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7 Smart Ways To Repurpose Your Content!

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05 Jan 2021

Creating engaging content does not take the time, money, and efforts it once did.

With increasing responsibilities and competition, marketers are thinking to find ways to repurpose their old content, as they have to create valuable content on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Some businesses might hire a content writer but some might not have enough financial resources for it. Thus, Repurposing the content in new ways can help you with your everyday content creating without affecting your brand’s visibility.

Repurposing the content refers to reusing or reformatting the older content, like previous email messages, blog posts, white papers, etc. By converting them to a new format you can gather new traffic. According to research, 29% of marketers have already started repurposing their content and a significant increase is expected in the figure as 57% of marketers are finding more effective ways to reuse their best content.

How To Repurpose Your Content?

Below are 7 smart ways to turn your tasty whiffs of content into a gourmet feast!

1. Convert A Tabulation Into Numerous Posts

A good list is admired by all and that's what keeps your website cracked. The list of articles you prepared some months ago, is crumbling in your archives. Instead of letting all of your efforts drain out, convert that list into several posts by giving a new life to each item.

For instance, if one of your articles is ‘12 items to be used while making a Pizza’ then write 12 different posts on each item and dive deeper into their details like what are their uses and different ways to use them, from where can you get them? are there any drawbacks to using them?

While re-purposing your content make sure you are not pasting the same content. You need to burnish it and enhance its value so that a new audience is attracted to it. After creating a detailed guide for each item, don’t forget to link it back to the real content. This will signal Google that your content is useful.

2. Transform A Blog Post Into A Video

Your Facebook business page requires scrolling to know about you, while a video relative to your content is sort of a big bargain. The prospects just sit back and gain the in-depth know-how of your content from a visual illustration instead of reading it.

If you have not moved to an online video configuration, then this is the time for it! Do you know YouTube -a popular video streaming forum, gets an average of 1 billion monthly visitors?

This is how you can acquire more value for your content. Let’s say you collected billions of dollars by the end of the year by spending $100 each day. Isn’t it amazing? The point is, video is a great notch for content creators, you don’t have to write a full script or spend a lot of money. Although you just need to use a proper digital camera to record a video and a video editing app to create an impressive video.

Here are some helpful pointers for repurposing content for a video;

Based on the specific strategy of your content you can create a how-to video.

Host a live session on Facebook or Instagram to answer the queries of the audience about your recent post.

The person you quoted in your latest blog, record an interview with them.

Take any topic from your tabulation and dive deeper into the details.

Now, cross-link it to your original content so people can find more about the content when they dig into details.

3. Formulate Long-Form Articles (FAST)

Another effective way to repurpose your content is by using multiple blog posts to create an ultimate guide that also covers the related topics.

It’s an ideal way to establish the fact that you have great command over what you are talking and through these long-form guides you can educate the audience about a variety of topics. These guides can be based on lead magnets, an eBook, etc.

If you are unsure of the kind of content you should work upon to create a long-form guide, then analyze what your audience is searching for the most online.

4. Modify Blog Into A Product Page

Product pages are very fragile with content due to which they are impossible to rank. But if you want to rank, then product pages don't just have to be products! They need content, keywords, and details like any other page on your site. To overcome this, you need to turn your ‘about us' or any informative site content into engaging content. You can add content like this at the end of your product pages to increase the quality of overall content.

5. Testimonials Into Videos

The power of videos when combined with your testimonials, makes a giant selling gadget. When buying any furniture for your home, how do you decide which model to purchase?

72% of people say that reading reviews, makes them confide more in a business and 88% of customers are more inclined to online reviews as compared to in-person feedback. Thus, making the most out of your reviews should be your ultimate goal here.

Turn your testimonials into videos and place them on your landing pages to increase sales. BigCommerce found that customer testimonials generate 62% more income from every customer visit. You can ask the real customers to explain the pros of your products and how useful they were, what are its features, and how people can approach it, in your video testimonials.

If real customer endorsement is not possible then you can use the animated version using any video editing app to make the customer testimonials. People will relate more to such testimonials and will be persuaded to shop from you.

6. Podcast From A Blog (Vice Versa)!

Relying mostly on written content might be unconvincing for people who prefer to listening over reading. Podcasts are an effective tool for such cases, they have become so popular that half of the US population has reported listening to podcasts.

They have become popular due to the reasons like people can listen while working driving cooking, etc. as 49% listeners listen either from home or car.

You can create a podcast for free on your blog posts. If you are unsure about what to talk about in the beginning, then you can start by taking points from your writings.

Alternatively, some people prefer reading over listening as they absorb more knowledge out of it. For them, you can turn your podcast into a blog post by transcribing and editing it. You can follow the strategy of marketing podcasts where they take interviews from experts and turn the content into a blog post with various SEO.

You can transcribe the content from various sites that charge a little amount and do the work for you as you have limited time.

7. Pivot Social Media Questions Into A Blog Post

If your business has heavy traffic then you might have answered lots of questions from the audience relating to your products. Don’t let that useful content going to waste, instead compile all your answers into a useful blog post.

For instance, LUS, a haircare company, gets a huge number of questions on their web page. They turned the answers into a blog and posted it on their landing pages for users’ convenience. Like ‘10 questions about Curly hair' was the blog where all the answers which the brand had to answer, again and again, were mentioned.

Moreover, through marketing automation strategies, you can find out what the customers are asking the most about your product and then create content on it.

Bonus Tip – Incorporate Your Repurposed Content Into Emails

Repurposed contents have an added benefit for email marketers. You can easily generate new email marketing campaigns, incorporating your amended content. Not only will it save your time and money but also help you significantly increasing your sales and generating leads. You can pair this strategy up with CBT Mass Email Sender – the bulk emailing anti-spam software.

Wrap Up!

Serving and the engaging audience doesn’t need a huge time and money if you already have a big box of content in your archives. Just polish that content and re-purpose it after a bit of reworking and researching. To make the most out of your old content follow-up the 7 smart ways discussed in the article and make incredible uplifts in your sales.

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