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Best time to send an Email: User data study by industry

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05 Jan 2021

Timing matters a lot in sending the emails. It is a very common question of what is the best time of sending an email? This post will help you a lot in finding your answer. And you can improve your email sending timing by reading this post.

Email sending timing for different marketers is different, so you don't need to confuse. Here is the answer according to the analysis of different users.

There are many types of businesses globally, but we will discuss 6 types of specific businesses. And according to the data analysis, the result is given below. Let's discuss them.

The best timing for the email campaigns

Let's discuss the overview of the whole data that have been collected from different places. And study further performance indicators.

Percentage of open volume: It means overall emails sent on a specific period.

Percentage of the click volume of the emails: It means the percentage of the overall volume of the clicked emails sent during a specific period.The emails' open rate: Open rate is the total amount of emails opened by the people divided by the total emails sent to the people.

Clicked rate of the emails: The emails' click rate means that the total clicks on the emails sent to the people divided by the total amount of the emails sent to the people.

Overall engagement of the emails according to each day

According to the data collected, unsurprisingly, the results were as follows. Weekdays have 85 % most engagement of the total weekly volume of opens, and if we compare it with weekly clicks, then the weekdays are about 95 % more engaged than the week clicks.

Tuesday and Wednesday mark the largest number of engagements if we view the click volume. These days also have high volumes of the opens. And this data also makes some sense as Tuesday is when people feel free and refreshed after spending all their weekend staying up late.

But you can observe from the collected data that as the days go on after the weekend, the number of opening emails also gradually slowdowns. Due to the burden of the enormous work that people do at the start of the week, they get frustrated and slows down their work. And this cycle goes on.

Overall engagement of the emails according to the time of the day

Previously, we have seen the results according to the days of the week. But, if we see the result according to the time of the day, the following result came for the emails' engagement in front of us. And according to that result, there are two main times when the emails have the maximum engagement. The emails' peak engagement exist at 10 am, and the second-best time for emails is 3 pm and 4 pm. This makes sense because there are a lot of reasons behind this. Let's discuss them.

● Email recipients get started their work at 10 am. And that is the most important time when they start doing their work and then with time their speed in work gradually slows down.

● And the 3 pm and 4 pm are when most people have done their lunch and get ready to leave their offices. They feel it essential to see their emails before winding up their work for a lunch break.

But the data tells that the click volume also remains high at about 6 pm and 7 pm. This is because of the recipients that after reaching home from work. People check their essential emails during their travel back to their homes.

According to an analysis, we know that the timing of the email engagement for different businesses is different and varies. This is because every company runs its own specific business that people need on different days of a week or even different times of the day. You can only understand this when you study the different businesses.

Most email engagement timing for different businesses

The best day for sending email in a week and the best time in a day for different businesses are discussed below.

Best days for most email engagement in a week:The customers have various business behaviors, let alone their email behavior in different businesses.

There are many business industries, but we will consider three main sectors:e-commerce, SaaS companies, and NGOs. All of these three companies have spiked for the open volume on Tuesday and Thursday. But if the click volume is considered, then according to the analysis, Wednesday is the day when most clicks are made. That's a big surprise because we don't expect this between the open and click trends, but that's true. And this also shows that it is not a must that each time they open and the click will be equal.


Many peoples want to get their shopping till their weekends. That's why they make their orders at the start of the week. And some people are a lot tied from their work,so they make online selections and orders during their working days. This makes them feel good as they can even do shopping during the weekdays that too from the vicinity of their comfort place.

SaaS companies

SaaS companies normally send their content newsletters that are related to their products. And the readers of the SaaS companies read their content throughout the week.


NGOs stand for non-governmental organizations that works for the betterment of society. It shows that the NGOs audience has a massive motivation and importance towards it. Post-weekend refreshes the emotions and feelings of the people to read about their causes.

According to the client's business, CBT mass email sender helps its clients send the emails on the peak days and peak hours.

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