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CBT Mass Email Sender -About Us

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06 Jan 2021

CBT Mass Email Sender is the software developed to send out thousands of emails with the highest deliverability rates, ensuring the best email marketing outcomes you’d have ever recorded with bulk email campaigns. This software is specially designed for businesses draining out their resources at super-expensive emailing software applications, that do nothing more than wasting time and money.

Our CBT Bulk Email Sender has helped hundreds of businesses around the globe in increasing their reach and tripling their revenues. However, that’s just one milestone, we have a long journey ahead. We aim to bring back the effectiveness of email marketing, making it the core of modern-day marketing.

Benefits of CBT Bulk Email Sender

Features of CBT Mass Email Sender

Supports multiple sending accounts via SMTP

Our bulk mailing software supports multiple SMTP-based sending accounts. Since one email account can only send a limited number of emails, rotating between multiple accounts frees you of any sending limits. This software is compatible with almost all email providers including Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Yandex, Proton Mail, Rambler, specific SMTP servers, and many others.

Enables Direct Emails

If you are not an SMTP supporter or simply could not make an account, you can send bulk emails directly. When sending out emails directly, the CBT mass email sender uses a DNS server or a local IP to smoothly conduct the process. Rest assured that the deliverability remains unaffected.

Offers Effective Email Filters

To ensure efficient results and high deliverability rates, we have added effective email filters that help our users avoid spam and land directly in their receivers’ inbox. Simply, ship the unwanted domains, emails, phrases, words, and characters to the blacklist. It will cut out all the blacklist-entry-related recipients from the mailing list, in a way, cleaning your contact list directly before sending out emails.

It also saves the marketers form the extra burden of cleaning the mailing lists which highly affects the inbox rate. That’s not all, there are several other filtering options as well. One such option is the ability to skip email accounts on the basis of the number of characters they contain. Moreover, you can also choose the number of emails to send per domain.

Supports Various Message Formats

To ensure a better inbox rate and to avoid spams, you need to draft unique email messages. Our CBT Bulk Email Sender supports spintax -the format that uses pipes and curly brackets. The Spintax format looks something like {Hi|Hello}. We found this format the most effective in achieving high deliverability rates and has thereby integrated it into our software.

Not only does it save time but also offers amazing results as segmented emails are known to generate higher ROI than generalized emails.

Supports Proxies

This flexible bulk emailing software also supports proxies. We recommend using SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 for sending bulk emails. Proxies hide your IP addresses from the receiving servers, which create a good entry point. Thus, your emails are more likely to end up in the receiver’s inbox instead of the spam folder. It also reduces your chances of getting blacklisted. So the more proxies you have the better results you’ll get.

We highly recommend using multiple proxies when sending out emails in multiple threads.

Allows Auto-Resume

Technology can be unpredictable sometimes. Marketers often face large losses of massive data and efforts due to uncertain power failures, application crashes, and computer breakdowns. To deal with such spontaneous events, we have added an auto-resume feature in our software that allows you to continue from where you left. It saves your time, effort, and resources.

Features Project library

Done with a project, but might need it later? Save it in our project library and access it any time you want. It will save you from searching the files in your computers and re-entering the same emailing details when sending out bulk emails.

How CBT Mass Email Sender Works?

Sending out bulk emails has never been easier before. With CBT Mass Email Sender experience the most convenient way to send out thousands of emails daily without affecting their deliverability. Our easy to use software does not require any prior knowledge, practice, or skills, here is all that you need to do:

COVID-19 has drastically turned the global economic conditions upside down. Businesses have lost all of their resources and most of them have even shut down. As a result, almost every business is a search for ways to reduce expenses and increase sales. Keeping these circumstances in mind, we have designed our CBT Mass Email Sender to reduce input requirements while ensuring the best results.

Once a company has purchased our software, it can benefit from it as long as it wants and save the salary it would pay to an employee for the same task. Thereby, we are providing our software at a super-affordable price.

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