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7 Simple Tips to Make Sure Your Email Contact List Stays Clean

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06 Jan 2021

Email marketing is continuously evolving. Every other novice business pursues adopting this means of communication to interact with their customer for prolific results to their business. With so much crowd and a queue of marketing emails displaying on one's email list, email marketing's goal often gets misdirected. It has become challenging for a sender to reach their appropriate recipient and the recipient to seek the authentic seller in his email list.

Almost every marketer applies every efficient strategy to grow an email list and try to include as many as email accounts he can but is that really effective? Does growing your email list guarantee excellent results for your business? -Absolutely no! Having futile and uninterested email accounts in your email list is just adversely affecting your sender reputation and costing you heavy bucks on your email marketing costs.

A rather productive way to get the most intricated and buyer-intent targeted audience is to clean your email list. An email cleaning or email scrubbing allows you to churn off your unsolicited and unengaged email users in your email list and get preference for quality over quantity. Owning relevant and active email users will allow you to use your precious time and energy on something worthy of your efforts, and you can then actually expect a good return. Many email marketers miserably fail with their email marketing because they do not pay sufficient attention to this aspect or have only 1-time email scrubbing in years.

What's The Right Time To Clean Your Email List?

1. Decreased open and click-through rates

Your decreasing open and click-through rates are the very prominent signs indicating reduced customer engagements. Removing excess inactive users can help you boost your sales and assure good engagement in your marketing emails.

2. Increasing Complaint Rates

Email list cleaning is proven very productive in acquiring a good sender reputation and possessing your brand's professional image. That’s because when to keep sending emails to uninterested receivers, they are forced to mark you as spam or file a complaint about you which ultimately puts you in the spam folder. Hence, when you see even a slight increase in complaint rates clean your email list right away.

3. Poor Email Deliverability

Reduced email deliverability is a clear sign that your excellent marketing emails are all going to waste and you need to clean your email list instantly to recover your deliverability rates.

These are some of the signs that clearly point out the need to give your email list a prolific cleaning. An effective way to keep your email list clean is through CBT Mass Email Sender. It is an efficient email marketing software designed to keep create the most engaging email list to increase deliverability and ROI. It can effortlessly clean your email list leaving only a quality targeted audience for you to interact with.

7 Simple Tips To Maintain A Clean Email List

These are some easy yet incredible tips and techniques to keep your email list clean, precise, and lucrative to achieve a good sender score.

1. Keep A Check

The primary idea to notice if your email users are interested in receiving your email as they were before. Have a strong email list, be consistent, and engage with your subscribers more enthusiastically than before with super fecund marketing strategies. Sometimes email them unexpectedly, asking them how they are doing.

It's better to have an email calendar to be disciplined and organized while sending your marketing emails at a preferred frequency.

2. Clean And Clear

Now, it's time to cull out your subscribers. You need to be pretty vigilant while performing this critical task to avoid any mistakes. Firstly, separate your subscribers into three categories; active, mildly active, inactive email users. By doing this, you can prepare individual strategies for each category accordingly.

3. Segment The Active Users

Your active users are your golden eggs; Never let them break. Make them feel valued by appreciating their engagement and contribution to your marketing campaign. You can reward them by offering exclusive perks, massive discounts, giveaways, and other promotional gifts, encouraging them to stay engaged.

4. Remove Inactive Users

Remove your subscribers that have been inactive for 10-12 months. A recommended way to initiate that is by sending out the last re-opting email or re-engagement emails to see if they are still interested in receiving emails from you. By this, you will get a crystal-clear response about what that subscriber wants. If they are interested in your offering add them to the active users’ list, but they want to leave, let them go.

5. Re-Engage Your Mildly Active Users

Your reader might have forgotten about signing into your brand emails or is no more interested in your offers and perhaps find them boring. Ask those subscribers the reason for their low-engagement for constructive feedback. You can also try sending a warm welcome email to re-invite them to your email marketing list again or send them a last email to know their final response.

6. Verify Email Addresses

The receiver email address is the first thing that displays on an email. Both sender and receiver email addresses should be legitimate in email marketing. Remove all the generic or typical email addresses that contain no domain, expired, or role-based email address to secure your email from bouncing up and increase your chances of landing at the appropriate email inbox -of your targeted audience.

7. Use A Double Opt-In Method

A double opt-in method refers to a confirmation email through which you ask a recipient to sign up to your email list. If your email recipient is genuinely interested in your email content, he would most probably agree to the confirmation email. It ensures your receiver email address's credibility, increased engagement, and greater email deliverability.


It's completely absurd to keep sending emails to the wrong audience and then to wait for a positive reply. Cleaning your email list leverages you to optimize your email marketing strategy to limited but quality email users and expect a favorable relationship with them, increasing your email engagement. opt for these techniques in your marketing email and remove maximum communication barriers between sender-recipient by cleaning email lists at least twice a year.

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