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8 Ways To Stop Boring Your Email Subscribers

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04 Jan 2021

Are you one of those who try to be customers’ pleasers and sell your brand but always face failure?

We all want a massive number of subscribers and aims to be the king who inherits the country, but our bragging, dragging, inspiring not always works. Our expectations of sending emails again and again only detain customers' interest in our products even if they were once valuable to them.

Thus, it is necessary to understand how to convince subscribers to read your email and value your message. To increase traffic on your website, instead of boring your customers, you need to think from customers’ point of view – which may even change your whole spectrum of what subscribers want to read and how you structure it. It contributes to strengthening your bond with your customers and keep them well engaged.

Wondering how? Scroll down!

How To Not Bore Your Subscribers – Unleash The 8 Secrets

1. Talk To Your Customers -Generally And Personally

Intellectual connection with a customer is a great way to extend your relationship. The personalized greetings,like Hello Kevin, or Good Evening Lucy, allow them to think that the message is written for them. This generates a sense of superiority which convinces them to read your message. It strengthens the customer experience it makes them feel valued.

2. Create Desire

The email should describe your offer. It should not describe what the feature possesses. The customer should be tempted by the offer you made in an email and go for CTA which you created through CBT Mass Email Sender. Any example of a slice of life aiming at the same goal makes it easier to ace the point of the email. For improving this tactic, you can also judge through your email metrics, for example, open rates. More than usual open rates mean the email succeeded in creating temptation. Moreover, writing an attractive subject line also plays a vital role in developing temptations.

3. Grab Their Attention

Grabbing attention is the primary step to prevent boring your customer. Your template should synchronize rather than abrupt to avoid ambiguity and enhance feasibility in reading. The preferred layout should be a Zigzag layout. It starts from the left and ends to the right. It is more effective in gaining readers’ attention and encourages them to read till the end. In addition to this, format style also impacts the customers' reading experience. A bold sentence has a higher chance of getting better attention than a random sentence. You can also use exclamation marks to add excitement to your content.

4. Strategic Content Creation

Content without a properly planned structure is like a building without a base -pretty fragile and unreliable.

If you want to create successful content, work on its structure.

Remember, the structure is not formed meanwhile typing and running fingers on keys. It is formed before the email creation.

The thought process and layout is generated. You must follow the mind map to be precise and diligent for the best result. Even though the prosecution is perfect, if you fail to think about what a customer wants to read, your structure failed to be meaningful.

5. Seasonal Hiding

Your email policy of “send more, earn more” should rather be applied smartly and not all the time. Customers that are only shopping at specific times in a year should be prioritized as well. The customers who save credit to shop at Christmas, Halloween, Easter, or at other such specific days of the year should be strategically targeted for increased traffic and sales. For instance, you can highlight the specific facilities your brands offer to them.

This allows you to be more relatable to your seasonal customers and fill the gap of communication. When you convince and entertain customers at the most prestigious moments, they become your loyal customers and thus approach you with similar needs.

6. Use Social Media As A Testing Ground

The idea to use social media as a testing platform was first given by Dean De Lisle. It was aimed to determine the most effective way of writing emails for his clients. Under this method, you post discussions regarding your topic on a social media account and let people project their opinions. The common objective in discussions shows you the way to lead in your emails. Though, you have the opportunity to encounter peoples' thoughts and rely on those for a higher probability of understanding the reader.

7. Take A Break

All of your hard work would go in vain if you become impatient. Frequently sending a lot of emails to the customers intending to get a better outcome will only work the opposite way. Most customers get annoyed by back-to-back emails. They need time to absorb the content and the message it holds.

A break is also essential for your productivity and efficiency. Pilling up email after email hinders your ability to think outside the box and may even result in frequent silly mistakes in your emails. By giving yourself a little break, you can ensure better performance.

8. Follow Up & Reply To People

Engaging your customers with follow-up emails is a great way to keep them from getting bored. Moreover, whenever you are offering similar products or posting similar blogs, send them emails so they can keep up with the content.


There are techniques that you can use to overcome the pressure you face for not getting the best results from your emails. Writing an email's major goal is to provide your subscriber with all the details about the brand or blog. You should be sure that you are acing all these major points. If you are not understanding what a customer wants, which product he would like to know about in email, which keywords will increase his interest in opening that email, when most of the customers prefer to read the blog or buy the product, which timing is the best to email your subscribers, or who are your regular customers then your emails and page traffic both will have its adverse effect. It is better to know your subscribers’ likes and dislikes before they leave their interest in your product or blog and start to ignore your emails.

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