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7 Hacks To Upgrade Your Email Blasts

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06 Jan 2021

Are you sustaining a boost in your ROI? If not, then you have come to the right place! Even though artificial intelligence advancements have long occurred in email marketing campaigns, email blasts are still a strong tool.

Research by DMA showed that emails are more likely to bring new customers 40 times than other social media. But it doesn’t mean sending a pasture text to all of your subscribers on the list. Everything demands planning, right? Thus, you need to be strategic and specific about the content and the audience. You can reap the most out of your email marketing by elevating your email blasts. Cease sending a plain text to a mob and carry out the hacks discussed below to refine your email blasts.

1. Segmentation and Personalization

Your customer’s inbox is not only receiving mail from your brand but others too. Thus, you need to make sure that your emails are intriguing enough to your readers hooked.

Believe me, it mandates hard work! People are drowsy of procuring email promotions and around 40% of them don’t find them attractive anymore and delete without even clicking on it which significantly impacts your ROI.

One way to save your business from any loss or even a slightly drop in revenue from email marketing, you need to personalize your emails.Therefore, you have to first segment your audience and then send personalized messages based on each customer group’s preferences. In this way, you can deliver your message to those who are pertained to it.

You can segment the audience into several groups as per their behaviors, preferences, choices, recent purchases, etc. It helps you come up with content of their interest.

To understand personalizing, let’s suppose, a customer visited your site and browsed regarding the details of sunglasses but didn’t purchase any. This is your opportunity to approach them and clarify their queries by sending a personalized message, including details about sunglasses with some inviting discounts. This is what personalization is! Apart from placing the name of customers in the subject line, you can personalize your content in many ways.

2. Experiment Your Subject Lines

Subject lines are the first and foremost reflection of your brand on readers. Approximately 69% of email receivers report an email as spam because of the subject line.

Remember, your audience is different from that of another brand. It implies, for example, the preferences of the audience of a clothing brand will not be the same as the likings of the audience of a cosmetics brand. The choices differ as per the industries. Thus, be specific to your audience requirements.

Moreover, you have to avert some words in your content to evade the risk of getting spammed. Such as, ‘for free',’ earn extra cash’, etc. You can make your subject lines stimulating by using various personalization techniques. Open rates can be boosted by 50% when you use a subscriber name.

Be factual and describe the message in specific terms. Analyze what’s best for your audiencethrough A/B testing.

3. Add A Call-To-Action

Your subscribers are receiving bulk emails every day! A study showed that 269 billion emails are sent out each day out of which 49% end up in spam folders, yet a single person is procuring 121 emails in a day. Thus, you need to keep you emails tempting, engaging and clear. You can do so by adding a simple call-to-action button that gives the reader a clear idea of what they are expected to do.

Apart from wielding the so-called statement like ‘Download Now, or start your free trial', be unique and try to focus explicitly on benefits that you can provide your audience with. For instance, instead of using the phrase ‘buy 1 and get 1 free’, you can use, ‘buy a sweater for yourself and endow the complementary to your loved one'.

4. Give Your Stoners Value!

To upgrade your email blasts, providing value to your customers should be the ultimate motive. Do you know 30% of retailers provide a 10% discount in the first email to users? It’s a great ravine to encourage people towards your brand. Moreover, you can also go for personalization and segmentation to know what your customers want to provide them with services accordingly. Till then, you can send your users introductory email and engaging emails about your brand. Also, you can sustain your customers with a welcome sequence.

The welcome sequence is a continuation of emails about educating your customers regarding the brand. Why create them? Because around 74% of subscribers are foreseeing a welcome email when they hit the subscribe button.

Survey the readers; if you do not have command on customer preferences then don’t be nervous to ask them. Prepare survey forms on CBT Mass Email Sender and send it out to your audience in bulk to know what they are looking for.

5. Acknowledge Replies

Make it easier for your customers to reply to your emails.Placing ’[email protected]', is not a convincing notion. Provide them a way to communicate with you. Your ultimate goal should be building a healthy and interactive relationship with your customers. Therefore, open up the fences and encourage them to interact.

You can do this by asking simple questions from them. Through which you will be able to get an insight into customer personas, and then use it to alter or redesign your email content.

However, replying to bulk emails would be challenging for you with all the other tasks at hand, thus, you can use autoresponders. The autoresponders reply to your emails automatically according to the content of the received email.

6. Place An Unsubscribe Link

Being a marketer, you surely don’t want a spammy standing. Thus, do not be anxious when people ask you to remove them from your lists or unsubscribe you. Although you want your readers to passionately engage with you, they might not want it. If you aren’t providing an unsubscribe link in your email then you are inviting the spamming status towards you. People will automatically hit the spam button when they don’t want to hear from you and cannot find a way to inform you that. That’s terrible for your brand as it will affect your email deliverability and reputation with the ISP. Hence, place a bold and clear unsubscribe button in your emails.

7. Keep It Simple!

Although, striking and beautifully structured emails can increase open rates, it depends on the nature of your business too. I recommend a simple email design with precise content because displaying images with lengthy content can be complicated to read on mobile devices. Also make sure to keep your emails responsive.

Wrapping Up!

Email marketing is helping business succeed all over the world. By testing and embracing the mechanisms elucidated in this article you can also expand your email blasts and lead the roster of winners in the market.

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