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8 Best Black Friday Emails To Inspire Your Holiday Marketing

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04 Jan 2021

The month of November has arrived, and we are just a few days behind thanksgiving. This also means that Black Friday is coming to hit our calendars soon. It is reported that in 2019, 190 million people shopped in-store or online over Black Friday weekend. However, this year due to the contagious pandemic the retailers have decided to close all the physical stores on Black Friday. So, there would be ferocious competition at online stores. Hence, it is imperative to strategize more efficiently for your holiday email campaigns to yield the maximum benefits possible.

Black Friday emails are one of the best holiday emails to get inspiration and to create your own holiday campaigns. You must focus on the basic elements like email design and marketing copy. To help you create highly alluring holiday emails for your audience, we have come up with the 8 best Black Friday emails along with a few tips to inspire you.

8 Examples Of Black Friday Emails To Inspire You

1. Keep Your Emails Minimal

Tip - less is more.

The phrase “less is more” is neglected many times, especially in email marketing, but it is compelling in terms of design and looks. Creating emails with minimal designs embedded with basic colors like black and white can significantly make your emails more engaging with fewer elements. The Hershel. Co's black Friday emails are minimalistic, but concisely display all the necessary information about their promotional offer. The negative space in their designs focuses the viewer’s attention on the call-to-action button. Besides, they have use phrases like “the best sale of the year” which seems pretty impressive.

2. Adopt Social Responsibility

Tip- Set up values with your product to increase sales.

People are attracted by the companies offering a product with a social or environmental objective. Apple has introduced a product (red) to fight AIDS/HIV. One of the luxuries online company Italic has introduced a product in their email and mentioned that ‘for every purchase, they will plant 10 trees’. This provided a chance for the people to contribute to eliminating an environmental problem.

3. Showcase Your Products

Tip- offer clear and easily accessible call-to-action.

The Black Friday email by create sweet and large illustrations to attract customers instead of promotional offers. The email design contained calming and soothing colors which retained customers for a considerably longer period. The email also included clear and multiple call-to-action buttons to give a variety of options to opt for their customers. Another plus point was the company’s free-shipment offer.

4. Build The Thrill

Tip- try to build anticipation and curiosity in your audience.

One of the Black Friday emails by Tinker Watches contained quality images to build excitement about their product. They have placed very little text to retain user interest for as long as possible. The email also included an urgency factor, which sounded like “let the countdown begin”. This created curiosity and a sense of urgency in the customers which skyrocketed their sales.

5. Give Value To The Costumers

Tip- strategize to engage with your customers more.

Giving value to the customers is not limited to introducing promotional offers only. The REI.CO, an adventure and travel company, has set the best example of this strategy. Their Black Friday emails include engaging and relatable stories that hook the audience to the brand. The company also asks for adventure and travel videos and pictures of their subscribers to indulge them more in their campaigns. The email also included phrases related to their customers like “plan your escape”, which further grabbed the receiver's attention. These type of costumer-based phrases makes emails stand out more.

6. Offer Giveaways

Tip- providing offers and discounts can grasp your customer's attention rapidly.

The black Friday email campaign by Huckberry represents its brand identity. It talks to its audience directly. Their sequence of emails provides 30 days giveaways to their customers. These incentives by the company make the subscribers more loyal towards them. The Huckberry provides value to their customers which doesn’t go unseen. The sequential daily giveaways make the customers check inbox and revisit their website. Using this strategy, you can increase your organic traffic.

7. Use Email Gifs

Tip- add fun elements to your emails.

GIFs are a fun element to add to your emails. The Black Friday emails of Forever21 attached gifs to make their email more interesting to read. Those gifs instantly lifted up the mood of readers through their humoristic way of delivering the message. Moreover, along with gifs the company also included other fun elements such as scratches of discounts. They offer benefits to the audience in an interactive way which encourages them to wait for more such messages.

8. Decide The Right Day To Send Emails

Tip- choose the right time for your holiday email campaigns.

A lot of companies try to avail the best sales during the holidays. However, this results in tons of promotional emails augmenting the receiver’s inbox which creates fierce competition. This may reduce your chances of driving optimum sales, especially if you fail to come up with ideas creative enough to grab your subscriber’s attention. An easy solution to this is too specify a day to send emails. The Great Simple Studio started their email campaign on Tuesday before Black Friday. Following this technique, the company faced less competition and was able to run their email campaign for a longer period.


The overall essence of this article is to inspire you to create phenomenal and alluring holiday emails. These companies have significantly gained attention and improve their email marketing. Use their techniques and rather than copying, come up with flowery ideas and implement them in your emails. You would surely see higher spikes in your email marketing analytics.

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