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ChatbotAnd Email Marketing: The Winning Combination

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07 Jan 2021

Is email marketing still the king of marketing tools?

Yes, it certainly is but the problem is that it’s getting old with each passing day. What’s even more alarming is the emergence of more efficient marketing tools that are not only convenient for the customers but also marketers to use.

One such marketing tool is a chatbot – the new talk of the town. In this article, we’ll shed some light on both these marketing tools –the old king and the smart stranger and see if they complement or contrast each other.

What Is Email Marketing?

Either you are an employee or a business owner; you might have come across marketing emails on daily basis. A marketing email usually contains commercial messages, solicit offers, promotional advertisements, etc. Email marketing is the powerhouse of any business with the core aim to communicate with people and sell their products or service, resulting in increased sales. Email Marketing is one of the most efficacious and productive ways to get the desired outcomes and grow your business.

Advantages Of Email Marketing

Here are some benefits of email marketing

· Far Reach

Email marketing is well known for its far reach and preference around the globe. A well-recognized name is chosen over a newly launched one. A lot of people like to get their hands on simple things rather than complicated ones.

· Facilitate Personalized Messages

How do you feel when someone addresses you by your name or a brand wishes you a good day? Well, it gives a very cheering impression. Email marketing also showcases customized messages that have special offers, brand awareness, incentives, or newly launched coupons, feedback of their purchases, and much more. The objective of this is to provide the audience with engaging and creative content and bring organic traffic. According to Marketing Sherpa,

Nearly 91% of US adults like to receive emails from companies they do business with.

· Increases Conversion Rates

Conversion to the actual site is an integral goal of the business. There are various ways to it like, including a call to action (CTA) option, backlinks, exclusive benefits, gifts, discounts, etc. This is one of the most effective tactics to increase sales. The average converting rate from emails to the website is 7% and may vary with more engaging creative content.

What Is Chatbot Marketing?

Have you ever thought of a machine interacting with us and unraveling our queries? Unbelievable, right? A chatbot is practically a computer program specifically formulated to automate certain tasks and design messages for queries with respect to a particular set of rules and keywords. It works by chatting with customers through a conversational interface. This is one of the most advanced means of communication in the marketing world operated by thousands of people around the globe today. In reference to Facebook’s data of 2019, the activity of chatbots from Jan 2017-18 had increased at a vigorous rate of 45%. This research clearly shows the rising demand for chatbot usage.

Benefits of Chatbot Marketing

· Enhanced Communication

Excellent communication is an integral part of marketing. Your customers should be able to reach out to you for any issue at any time. A chatbot is a perfect tool for that. It is quite efficient in providing the targeted audience with desired answers to their queries as direct replies. A chatbot can even deliver captivating voice messages with reference to previous conversations.

· Time-Saving And Cost-Effective

One of the most favorable features is its ability to save time and money. You do not have to wait even a few minutes let alone a day or two, before getting a reply from a chatbot. You can set the chatbot to respond to hundreds of queries at the same time based on their keywords. According to researches, chatbots have been proved to save time by 87% in the last many years and have reduced the cost of marketing employees by 45%.

· Quick Fixes For Better Sales

Since customers can get their queries answered in seconds, their purchase decisions also speed up to a large extent. With a chatbot, businesses enjoy considerably larger sales and conversion rates. Moreover, chatbot’s quick fixes resolve customer issues in minutes without waiting for the concerned department to respond, which usually takes a long time.

The Duo –ChatbotAnd Email Marketing

It’s simply not a rivalry between the two marketing tools neither can it be. That’s because they are unique in their own way and one cannot overcome the benefits of the other. One is operated by humans behind the monitor while the other is machine-operated. Both have their pros and cons.

Although chatbot and email marketing have their scope, they can be extremely lucrative together. If a business can have both for its marketing campaigns, there is a high chance of doubling sales and conversions.

Since both of these tools are quite cost-effective, the duo would not harm your budget. Hence, this is a winning combination because of the valuable experience and convenience the two tools can together provide to the users. Involving this combination in your marketing strategy will surely make a positive difference in your existing sales.


There are tons of marketing tools and techniques each of which offers unique features and functions to enhance your marketing strategies and get desirable results. The great thing about some of these tools is that you do not always have to give up on one to reap the benefits of the other, as we saw with email marketing and chatbot in this article. They duo significantly contributes to better sales and lead generation. Especially if you want to generate bulk emails, CBT Mass Email Sender can strengthen the duo even more. It is super-effective for bulk emailing and even segmenting.

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