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Animated GIFs In Email: A Guide On Adding Them The Right Way!

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06 Jan 2021

Creating a perfectly engaging and informative email is every marketer’s dream. And for all those dreamers, today, we have the golden key to achieve their dream email.

When writing an email, we have to consider tons of factors, including customer behavior, preference, time zones, location, etc. Among these factors also exist the “prevailing trends”. In email marketing, these trends refer to the type of content -graphic or written, do the customers prefer.

For example, millennials are attracted to content with more graphics than plain text.

Although statistical data can captivate some readers, it has been observed that animated GIFsin emails can remarkably improve engagement rates. When you use animated GIFs correctly, they haul your emails on cloud nine! It allows you to explain your story visually, which according to a study boosts the folk's longing to read by 80%.

Animated GIFs in emails tend to;

Don’ts Of Adding GIFs In The Email

Using GIFs erroneously will impact your emails negatively. Let’s see what happens when they are not wielded favorably and learn to avoid these mistakes.

· GIFs Do Not Tell The Message!

Using GIFs that are incapable to convey your message and rather tell another story, are completely useless. They will only distract your readers and might even confuse them.

· Huge File Size

We are all so impatient, especially when that one GIF doesn’t load! Our busy users do not wait even a minute for your GIF to load. Thus, insert small files in your emails as the larger the file size, the lower will be your customer's interest.

· Meaningless GIFs

When your email is good enough to explain the message without putting in any GIF, then why foster the hassle of extra email luggage? Adding inappropriate and non-purpose GIFs can draw away your customer's attention.

Do’s Of Adding GIFs In An Email

Presently, the question is what you have to do while adding a GIF to your email to avoid the circumstances mentioned above? By pursuing the decrees mentioned below, you can add an animated GIF to your emails in a proper way.

Have A Purpose For Using GIFs

Sale announcement

Make Sure To Link Your CTA And GIF

Your emails should entice people to act on it. When you use an animated GIF, try to place a call-to-action plan in it, that guides your readers towards your desired action. You can accomplish this in several ways;

Staying Aware Of Your Brand Persona!

While using animated GIFs everyone desires to add a pinch of humor, which is no doubt a great tool for grabbing readers' attention, but the humor needs to be utilized in the right way and in the right proportion! Moreover, you must consider your brand personality while using funny GIFs. If you have established a serious brand image, you must meticulously weigh your usage of a funny GIF.

Memes have many forms -jokes, images, or a reference to society, you must ensure that your GIF is indicating your brand personality whatever you prefer.

Portable File Size

Heavier files take more time to load before the user can finally see them entirely. Customers may lose interest in the middle and quit without reading due to continuous loading. Mostly, your users are receiving emails on mobile devices, whenever they receive a huge file, they will be unable to open and read it, and also they may delete it right away.


Your GIF might not serve every reader in the same way. People having slow internet or outdated versions of browsers might have trouble loading or viewing your GIF. But you surely would not want to lose those precious subscribers -thus you need to make sure your email is accessible to them too. Here is how.

Animated GIFS have made marvels in email marketing. But a tool, no matter how efficient, is of no use if not used in the right way. Make sure your GIFs are relevant, interesting, and align with your brand personality. Also, do not use GIFs unnecessarily. Once you have excelled in the right use of GIFs, you can use this new tool to create top-notch emails.

If you are not really confident about your content and GIFs, you can simply turn to CBT Mass Email Sender – the software designed to make your life easy. It creates super interesting and engaging content -text and graphics, according to your subscribers’ preferences.

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