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9 Steps To Better Welcome Emails

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06 Jan 2021

A welcome email does wonder in intriguing your prospects and customers. Customer retention is a notion which your brand can only attain if your welcome email message is exciting enough.

After all, why would someone click on that brand's products which they have never used? Certainly, by making an effective welcome email you can urge the new stoners too.

As it is said,” your first impression is your last impression”, thus, you must carve out a catchy as well as an informative welcome email which requires some strategies that are the primary focus of this manuscript.

9 Ways To Improve Your Welcome Emails

Below is a set of 9 effective measurestowards best welcome emailswhichyour business must give a try.

1. Subject Line Should Be Convincing

Welcome emails are the commencing influence of your brand on your prospects, which can only seize their attentiveness when the first few lines are captivating. In a crowded inbox, your welcome email should have a distinctive and prominent subject line, which persuades the receiver to click on it. Research shows that some of the most popular subject lines that get opened include wordslike new, sale, daily, thank you, alert, video, and any other type of personalization. Thus, you can write some creative and funny subject lines distinguished from writing “welcome”.

2. Greeting Your Customers

According to psychology researcher Jeremy Dean, we say ‘thank you’ when we want others to know that we value what they have done for us or maybe to encourage them to help us again in the future. Thus, start your welcome email with a friendly and personal greeting and thank yournew subscribers for connecting with your brand.

Today prospects are provided with alot of subscription opportunities. Thus, your way of salutations and acknowledgments should be stimulating.

For instance, Kate Spade effectively designs their welcome emails featuring an envelope with a thank you note written in bold. It gives a sense of appreciation and belonging to the receivers.

3. Introducing Your Brand

Not everyone who opens up your welcome email is your currentconsumer. For prospects, your welcome email is the prime spot to know about your products or services. Therefore, your welcome email should be clear enough to procure a strong and impacting preamble of your brand. Moreover, you keepin mind, that the email should not be saddled with extra text on it while giving a prelude. Try to precise the content and make it eye-catching, whirling the readers into subscribers.

4. Transmit Personalized Emails

Don’t you feel invaluable when called by your name? To encourage new customers towards your brand, make them feel like they are valuable! Yourwelcome email messages should be structured as moderately personalized.

According to Experian, emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be unbuttoned than general emails. Commence an email with the name of your client, and also let them know where you found them to make them feel distinctive.

Another way to personalize your welcome email message for new stoners is by sending it from someone in a position of authority. It’s a great way to influence the reader. An email from a CEO talking about his mission is ascertaining that its customers are valuable.

5. Persuading For Action; Get Started Emails

Being sure of the sophistication of your offering, telling someone what you want them to do right away is a great way to spur them to action. Shoving a get-started welcome email message can be crucial in grabbing the attention of fresh customers.

Once you have welcomed them, give them one thing to do. Don’t ask for too much, just endeavor to get them to add more information about themselves or log in to the website where hopefully they see pertinent content.

For instance, an incredible caseof Virgin America’sget-started email gives an account of this notion.

They place an “I LOVE YOU” memento to the front, which shows that folks of Virgin America care about patrons. Their casual way for call-to-action “Grab a seat” also position them as a fun-lovingbrand.

6. Videos

Visualizing the content gives a clear understanding of your brand particularly to new customers. It gives your users a clear idea of what they need to do. Your welcome email can be a video message consisting of all details in an accurate manner. Since not all receivers are inclined to reading, adding video messages, gifs, pictures, etc. can be effective in attracting them.

For instance,In vision’s welcome email written as well as video content to inform the readers on how to get started.

7. Offers And Surprises

Use your welcome emails to reward your new subscribers for signing up. Founder of social Mouth, Francisco Rosales says, that discounts and incentives in your welcome email lead to 2.6x transaction rates. Thus, why not to give a reason for your customers to come back again?

You can use various schemesfor rewarding your customers, like granting promo codes, free vouchers, buy one get one offers, etc. The goal is to offer a discount on your product or service.

8. Customization for Receiving Welcome Emails

Your email musttellthe users, how often they will receive emails by your brand and shouldalso give them an option to customize the frequency, either they can turn them off completely or change the frequency.

Users when signing up for your brand as a new subscriber has no idea that they will be receiving emails again and again and thus, they, unfortunately, click the dreaded report spam button which could lead your brand to many complexities.

For instance, Flickr mentions in their welcome email:“we will notify you when there is any activity on Flickr related to you. You can customize the emails or turn them off anytime.”

9. Keep It Simple

You never want your new customers to leave your welcome email message due to lengthy account confirmations. Hence, try to make your welcome email as simple and striking as possible, so a prospect would never mind spending time on your email. Don’t give them a reason to move forward. Make the steps easier to subscribe so they can discover more about you.


From all the techniques discussed above, you must test each and observe which one suits better for your brand. Test every step and analyze ways to improve your welcome emails. Once you find a strategy suitable for your business, apply it to your future welcome email messages, and enjoy incredible aftermaths.

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