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Create More Personalized Email Content And Turn Engagement Into Revenue

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06 Jan 2021

Email marketing campaigns have asserted to be more productive than any other social media campaign in this contemporary world since they have been enlightened with the flame of personalization. Personalizing the content is not entirely confined to greeting customers by their names but, there are abundant ways topersonalize your email messages. Like;

Do you know why email content personalization has become a global phenomenon?

Email personalization does not solely aim at promoting engagement. What willyou earn with those subscribers that are not shopping from you? Are they generating profits? No! right? Since the major aim of every business is profit maximization and so does yours, you need to make your email marketing campaigns more lucrative by generating leads and increasing conversions.

Email Content Personalizing Strategies

If your brand has not alreadyexecuted any personalization strategies, then following are some of the most effective strategies to create more personalized content.

1. Marketing automation campaign

o Welcome email series

o Browse abandon email sequence

o Abandoned cart emails

o Post-purchase email sequence

o Re-engagement email campaign

2. One-to-one emails

1. Marketing Automation Campaigns:

You need to make sure that you are always catering to customer requirements accurately to strengthen your engagement with them no matter what phase you have achieved in your business cycle. For smaller businesses, it’s easy to recognize what their customers perceive about them and what they want from them. While for large businesses, marketing automation is an ideal toolto gather and manage consumer data profiles.

Through marketing automation, you can automate the repetitive tasks executedto understand customers. Based on that data, you can create more personalized email content. Here are the 8 automated email campaignstogenerate increased revenues.

· Welcome Email Series

Research shows that a series of welcome emails bring 51% more revenue than sending a single welcome email. Thus, exhibit the mission and product details in your welcome email to motivate the users for purchases.

· Browse Abandon Email Sequence

Marketing emails influence the purchase decision of 59% of people while 56% of people expect that their browsing history should be used in the formation of email content. Thus, by using your customers’ the browsing behavior you can retarget them in a more personalized way.

· Abandoned Cart Email Series

These emails are the best way to get engaged with your prospects. When you offer them sample testing, discounts, or any other promotional tool on the completion of their abandoned order, the opportunitiesfor conversions lift.

Post-Purchase Email Sequence

Asking for a review or feedback from your prospects after purchasing the product is an incredible way to build relationships and strengthen them. These customers, in the future, can turn into a brand advocate and you can ask them for customer referrals. You should also send the how-to videos and user guides for your products to assist the user’s inconvenience.

Re-Engagement Email Campaign

These are effective to engage with those prospects whom you have found inactive for several days. You have to constructa series of emails to wake up dormant users who have not made any opens within 6 months. For this, you have to design an enticing subject line, add a proper CTA, and lead magnets to re-engage them. This will persuade your customers to become active and will bolster the engagement process.

1. One-To-One Emails

One-to-one emails add even more personalization to your marketing strategies. It’s an outstanding way to create more personalized content. By sending a personalized email based on every customer's data and traits you can strengthen your engagement with them. The process of sending a one to one email is as follows.

· Track Customer Behavior

Gather customer information across considerablepoints of reference and mergeit into your personalized email message. If automated, the software tracks the user’s website behavior or previous purchases history to craft a behavior profile.

· Create Targeted Customer Segments

Use customer data to make segments as per their shared traits and engagement with your brand. From a huge list of products, only those products that suit the present needs of customers are added to the email message to drive engagement. The message can consist of the products that are;

Automated Personalized Experiences

Bring automation in analyzing customer behavior and use their web and app activities to send trigger emails.

Create One To One Email Message

Now based on each customer’s information draft an email message that is highly proximate to their activities.

Last But Not Least

The email is sent automatically to the user’s desirable time that is based on;


Being a marketer, you need to focus on your relationships with prospectsand customers very thoroughly. Marketing automation in all aspects of email marketing has proved to be a crucial tool to boost engagement and your ROI. Customers want you to know what they want from your, therefore, you need to identify their needs through automated means.

The tools discussed in the article are all based on marketing automation that tells how important it is to tailorthem in your email campaigns. As a marketer, you are interested in increasing your numbers, thus, create a personalized email message, hit the send button, and see the uplifts in your revenues.

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