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9 of the Best Email Auto-responder Examples to Improve Customer Experience

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05 Jan 2021

An email auto-responder is a method to raise your customer experience (CX) to the top level. To make you choose what type of automated emails you must set up, we've put together an inventory of the 9 email autoresponder examples that have the most critical impact on customer experience. There is a lot of things to talk about CX. Companies are well aware of CX's massive impact on growth, customer satisfaction, and retention.

Here are some statistics that put the importance of CX into perspective:

● 76% of consumers have made their minds ready to go elsewhere if a brand doesn't meet their expectations in terms of CX (Salesforce).

● 75% of consumers are more likely to buy from a corporation who makes them personalized offers according to their preferences (Forbes)

● 81% of companies are set to compete mostly, support CX (Gartner).

CBT mass email sender helps its clients to send auto-responding emails to their customers for a better customer experience.

How an email auto-responder will enhance your customer experience:

A great customer experience is a useful one and exceeds expectations. It makes the customer feel valued and understood.

An email auto-responder (also referred to as marketing automation software) automatically sends an email to contacts on your list that have fulfilled specific conditions. These conditions may be either characteristic (e.g., date of birth, location) or behavioral (e.g., a brand new contact subscribes to your site).

Here are 9 types of auto-responder emails that are highly effective at deriving engagement and improving customer experience.

1. The Birthday Email:

It's the right of every person to be treated special on their birthday. The birthday email greeting does precisely that.

But not only does it show a customer that you're thinking of them, but it's also an excellent way to drive sales. As people are generally more within the mood to treat themselves on their birthday, it's far more likely they're going to splash out on your product/service with that birthday discount code you sent them.

Your customers are ready to appreciate this beautiful gesture.

2. The welcome email:

The welcome email is essential when it involves laying the foundations of your relationship with a brand new subscriber.

This is a chance to introduce a brand new subscriber to your brand and allow them to know what to expect from your emails.

This is also the perfect moment to capture your new subscriber's email preferences. Itwill enable you to divide subscribers accordingly and ensure future emails are customized to their needs and interests and a better customer experience.

3. The onboarding email:

It's essential to assist your customer in taking the initiative when using your product or service for the first time.

Providing a list of instructions, like in this onboarding example from Tinder, increase engagement. This engagement is crucial, especially within the starting days when you're trying to induce a brand new customer hooked on your product.

Set up an auto-responder, so new consumers understand how to use the product.

4. The reactivation email:

This auto-responder email is shipped to re-engage a contact who hasn't purchased in a very long time.

You don't want your contacts to detach you. So, let this email function as a reminder of your existence. You may even go a step further and lure them back in with an exclusive offer or discount code.

Tip: If your reactivation email gets no interaction, then follow up with a re-opt-in email. Suppose you again get no response. Then you should remove the contact from your list. To take care of high levels of deliverability, you would like a clean email list.

5. The feedback request email:

If you're searching for ways to enhance your customer experience, a decent place to start is to measure your current customers' satisfaction level.

Use an auto-responder email to periodically reach out for feedback, which you'll then analyze to spotlight any areas for improvement.

6. The abandoned cart email:

Abandoned cart emails are reminders sent to customers who filled their handcart with items on your site but did not inspect.

Abandoned cart emails aren't only highly effective at catching those who got away, but they're also great from a customer experience perspective.

If the customer had no choice but to go away from your site at that moment to do something else, this lets them obtain exactly where they left off. No time is spent checking out the products again.

Including a coupon or discount code in your email can make the rejected cart even more inviting.

7. The customer appreciation email:

Are you aware that it costs up to 5 times more to get the attention of new customers?

All the more reason to look after your existing ones and show them how much you appreciate your customer.

This example of auto-responder email is worth including in the email marketing strategy.

Recognizing and rewarding your most loyal customers will build your customer experience more enjoyable and further cement customer loyalty.

8. The 'Follow me on social media' email:

You probably already include your social links in your emails but are your subscribers clicking enough on those tiny icons?

To drive traffic towards and encourage engagement along with your social channels, why not send a passionate 'follow us on social media' email?

This email is good for brand new subscribers as a part of their onboarding process.

9. The 'Best of' email:

Add your best performing and most well-liked content to an email and send it to your subscribers at recurring intervals.

This is good for busy subscribers who only have the time to go through your highlights.

It's also an efficient means of reviving an inactive subscriber's interest, enticing them back together with your most exciting content.


The email auto-responder examples above should provide the required inspiration to start out creating your own. These emails are simple yet highly effective when creating a satisfying, personalized, and exciting customer experience.

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