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Crafting better Automated Emails

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04 Jan 2021

Automated emails help to reduce manual efforts. Marketers compose emails in advance, which they send on specific triggers, events, or in responses to subscribers' emails. This cut down all the effort of replying to each subscriber individually.

The auto-responder email series results to make you successful in engaging with your email contact list, developing relationships, and turning cold leads to warm leads and conversion of recipients into customers.

The email list is composed in advance and is pre-programmed to send them automatically on specific events, on appropriate timings that are already programmed in your email marketing software.

It helps to save a lot of time that is utilized while responding to your subscriber's email.

It nurtures your bond with your lead and nourishes your lead to become a customer. Hence, maximizing the chances to generate significant revenue.

To have a fruitful automated campaign, you have to craft better Automated emails. Because emails are your tool to get maximum lead conversions. So you have to compose your email template wisely. You can take help from CBT to craft better-automated emails for you. Here we are providing you a guideline to send automated emails that must ensure lead generation.

Clear out the conventional Cookie Cutter

The common practice after someone has subscribed to your channel is sending them a welcome email. This somehow seems like an outdated practice now. Because this is what everyone around us is doing with their prospective customers? Sending them a 'thanks for subscribing email,' with the same subject line 'hey, welcome to our brand, and here are some of the links of our brands and articles,' etc., now people have become used to it, and they don't find it engaging. So that is why instead of having many subscribers, the open-rate is way less than the ideal rate, and the click-through rate is much lesser than the open-rate.

What should you do to maintain a balance? Especially in an automated email system, is it possible to have the same engagement rate with your prospective customer as in a customized email system? These questions were followed by many test and trial experiments, and specifically in automated emails where the results driven by experimenting could cause a big failure.

A survey has concluded that you are wasting your lead if you have too many subscribers and treat them with typical old methods. Instead, it would help if you ask them about their pain points and expectations from you and satisfyingly respond to them. This could help you get successful in lasting a good impression at your first interaction.

Automated emails should seem as real:

The biggest fear that appears in one's mind when shifting his email marketing from manual labor to an automated system is that would it drive the same engaging rates with the supposed leads?

Because it can be the biggest turn over in taking your audience along the marketing funnel and generating sales, so the supposed solution to this problem is to make each one of your emails feel like it is manually customized for them. You can even add a phrase in your emails saying that you are real, and they can ask you anything they want, or they can share their pain points too. This can result in driving significant engagements with your potential customers.

Write with a clear purpose of Marketing:

You should have a precise aim in your mind for what kind of results you want to drive from your campaign. So before you automate your campaign, calculate your ideal results. And keep on checking the open-rates, click-through rates, and responses.

Keep monitoring the campaign through each step, so If something goes wrong, you can take the necessary action to get the desired outcome. Test and try different ways to check how they result in. Don't experiment beyond limits, as it will make your subscribers uninterested in your brand. Go with the option that gives you the best possible results or near your marketing campaign's ideal results.

Compose a catchy subject line and precise email body:

Your subject line should always be catchy and precise and should be conveying the purpose behind your email. Make everything good. The design, font, color, fallback font, introduction, email body, subheadings, main points, a suitable ending; everything should be competent enough to catch your subscriber's interest. Your email should be to the point, accurate, and should be ultimately reflecting the intended message. That's the whole point.

Always send them Quality Content

It is estimated that an average office worker receives almost about 120 emails per day. So why should they open your email out of the crowd? If you want to stand out among the public, you have to create valuable content for your subscribers. Strive to cover up all their issues, challenges, and needs. Focus on your audience's wants because your content will be the turning point for your reader if it can make them interested or not.

Individualize your emails:

To make your marketing strategies work for you, you need to have a special bond with your subscribers. This relation will not let your subscribers ignore your emails. Try to address every subscriber with their name. Ask them through surveys about their age, location, interests, demands, etc., and segment them into lists accordingly. Personalize your emails as this will make your subscriber attentive and feel special.

Monitor the outcomes:

You should monitor each step if the emails are working right for you or not. As a marketer, your priority is to make your lead engaged to your brand and make them respond. Any response, good or bad, will make you work hard to maintain the benchmark you have settled for your campaign. If your emails do not work well, try changing your tone, content quality, or design. Anything that results in giving you a response. Because when a reader responds to your email, it reflects that they have taken an interest in your product. So you will nurture them further to drive conversions.

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