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A Beginner's Guide to Successful Email Marketing

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04 Jan 2021

Email marketing is the most productive way of marketing for many years. It is implemented by business marketers long before using the World Wide Web, and for a good reason, it is consistently thriving over all other marketing channels. Email marketing campaigns are the most fundamental way of nourishing your lead, directly connecting with the target audience, developing a bond, keeping optimal engagement, guiding them, fostering them into clients, and generating sales.

Email Marketing Strategy:

Email marketing is an exceedingly useful and fruitful digital marketing strategy to develop a relationship with your audience, sending emails to anticipated customers. Useful emails turn your audienceinto customers and former buyers to loyal buyers and raving fans.CBT email-sender helps you to design an effective email marketing strategy.

We have listed down some steps to give the beginners a complete guide to strategize your email marketing campaign;

1. Wisely channelize your Marketing Strategy

It would help if you had a good idea about what you are going to start. Set clear goals and then wisely channelize your vision into your marketing strategy.

2. Opt-in Email Marketing

It is a sort of permission-based email marketing for collecting the audience's email address interested in learning more about the brand. This involves their consent and nurtures your anticipated clients through the complete sales process.

3. Creating a list

The first thing is to create a good contact list. This list will contain the individuals that are willing to buy the intended products in the future. Your email will convince them to purchase it.

4. Live segmentation

Segmentation is of paramount importance in any marketing strategy. It would help if you classified your audience based on their;

5. Target the right audience

After segmenting your audience, check for the most relevant audience so the right audience could get approached. And our strategies can be progressed.

6. Personalized your Email

Personalize your emails with your subscribers. They shouldn't just perceive it as a forwarded email. When you address them with their name and send them the relevant date. They find it impressive. Develop a personal relationship with your audience. So they could be turned into a loyal customer.

7. Craft an effective Email sequence

Your email should be compatible enough to get the reader's attention. Your subject line is the first thing your reader will read, so try to make it as catchy, precise, the crux of the whole email, and accurate as possible. Your introduction should be formal, the email body will look better with subheads, the main points of the product, and you should end it with the best possible words. It should include a highlighted button of 'subscribe' and a link attached with the 'click here' button to land to the planted page. Your email should not have too many technical terms, slang, jargon, abbreviation, or informal language. This will cause it to look a bit unprofessional.

8. Web safe Font

Always choose the best possible font. The font should be web-friendly. Because if you apply some other fonts, they may not be present in the recipient's client display. And in that case, they will receive it as a strangely formatted email. You can try web-fallback as a backup for your font, but they don't work well every time. Your color, logo, and description should be according to your brand identity.

Remember to proofread it before you send it. At first, please send it to your email address. So you may see how it will be displayed on the recipient's screen.

9. Optimize for Mobile

Most of your subscribers will read it through their mobile devices. So remember to optimize it for mobile phones. We know they can zoom in and read it, but this would trouble them, and they will skip it. Even if it takes some extra minutes, do optimize it. This will help your readers who are bad at using technology.

10. Send at the Right Time

Considering time is of paramount importance while sending your email. Never send it at the odd hours of the day. Because they will get lost in the crowd of other emails your subscriber receives daily. Check the timings when you get the most open rates.

11. Confirm Deliverability

After sending it, check if it is delivered or not. Because of many technical issues, your email is often not delivered. If you come across the same problem, try to overcome any problem with your web host not to hurdle you.

12. Follow-up

Sending emails properly is not enough as you have to follow up on your email's consequences.

A proper follow-up will help you generate complete data, which is essential for monitoring marketing strategy.

13. Analyze in-depth data with Invisible Tracking Pixel (ITP)

As every email includes some images. And these images are saved in the server's program. So when you open an email, these images get downloaded, the same server thus tracks your activities. They all do have pictures. They may be small as 1 x 1 pixel. These are termed as tracking bugs, pixel tags, or web bugs, etc.

So they are invisible tracking pixels that help you get in-depth data of your recipient's email open rate.

14. Comprehend Email Analytics

This is an essential part of every strategy. You have to understand email analytics very well. This will assist you to monitor how well the whole strategy is going.


How many receivers have opened your email? This will tell you your email open rate. This is the first thing that will lead your strategy to get successful.


Click-through rate means how many readers have checked the link of the product you have attached to a landing page by click-through button.


How many of them respond to you after reading your email? This shows the interest of your audience to buy your anticipated product.


When your recipients receive your email, they open and read it, and if they find it according to their interest, they will respond. Otherwise, they will unsubscribe.

15. Automate your marketing with Auto-Responders

As there are a lot of contacts, you have approached so you can't respond to everyone. So automating your system will prove to be a beneficial tool. You will craft emails according to all sorts of responses you will receive. And your system will detect some keywords and will auto-respond to your subscribers. This is a quick and time-saving method and is mostly utilized by professional email marketers.

16. Remove Inactive Subscribers from your list

You don't need any uninterested subscribers. They will decrease your open rates. So please remove them and keep on updating them to a new contact list. It will be helpful to get personalized with your loyal subscribers.

17. Plan further Strategies

Based on the overall result you have accomplished through the whole marketing strategy, you can relate it with the ideal results. If the outcomes are excellent, then improve your strategy further for more satisfactory results. But if it was a bit upsetting, then you should thoroughly observe where you lost at it. Then plan different strategies.

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