need to make your subject lines super catchy and engaging that creates curiosity among the readers pushing them into clicking and reading the emails.

Make sure to align your subject lines with your brand image and personality. A lot of marketers have gained an overwhelming response on funny subject lines, but that isn’t suitable for all kinds of brands.

You can also personalize the subject line by adding the receiver’s name or other relevant information that might catch his attention. Adding offers and benefits is also quite effective in encouraging users to read the email. Using emojis in the subject line is also observed as a growing practice among marketers.You can use a surprise emoji for an offer; a dancing emoji when sharing good news like a new product or an update, etc. In this way, you can use emojis according to the content of your emails.

Marketers also favor adding a hint of urgency in subject lines to persuade receivers into taking a decision in your favor.Another effective technique is to add the names or references of famous people that your audience might be inspired with. Perhaps they will not be interested in their own name but learning about an inspiring personality never gets old.

You can use these techniques of writing a subject lineaccording to your brand and user preferences. You may also go for two of them together -for instance, add your receiver’s name along with their favorite personality that they look up to for inspiration.

· The Sender’s Address

The sender’s address plays an equally significant role in encouraging receivers into opening the email as a subject line. If you get two emails, one from a friend and another from a stranger, whose email will you open first? Probably your friend’s because he is your priority and you know he would have something more important for you than anyone else.

Similar is the case with marketing emails. Users prefer to open the emails first that comes from a known source. Hence, you should use a familiar sender’s address. For that, you can add your brand’s name in your sender’s address, your CEO’s name, or any other authoritative person. This gets even more effective when you have personally met the receivers.

· Draft A Clear And Engaging Message

Once you have passed your test of creating the best subject line, you need to jump to writing the most engaging email message. Start with a catchy first line, in fact, your whole has to be engaging enough to hook the reader and keep him reading till the last.

Remember, you are not writing a letter to a friend! Your readers are busy people, who may not be interested in reading the extra info you have added in your email, thus keep your email concise yet interesting.

You can use infographics, quality images, videos, links, or any other thing that can help you deliver your message to your audience without making them bored.

Like the subject line, you can also personalize your email content by starting with your receivers’ names or other personal information that you might have. You can also use their location, time zone, and preferences for personalization.

· Add a CTA

A CTA or call-to-action button is a clear call to your readers, informing them of what you want them to do in return for the email. It can be “reply to this email”, “subscribe”, “shop with us” or anything that you might want your readers to do.

You can try out other encouraging CTAs, like “watch with us”, “we are waiting for you”, “become your own leader”, etc. that might push your readers to act.

Make sure to position your CTA prominently so that your readers can easily spot it. you can make it bold and bigger than your normal text. Give it a dark color that suits your email template.

· Make Your Emails Responsive

You never know through which device are your users reading your emails. Although most people use mobiles to check their emails, some may even use a tablet or a laptop. Since all of your users are equally precious you have to serve them all with the same convenience. Hence, make sure your email template is responsive to fit all the devices.

You must test your emails before finalizing them. Send them to a co-worker or a friend and get their feedback on its design and responsiveness. If they aren’t satisfied with it as a user, amend it accordingly.


Creating an effective marketing email is the key to a successful marketing campaign. You can use the basic points shared in the article to ensure an effective marketing email that offers amazing results in no time. These are some of the basic steps that every marketer must ace.

To make this even easier, you can use CBT Mass Email Sender, which is the most effective email marketing tool available in the market. It offers excellent email templates that are highly responsive on all devices and also eases bulk emailing.

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